Team 22- Keeping Up With The New Kardashian

Pregnant looking Kourtney walks out of Doctors (no need to capitalize Doctors unless you are naming a particular Doctor, like Dr. So-and-so)appointment in LA with children Penelope and Reign.

There has (have) been whispers from Kourtney’s close family and friends that she might be expecting her fourth child. The rumors began to spread on January after returning from her vacation in Cabo with her kids and their father, Scott Disick. Spotted on the family vacation was Sofia Richie, Disick’s girlfriend.

Reports suggest that Kourtney has been casually dating a few guys after her breakup with model boyfriend, Younes Bendjima. Kourtney and Younes split in early August after he left a sassy comment on her instagram picture implying that she was showing too much skin. Soon after this incident, Younes was seen in Mexico coupled up with another woman. This was the last straw for Kourtney and she spoke out publicly saying it was “classless”.

Speculation of Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy continues to grow after several tweets. “Can’t stop eating pickles these days”, Kourtney wrote, while another said: “insomnia mode”. Fans automatically assumed that if she is craving strange foods, she must be pregnant. The Kardashians have not justified their tweets and rumors yet. However, Scott Disick, did reignite the conversation when he liked a fans tweet that said, “Scott & Kourt are you having baby number four?!?!”. This might have been a way for Disick to imply that if the rumor is true, he is the father. So know we also wonder, who could the father be?

Is that a baby bump showing?

The Kardashians have been in headlines ever since their fame began to rise. It’s not easy Keeping Up With The Kardashians. To clear various rumors of who the father could be, a close member to the family was interviewed and revealed to us the answer everyone has been waiting for. According to our source, It is said that the father is young model, Younes Bendjima.

After her trip from Cabo with the kids and Scott, Kourtney and Younes were caught in Los Angeles by paparazzi in her car. It seems like the two are back to seeing each other after the break-up and possibly dealing with this unexpected baby drama that is known to the public. What we do know is that things are getting a intense between the Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend, Younes.

Kourtney on vacation in Cabo with Scott Disick and girlfriend Sofia Richie .
Kourtney spotted in a car with Younes after Cabo trip.

Paparazzi has not spotted Scott with Kourtney ever since news about the pregnancy began to spread. Scott was recently seen with Penelope and Mason at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Kardashians fans now wonder if Scott is taking care of the kids while they try to clear up the news. News sources have made several attempts to question Scott in regards to the current situation. Playing it smart, Scott did not respond to any source and remained the current news secret. This week’s Saturday Night Live show, confirmed that Kourtney Kardashian will make a special appearance. Fans asked themselves, “Will she reveal the news herself to the world or clear this for once and for all”? It is implied that her appearance will be followed by all the answers fans have been wanting to hear.

The public’s anxiety continues with the new Kardashian baby rumors and paparazzi pictures that have been seen. Kourtney has been vocal through social media. “What is 2+2?”, Kourtney recent tweet stated. Is Kourtney Kardashian dropping hints and confirming the news to us? 2 plus 2 is 4 and that is possibly how many kids she will have in the nearby future. Kourtney is definitely having fun with this and keeping us on the edge with this news story. Stay tuned on Saturday Night Live to find out the truth behind this baby madness. After all, fans will have another Kardashian to keep up with.

Reflective Paragraph:

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians have become a staple of American culture. Even those of us who don’t watch their reality show or have much of an idea who they are, know more about them than we’d like to, whether it be Bruce’s transition to Caitlyn, or Kylie’s baby pictures holding the world record for the most Instagram likes (until that egg beat it). How is it that we’ve come to know so much about them, sometimes even against our own will? To quote Netflix’s socially satirical comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, probably because they’re always on the news.

Related image
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Because the media pays way too much attention to this family and the stories about them are all varying degrees of ludicrous, it becomes easy to believe almost anything about the Kardashians. For that reason, we decided to play the system and see just how easy it is to come up with a crazy Kardashian story.

As a rhetorical appeal, our fake news story mostly ran on logos. Thankfully, all of us Group 22 members are Zillennial girls, which makes us quite knowledgeable about this family. Therefore, we were able to come up with things that seemed logical—or at least plausible—about them to support our claims that Kourtney is now pregnant with her fourth child. Additionally, we used edited photos and fake tweets written in their tone and language as further “proof” to add to our story.

