August 21

Mediactive (Gillmor) (Introduction and chapters 1-3)

August 28:
Comment is King (Heffernan)
Why Our Memory Fails Us (Chabris & Simons)
The Rhetorical Triangle
Writing a Rhetorical Analysis
Scientific American “Don’t Read the Comments!”

September 11:
Marshall McLuhan: a Candid Conversation (1-14)
Understanding Media (232-242) (link to course reserves:

September 25:
View the original, 1995 animated movie version of Ghost in the Shell before class
Ghost in the Shell
End of Solitude

October 2:

Pushing China’s Limits
China Aims to Rewrite Rules of Global Internet
Tiananmen and the Chinese Way of Censorship
Scaling China’s Great Firewall
Media Censorship in China
The Internet was supposed to foster democracy. China has different ideas
Apple removes Apps from China Store 
Study: China’s Government Fabricates About 488 Million Social Media Posts Every Year
Social Media Helps Drive Historic Cuban Exodus to US
Havana’s Hotspots
US Secretly created ‘Cuban Twitter’ to Stir Unrest and Undermine Government

October 9:
Sony Cyberattack, First a Nuisance, Swiftly Grew Into a Firestorm
No secrets (Khatchadourian)
The WikiLeaks Equation (Hendler)
Ghosts in the Machine: The Real Hackers Hiding Behind the Cliches

October 16:
Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower (NYT Editorial)
GCHQ Tried to Track Web Visits of “Every Visible User on the Internet”
Edward Snowden: Leaks that Exposed US Spy Programme

October 23:
How to Establish a Media Diet
News Literacy is Not Optional if You Want to be Well-Informed
How to teach news literacy when the government is watching
For the New Yellow Journalists
How fake news goes viral
Inside the Macedonian Fake-News Complex
This is What it’s Like to Read Fake News for Two Weeks
How to Spot Fake News

October 30:
FIU Library Tutorials (all 5 modules)

November 6:
Yes Men Fix the World P2P version
New York Mag’s Boy Genius Investor Made it All Up
Yes Men Bhopal Legacy
Yes Men Hoax of the Times

November 13:
Small Change (Gladwell)
Perhaps a Revolution is Not What We Need (Jenkins)
How Social Media Helps Black Live Matter Fight the Power
Social Media, Political Change, and Human Rights (Joseph)
#Riot (Wasik)

November 20:
The John Stewart Effect (audio)
Waiting for the Conservative John Stewart
Is John Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?
How Comedians Became Public Intellectuals

December 4:
Good Copy/Bad Copy
(Good Copy, Bad Copy alternate link)
Free Culture (Lessig) Read the Introduction, pp. 1-13
Copyright Basics Read pages 1-7

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