The Secret

Your secret is safe with me. That’s what I told my best friend when she shared her secret to me. About a year ago my best friend called me in a panic around 1 a.m., if anyone else called my phone around 1 a.m. I probably wouldn’t pick up but since it’s my friend I picked it up out of concern. Don’t need this. My friend barley could get a word out over her crying all I can hear her say “my parents are going to kill me,” I immediately told her to come over. She didn’t live too far from my apartment at the time so she knocked on my door less than 10 minutes. As soon as I open the door she held a pregnancy test in my face. Essay needs a thesis statement.

I literally yanked my friend from the hallway into my apartment and asked her all the basics. When, who and how did this happen (should be in the form of a question). She met some guy a frat party and the rest was history. Her parents are very strict when it comes to school are very religious. If they found out she was pregnant they would no longer fund her to go to school. Her parents lived in North Carolina at the time so she lived with her cousin down here in Miami so she could go to school. She told me that her cousin would definitely tell her parents so I offered her to stay with me. Needs more analysis. This essay is not intended to be a narrative.

At first, I didn’t feel any pressure with keeping her secret; however I’m really close to her parents, they’re like family to me and having to lie to them when they ask how my friend was doing was really taking a toll on me. I was faced with two options – to either tell the truth to her parents or hurt my friend in the process or to keep up with the lie and be untruthful to myself.

My friend is now six months pregnant and her parents still don’t know. Her parents also don’t know she dropped out this semester but she still takes the money they give her for groceries and gas. She’s been stacking the money for her baby. To keep up with the lie she constantly forges more lies make the whole bigger and deeper.

When keeping ones secret the relationship between you and that person changes. I had the power to expose her and tell her parents the secret, but my friend would was such an emotional wreck I couldn’t do it. I did however felt empowered because at any given time I could tell the truth to her parents and change this whole situation around, but since my loyalty was to my friend I haven’t did it. At times keeping a secret is necessary, but it’s important to be aware that we are better off betraying people trust to help them in the long wrong and ourselves mentally.


Marginal analysis and use of class concepts.


Secrecy (Sergio Fernandez)

Individual Assignment #4: I’ve got a secret 

Thesis: Lies and secrecy work together, but they are not the same thing. Understanding people’s likes/dislikes and interests can help you detect lies and analyze why they occur.

“You may tell the greatest lies and wear a brilliant disguise, but you can’t escape the eyes of the one who sees right through you.” – Tom Robbins. There are always ways to know the truth, and time takes care of revealing it. Everyone has lied once in their lives. Although this is never (subjective) a good thing to do, it controls the outcome, or reaction, that would normally cause the truth if known. On the other hand, people tend to confuse the difference between lying and maintaining things a secret. When people lie, the truth is changed based on the interests of the person who is lying, causing others to misinterpret reality; if the lie is not properly executed, sooner or later the truth will be unfolded. When things are kept a secret, the truth is not being changed; its being hidden instead. Both of these paths may lead to negative outcomes, but not all of them have a good chance of having a bright future.

There is one thing that I hate the most, and that’s being lied to. This is a mechanism of self protection the human mind has which generates feeling destruction. When I had my first girlfriend, my mind wasn’t thinking straight. My mind was blinded because of my feelings to her, and she took advantage of that knowledge. Lies started to appear when she tried to hide that she was cheating on me. Although these lies were sort of invisible, the only thing that my conscience told me was to be suspicious. These feelings would later be debated by her asking me if I really trusted her. That was the first moment I felt lies making a real impact on me. They created a sense of uncertainty that was very unpleasant, downgrading and deceitful. Although I didn’t know if she indeed lied to me, I decided to maintain my feelings a secret and kept dating her for some time to see if I could get her caught on something red handed. After a short period of time I just left her because I couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on. For some reason, I was extremely sure that reality hadn’t been portrayed accurately. I took my chances knowing that I wouldn’t get to know the complete story. After all it only took time to be solved (what does this mean?). I didn’t even search for information with third persons, I just let time pass and heal everything by its self. Three months after, her best friend called me crying and tells me she found out that my ex-girlfriend had been going out with her boyfriend by the time I was still with her (not quite relevant to the scope of the assignment). Personally I can’t describe that moment as rewarding, but it did feel good to know that the risk I took had not been done in vain. At the end, it made me learn that people tend to be “double-faced” when they put their own interests and ambitions before others.