As our hook, we came up with a catchy title that references the name of the Kardashians’ reality show (Keeping Up With the Kardashians), and draws the reader in. We also took advantage of rumors and circumstances that long-standing Kardashian fans have been whispering about for a while now. “There’s speculation that Kourtney is pregnant and everyone is trying to figure out who the dad is,” Gaby said in the group chat. Writing a story claiming that she might have reunited with with her ex (and series favorite) Scott Disick would definitely get us a lot of clicks.


Gaby Gabino- Writer

Emily Bustamante- Writer

Ursula Muñoz- Writer

Andrea Vacca- Editor

Paula Rivera- Visuals

Chabelis Leal- Visuals


Good work Team #22. Excellent reflective paragraph, good writing style, and very good integration of reading concepts.  Good images too! One thing though, I would have liked to see a heading on top of the first image just as there are in any news story and not just in the subject heading of the post. But all in all very good work!


Final draft – Gaby Gabino – Group 22

Excellent work Gaby,  just add images in places that support the text and you’re good to go!


Over the past couple of months, discussions about sexual assault allegations made against the R&B artist, R. Kelly, and talk of the new docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly” have flooded both social and news media, changing the lives of many and ultimately leading to the arrest and indictment of the singer. The R. Kelly case is the latest of many sexual harassment cases that have been fueled by the media. This case in particular was brought to the attention of the public through the six-part Lifetime documentary called “Surviving R. Kelly”.(Fortin) From there, talk of the documentary flooded into social media platforms, such as twitter, where people were discussing the accuracy of the testimonies, previous allegations towards R. Kelly, and what consequences, if any, should Kelly face in the future. This talk on social media also reignited the #MeToo movement. News media quickly caught on to the story as well and began reporting about it soon after the documentary aired. Overall, you would have had to try extremely hard to avoid hearing about this case because it has been talked about on so many media platforms.

There are many ways in this information could have been influenced or suppressed from people being paid to talk to people being paid keep quiet. Unlike in a court room, what was said in that documentary does not have to be the full truth. There is no way to know whether these women are exaggerating or stretching the truth in the documentary because there are no rules against it. (Kahlor) On social media, there are absolutely no regulations regarding the truthfulness of what is posted. Anyone is allowed to post what they believe and their opinions on the case which could lead to confusion regarding what is factual content and what is an opinion. These days, people will post anything for attention, specifically on twitter. You will see a range of things, from people posting false sob stories to people preforming dangerous stunts, only to attract attention and retweets. Therefore, it is fairly easy to manipulate information regarding the R. Kelly case on social media platforms without having much of a consequence. On the other hand, R. Kelly has been suppressing allegations like these for nearly two decades. In the past he has been accused of crimes such as, sex with minors, child pornography, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Even then, he has not faced any jail time and only one of the many accusations ever made it to trial. Because of the amount of media coverage in this day and age, R. Kelly is finding it harder to sweep accusations like these under the rug because, unlike in the past, the entire public knows about it.

In almost every article I have read on this case, no matter which side they are defending, pathos is the main rhetorical element. The authors of articles defending R. Kelly appeal to the audience’s emotions by showing how his life has been turned upside down and by emphasizing how much he has already lost even though he has not yet been proven guilty, they are only allegations. On the other hand, media that defends the women who are claiming they were sexually assaulted or harassed by R. Kelly appeal to the emotions of the audience by having these women speak out and be vulnerable, causing the audience to feel for them. The main objective of both sides is to paint one party as the bad guy and create sympathy for the other party.  Another rhetorical element used in most of the media regarding this case is logos. Mainly in the arguments against R. Kelly, media sources have used evidence of R. Kelly’s past, such as previous accusations and previous charges, to create the image of him as a monster.

In this particular case, the main people keeping secrets are the victims. They have kept these stories about their experiences with R. Kelly under wraps for various reasons, and now they are able to share them with the public through media platforms, specifically social media. In recent years, social media has become a huge aid for victims of sexual assault or harassment. For many people speaking about their experiences with sexual abuse is extremely hard, especially when it is on a huge platform, like twitter for example, where thousands of people may see it. However, over the past year with things such as the #MeToo movement, social media has become a sort of safe space for these victims. (“History & Vision”, 2006) As this article explains, “Posts, likes and retweets are all things that tell ordinary citizens not only that their voices are being heard, but that their fellow citizens are marching alongside them”. (Slaughter 6) Seeing others posts and how others react to their post about sexual abuse gives these victims a sense of solidarity and empowerment.