If you want to get an explanation of what is happening during a strange situation with someone, find the necessity and understand the behavior behind everyone’s actions. People lie most of the time when involved with crimes, money and/or adultery because they know the truth’s effects can truly jeopardize their future and risk important relationships with others. Personally, I have improved the way I analyze people’s minds, which is basically kind of difficult, but it can be managed by understanding people’s behavior towards things, decisions and others. Information can change people’s mind set, which is the main reason why people continue to use it towards achieving their personal goals.


Interesting insight, but doesn’t quite fulfil the expectations of the assignment. It was supposed to be about a secret which you yourself felt inclined to keep. Thus you could more easily tie in secrecy, lies, and confidentiality. Would have been better if you had more concepts tied in from class,

I’ve Got a Secret (Kylan Wilson)

During the duration of my sophomore year in high school I kept the fact that my best friends girlfriend was moving  the moving of my best friend’s girlfriend a secret. Needs a thesis.

In high school I had two main friends named Mason and Sarah. Over the course of our short high school career we had formed a really strong friend group,(comma) and at some point along the way they had started dating. I didn’t know how to feel about it as first as I thought that if it ended then that would ruin the friendship that we’d all come to know and love but I set it aside to see them happy. All was going great until I got some shocking news.

Sarah, who had been talking about moving to LA since I’d met her had finely convinced her parents to allow her to move there and live with her aunt. I was extremely excited for her and then it hit me, what would happen to Mason? Where would that leave them? She told me that she just needed to share that information with somebody but made me promise not to tell him. I was completely torn on the subject because I knew how strongly he felt about her. By keeping this secret I felt like I was betraying him but if I told I’d feel like I was betraying the other, I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed quiet. (This feels more like a narrative. Remember to bring more analysis into the essay).

A month or two passed and things seemed to be going relatively normal, until one day Mason came up to me clearly upset by something and he asked if he could ask me something and if I would be I honest. I told him of course and he asked me if I had noticed Sarah acting weird lately as he felt as if though she was distancing herself from him in certain ways. I knew exactly what was going on and yet I looked him straight in the eyes and told him I hadn’t noticed anything. I felt terrible about it but somehow I convinced myself that I was choosing what was best for all of us. It was the route with the least conflict and I thought by avoiding the inevitable. I was doing everybody a favor. Mason still asked me about it here and there as I feel he came to grow slightly suspicious but he had no proof.

Those proceeding months I could literally feel them growing apart and something that I hadn’t noticed before was that she wasn’t only leaving him; I was losing a friend too. Keeping this secret provided me with this false sense of empowerment as I felt like I was really doing something for a common good but it all came crashing down when we approached the end of the school year and Sarah asked to have a group discussion. Essentially she just broke down telling us she’d felt so bad about how she’s been acting and apologized for everything that had been happening and that she wasn’t as happy about moving because she didn’t realize that would mean leaving us. However, by that point already did the damage, it was nice to hear it but nothing was the same after that. She left a few weeks later, we don’t keep in touch, they broke up and I don’t even speak to Mason anymore. We’re strangers now.


Essay should have been more reflective and less narrative. Please tie in the concepts of the class and the assignment.

The End of Solitude

After reading William Deresiewic’s “The End of Solitude,” I was left with many questions. What questions? I never thought I would fit the mold of the standard modern person. I always saw myself as being very socially connected but I never stopped to think that maybe being socially connected had a different meaning to it then I had originally imagined. Living only in relation to others and having my solitude taken away from me was not something I ever thought could occur to me. All I could think about was how I would feel about myself during and after this experiment.

Thankfully, I was visiting my grandmother’s house in Peru and didn’t have any cellular connection. Not having my phone made it extremely apparent to me that I was, in a way, attached to it. I didn’t necessarily have to be on it, considering the fact that I had no service, rather I had to have it in my hands at all times. I locked my phone in a drawer and as sad as this was, I began to get very anxious. I kept thinking that I had lost it or that someone would be calling me. The more time that passed, the more that I got used to not having my phone. Four hours in and I thought I had it all figured out.

I was wrong again. I thought that not having my phone and being out of the country would keep me distracted. Everyone is always either reading the newspaper or watching the news. I was anxious again but also aggravated. I felt so distant. I felt like an outsider that was completely oblivious to the world. I also felt extremely rude and odd for asking everyone to refrain from including me in any topic related to any sort of news or media. I wanted to quit. I didn’t think that completing 48 hours in “darkness” was possible. This made me realize how dependent I was which aggravated me even more.

Not being able to watch the news was hard for me because without it I had no clue what was happening around me and I felt unsafe. It was also a lot harder to relate to others because I was oblivious of my environment. Being updated on my surroundings is crucial and with out it your day to day is a lot harder. Being updated with news also helps keep our communities safer.

Although I never thought it’d be so hard for me to disconcert from the world, it was. I realized how much more love and attention I was able to give to my family. I took my niece and nephew to a park and played for hours, I was able to fill my grandmas heart with joy by providing her my undivided attention, and I got to reflect on my life and learn a lot about myself. Although being connected tis still extremely important, it’s good to disconnect and have complete solitude once in a while. The observation and analysis of feelings is good. Watch for run on sentences.


Well written, but more narrative than analysis. Need to tie in with Deresiewicz.


Our day to day lives are surrounded by media. We look at local news for weather updates and what’s happening within our community. For some, as soon as we wake up we roll over and check out our social media accounts to see what we missed while we were sleep. If you ask me I believe that we millennials have an unhealthy attachment to media. It’s important to be aware of what going on throughout the world but checking our phones every five minutes to see what a Kardashian is doing shouldn’t consume our lives. Without media for 48-hours I realized how much I’m warped into my phone.

These 48-hours were like not having electricity during hurricane Irma but just this time around everyone around me had access to news and other medias. I found myself reaching for my phone periodically throughout the day just to realize I couldn’t check my Twitter or go on Facebook.  Riding the bus back to the Biscayne campus was hard. Usually I take this time to catch up on the news and check my social media accounts to catch up on the latest gossip. I realize during the ride home I wasn’t experience the life around me. I usually take the bus around 5pm and I never notice the sunset. I conversed with other students on the bus. I read a book. I had a chance to reflect about my day.

The first 24-hours I realize how much I was missing. I didn’t wake up the next day with desire to check my Twitter. I woke up instead and took time to evaluate myself and find inner peace. I found solace knowing that I didn’t need social media. I can’t lie I did miss knowing weather updates, it rained twice during those 48-hours.

News Blackout – John Cabauy

John Cabauy

Panther ID: 5698188


The article “The End of Solitude” by William Deresiewicz is a brilliant piece that explains the diminishing role of solitude in modern society. It explains how technology has made solitude undesirable and, to an extent, almost impossible. I certainly felt I related to relying on technology to avoid feeling alone. I was excited to see what it would be like to take some time to disconnect from society and be alone with my thoughts.

Unfortunately, this assignment did not teach me anything about solitude. The assignment was to isolate ourselves from all news – something which I already do very well. I do not read or watch news, barely use social media and I don’t watch sports (This seems to contradict your first statement that you rely on technology to avoid feeling alone). I do not go out of my way to get news, it usually finds me when I am scrolling through the internet. I am not proud of this. I am just saying (keep your writing as objective and academic as possible) Thus, this exercise did not have a major effect on me.

For the assignment I avoided sites where I could come across current events in any form. This was not too difficult for me to do. Not knowing what was going on in the world did not make me feel anxious, if anything it was less stressful not knowing that people were suffering, there was another hurricane and some North Korean was planning to nuke us.

The most difficult part of this exercise was not looking at memes just in case a meme had to do with a current news event. I did not miss memes because I wanted to know what was happening in the world. It was because I wanted to see something stupid and laugh. It was also difficult to avoid listening to the radio. Not because I wanted to hear news, but because I wanted to listen to music in my car instead of sitting in silence.