Secrecy and revelation played a significant role in this event. The revelation of the accusations against R. Kelly on such a large scale changed a lot of lives. The lives of the victims are forever changed as their faces are now known and their names recognizable. Just as there is a nice supportive side of social media, there is a nasty and negative side that they now have to deal with. (Moriarty) For R. Kelly life has also completely changed as all this media attention has led to his being investigated by police. Ultimately, lectures such as the one about secrecy, have framed the way I examined this event because it gave me a different lens to analyze information with.

48-hour media blackout – Gaby Gabino – Group 22

Hi Gaby,

Excellent points made throughout your post. Good connections to Deresiewicz as well. Your writing style is very good, good word choice, good sentence structure and good organization. Well-done!

To be completely honest, this assignment was extremely challenging. For the forty-eight-hour blackout I deleted all social media and news apps from my phone simply to make it harder to give in. I knew that I relied on my phone and social media for many things, mainly to entertain myself, but I was unaware of just how reliant I was. Throughout this blackout I mostly felt bored, and when I was not bored, I felt anxious. I found myself wanting to re-install them multiple times a day simply because I felt out of the loop with what was going on in the world. I quickly realized that my instant reaction to not having media was to keep myself busy. I could not just sit and do nothing without feeling anxious.   

When it comes to Deresiewicz argument about our culture of celebrity and connectivity, I do see myself in this argument because I often felt the need to be visible and recognized throughout these 48 hours. I felt as though I had fallen of the face of the earth when I disconnected from all media, and I know that sounds dramatic, but I felt as though I didn’t exist. I see myself in this argument because I feel that I live only in relation to others, as Deresiewicz explains in the article. If I cannot see what my friends are doing or what is going on in the world around me, I feel almost as if I didn’t exist. (sad, but understandably true at times)

After doing this forty-eight-hour media blackout I realized that I definitely want to take a step back from media because I want to be able to truly enjoy solitude. Even then, I do not want to be uninformed and I do feel that media is a necessary intrusion of solitude. After completing this assignment, I can also say that solitude is equally as important as news and media. (how true!)

When it comes to solitude and media, moderation is very important. I agree with Deresiewicz statements about media taking away our ability to be alone, but the reason that is happening is because we are constantly receiving so much media, both social and news. This becomes an issue because it leads to Deresiewicz’s argument about our culture of celebrity and connectivity. We feel that there is always something new to find out. In the same way, being too disconnected can also lead to issues. The events that happen in this world, whether it be locally or on the other side of the planet, affect us. In order to make change and form opinions we need to be informed on what is going on in our world. If we are uninformed and unaware of current events, we cannot defend our rights and the rights of others as citizens and human beings. (nice conclusion!) 

Annotated Bibliography-Andrea Vacca

Well-done Andrea. Nicely organized and clear presentation.  Good sources and good annotation. I look forward to your essay.


Thesis Statement: For the last decades the country of Venezuela has faced political, social, and economical issues. More than ever before in history, Venezuela’s political crisis appears to be reaching its boiling point as the efforts of the opposition continue to rise in order to remove socialist president, Nicolas Maduro. Through the use of social media portraying events, an increase of Venezuelans migrating, and interactions of government officials worldwide, people are able to see how the humanitarian and political crisis of the country have endured and that intervention is needed.   

Source 1: Book found in the FIU Library Catalog

United States Congress House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Expressing Profound Concern about the Ongoing Political, Economic, Social and Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela, Urging the Release of Political Prisoners, and Calling for Respect of Constitutional and Democratic Processes.Government Publishing Office, 2016, FIU Website Catalog.

The U.S Government Congress session book provides a thorough examination of the deterioration of basic governance and economic crisis in Venezuelan and how it has led to an unprecedented humanitarian situation in Venezuela. It also describes how millions of Venezuelans are suffering from severe shortages of essential medicines and basic food products. The authors discuss evidence from the International Monetary Fund about Venezuela’s inflation and how the government of Nicolas Maduro has failed in accepting repeated requests from the majority of the National assembly and civil society organizations to bring humanitarian aid into the country. The book includes relevant information about Venezuela’s political, economic, and humanitarian crisis along with social tensions that have been formed. 