I did not experience the solitude Deresiewicz described in the article, however I did find myself engaging in alternative faux social activities in order to cope with the absence of news (and by news I just mean memes). I found myself sending messages and using snapchat slightly more than usual. I suppose this is part of the “culture of celebrity and connectivity” Deresiewicz talked about. I felt somewhat more connected by posting stupid things I found funny to see if other people find it funny as well. I realized I was trying to substitute social interaction in order to feel less alone and feel more important, however I feel the assignment would have been better if we were not allowed to use social media (It’s generally hard enough for students to be disconnected just from the news). That way we would have appreciated how addicted we are to “connectivity and celebrity.”

In summary, this assignment would have better helped us understand the article If the assignment was to go a day without a phone or social media or even without internet. (You said this already, and some students have online classes.) This would have forced us to be okay with being alone or forced us to seek REAL social interaction instead of relying on technology to avoid feeling alone. It would have also allowed us to take time to think about life. This assignment did not make me realize the importance of the news or how much I take it for granted when making decisions. I apologize for being such a stupid and ignorant person. (Should have spent this paragraph analysing how news intrudes on our solitude and affects our decision making.)


48-hour News Blackout Experience

Some good observations. Try to tighten up the writing. Omit needless words. Every word should matter. If it doesn’t, take it out. Watch out for grammatical errors. Reading aloud may help. Watch the word count. Keep closer to the 500 word limit.


Thesis Statement: Technology has taken away most of people’s privacy and attention.

Today’s environment has changed drastically through the last decades. Over-populated cities, devastated areas, thanks to global warming, and political issues have become some of the biggest concerns the world is facing in this instance. All of this these situations create changes in the way the masses communicate and interact with each other. The creation of mobile phones has made it very easy to reach loved ones by the click of a button, but it has also made it difficult for everyone to have privacy and alone-time for themselves. Also, social-media has facilitated the flow of information to the public, but it has also lowered the level of credibility that information may contain. This big development has created a lot of effective methods of communication, but it contains flaws that need to be addressed to lower its negative sign-effects (side effects?) on a global scale.

Although knowing that being disconnected from society for 48 hours was not going to be easy, it would later help me face reality about how life has changed and how certain things are now more useful than others in the past. The purpose of this task was to understand how life would be without good communication resources and how proper use of this type of technology can be very beneficial, and vise versa. First of all, it stressed me a little not knowing anything of what was happening with my family back home at Puerto Rico. Just thinking that they have recently suffered a historic catastrophe, leading numerous “un-confirmed” deaths and loss of communication and power throughout the complete island was sad and depressing. It made me remember that the last time I had talked with my mother before the “blackout” she had already become very desperate for resources (water, food, gasoline, batteries, etc.). Anxiety kicked in, but my faith was that everything was going to be alright after all. Having no way to at least give some moral support or hear their concerns made me thank God for blessing me from this horrible situation that I would have been living if I wouldn’t have recently moved to Miami. During the first day of this communication avoidance had completely obstructed daily tasks from being finished, friends and family being ignored and noise being controlled. Everything had just lost velocity and volume. People wouldn’t bother me at all, notifications wouldn’t grab my attention and I was just alone. It was weird, but at least this loneliness had given me a two-day vacation ticket from almost all my responsibilities. During the second day necessity of communication had suddenly disappeared. Time passed by and nothing would seem to change. At the end of the day I was counting the minutes to be able to communicate with others, but it wasn’t that bad after all.

Communication technologies have been “booming” the last couple of years. These developments have made humans capable of communicating instantly from almost anywhere in the globe. People are becoming dependent of these technological artifacts. Businesses are now being converted into webpages, teaching is being changed into web-courses, and even birthday congratulations have now become Facebook posts. I agree with Deresiewicz’s point of view of solitude because being alone is almost impossible, almost like a thing of privilege. I see myself through his point of view specifically when being involved with networking activities by organizations and social groups as a student and also with family issues. Somehow technology is tacking over human’s loneliness and attention, and it has significantly showed its effects throughout its evolution.