Source 2: Scholarly Journal found in Communications & Mass Media Complete

Echarte Fernandez, Miguel Angel, et al. “Un Análisis De La Crisis Económica De Venezuela Desde Los Postulados De La Escuela Austríaca De Economía.” An Analysis of the Economic Crisis in Venezuela from the Postulates of the Austrian School of Economics., vol. 15, no. 2, ser. 2018. 2018,

In the article, Miguel Angel Fernandez analyzes the economic crisis of Venezuela from the perspective of the Austrian School of Economics. This article serves as an analytical tool to better understand the consequences of fiscal and monetary interventionism which has made it impossible for the Venezuelan government to centralize the economy. Fernandez also summarizes and analyzes the current situation in Venezuela which has reflected the causes that have generated the political, economic, and social crisis. The productive structure, monetary policy, and the setting of maximum prices and exchange control are also analyzed throughout the article. 

Source 3: Article in a popular Magazine found in Academic Onefile

“One republic, two presidents; Venezuela’s crisis.” The Economist, 26 Jan. 2019, p. 29(US). Academic OneFile, Accessed 9 Mar. 2019.

In this article, the turmoil of the political crisis of Venezuela is summarized by the events that have led the majority of support to the opposition leader Juan Guaido against former president Nicolas Maduro. The article mentions Guadio’s rise in becoming Venezuela’s interim president by the national assembly and his hope to end the regime of Maduro. Growing protests and minor military revolts show the immediate call of support that interim president Guaido needs for the country. The article also describes the corruption of government and military leaders who form part of controlling key areas of the economy such as oil, mining, and food distribution. 

Source 4: Newspaper in Venezuela found through a website

Cedrom. “Juan Guaido Pide Union: Articulo 187 Se Activara ‘Cuando Llegue El Momento.’” Venezuela Al Dia , 9 Mar. 2019.

The news article summarizes the events occurring right after the massive power outage Venezuela had to endure. The outage paralyzed Venezuela for more than 24 hours but according to Cedrom, the country activated themselves through a political protest held by interim president Juan Guiado and other opposition leaders. The article also mentions that the socialist party of Nicolas Maduro did not stay behind in holding a protest. With the power outage and overall crisis occurring in the country, opposition leader Guaido, called hundreds of people to manifest peacefully. Through the protests being held, Guaido announced that his major goals are to evoke constitutional articles 233, 333, and 187 when the right time appears. Tweets, photographs, and live videos about the manifestation were also included in the newspaper article. 

Source 5: Good Website Report found through a website

Casey, Nicholas, and Anatoly Kurmanaev. “Humanitarian Aid Stalls, Testing Venezuela’s Opposition.” The New York Times , 13 Feb. 2019,

The news article by Nicholas Casey and Anatoly Kurmaney describe the incident that occurred in Cucuta, Colombia with guarded shipments of humanitarian aid trying to cross to the country of Venezuela. Casey and Kurmaney describe in detail how Venezuela’s opposition has brought donated supplies of food and medical kits to the country’s border with Colombia. The authors discuss how Maduro’s administration erected a crude blockade across the border bridge with Colombia and added relevant information of international relations dealing with the aid. The article also contains photographs of Venezuelans protesting for the humanitarian aid to cross over to their country and interim president Juan Guaido reuniting with the president of Colombia. 

Source 6: News Article found in Academic Onefile

“Venezuela’s crisis deepens.” Washington Post, 9 Jan. 2019. Academic OneFile, Accessed 9 Mar. 2019.

In this news article, the humanitarian crisis of Venezuela is summarized by the poor governing actions of President Nicolas Maduro who is responsible for the crisis. Venezuela was one of the region’s richest countries which is now suffering some epidemics of malnutrition, preventable diseases and violent crimes. The article summarizes the mass street protests, critical shortages of food, water, medicine, and power that are currently occurring in Venezuela. It also mentions the actions of international governments declaring Maduro’s presidency illegitimate and threatening sanctions. 

Gaby Gabino – Group 22 – annotated bibliography

Nicely done!  Nicely organized and clearly presented. I look forward to your essay. Good annotations too, good sources.

Over the past couple of months, discussions about sexual assault allegations made against the R&B artist, R. Kelly, and talk of the new docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly” have flooded both social and news media, changing the lives of many and ultimately leading to the arrest and indictment of the singer.


  1. Grant, Patricia H., and Paula I. Otto. Mass Media and Victims of Rape (from Controversies in Victimology, Second Edition, P 49-71, 2008, Laura J. Moriarty, Ed. — See NCJ-225281)., 2008. ProQuest. Web. 9 Mar. 2019.
    • This book speaks about protecting rape victims and how far media can go when reporting rapes and naming victims. It also talks about the likeliness or unlikeliness of victims reporting a rape depending on how public it is. This is perfect for my paper because it shows a different side of how media affects sexual assault victims.
    • found in ProQuest
  2. Kahlor, LeeAnn, and Matthew S. Eastin. “Television’s Role in the Culture of Violence Toward Women: A Study of Television Viewing and the Cultivation of Rape Myth Acceptance in the United States.” Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media55.2 (2011): 215-31. ProQuest. Web. 9 Mar. 2019.
    • In this article, the correlation between television and rape myth acceptance is analyzed. The research they found shows that it is more likely for a woman to believe a rape accusation and also that it is more likely for people who watch soap operas to believe a rape accusation. This works for my paper because I am discussing the connection between mass media and rape allegations.   
    • found in ProQuest
  3. Slaughter, Anne-Marie. “Social Media can Help Fight Corruption One ‘like’ at a Time.” (2018)ProQuest. Web. 9 Mar. 2019.
    • This article talks about how social media can be used as an anecdote. It discusses the effect of media and how it is basically “strength in numbers”. This works well with my topic because it fits with the topic of social media being a support system and making a difference, making people comfortable enough to call out their accusers.  
    • found in ProQuest
  4. Reuters. “R. Kelly Indictment Is Latest Case Fueled by TV Documentaries.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 25 Feb. 2019. Web. 10 Mar. 2019.
    • This newspaper article explains the details of the R.Kelly case and how media was a part of getting him indicted. This goes perfectly with the topic of this paper because it is about the R Kelly incident.
    • this article is from the newspaper The New York Times
  5. “Me Too. Movement.” You Are Not Alone. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Mar. 2019.
    • This website is perfect for my topic because it directly touches upon the way social media and mass media is used to spread awareness and share stories about sexual assault and harassment. The me too movement blew up on social media as a hashtag where women shared their traumas and experiences with sexual assault and harassment. This relates to my topic because it shows how social media specifically is used as a tool to bring awareness and make changes just like R.Kelly was ultimately indicted.   
    • This website is
  6. Brin, Dinah. “Social Media Is a Major Consideration in Wave of Sexual Harassment Allegations.” SHRM. SHRM, 11 Apr. 2018. Web. 10 Mar. 2019.
    • This article talks about the use of social media to combat and stop sexual assault at the workplace. This is a big issue that is now being brought to people’s attention as it should be. This supports my topic perfectly because it touches the topic of social media and how it is being used.
    • This article is from the Society of Human Resource Management


Final Essay Thesis by Chabelis Leal-Team 22

On January 2019 a rare and deadly tornado ravaged through the streets of Havana Cuba, killing 6 people and leaving hundreds injured. Although the tornado made world headlines the actions of the communist regime in the aftermath of the natural disaster has managed to stay locked away in the island. Due to the lack of internet access and freedom of speech the inhuman acts of the Cuban government continue to go unnoticed as the 60-year anniversary of the Cuban revolution approaches.

Hi Chabelis,

Good work! Approved. Maybe ‘inhumane’ rather than ‘inhuman’


How to form a thesis statement for an informative essay?

  1. A strong thesis statement takes some sort of stand. Remember that your thesis needs to show your conclusions about a subject. …
  2. A strong thesis statement justifies discussion. Your thesis should indicate the point of the discussion. …
  3. A strong thesis statement expresses one main idea. …
  4. A strong thesis statement is specific.

Ursula Muñoz – Team 22 – Final Essay Thesis

Through the increasing polarization between the left and right, the Democratic party has been split between moderates and radical leftists quarreling over the correct way to combat Trump’s far right wave. The differences in the quality and amount of news coverage received by the various Democrats who have announced their candidacy for 2020 demonstrates this better than anything else.

The polarization of the Democratic party between moderates and radical leftists quarreling over the best way to combat Trump’s far right wave can be seen in the differences in the quality and quantity of news coverage the Democrats, who have announced their candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, have received.

Hi Ursula,

Pay attention to concise sentence structure.  Remember to incorporate class objectives into your essay.