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Pop star Ariana Grande was found unresponsive Monday night in her Hollywood house.  Grande’s publicist visited the singer’s house late that night in hopes to uplift her spirits after the heartbreaking loss of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and the recent break from ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. Paramedics confirmed the cause of death was an overdose of sleeping pills.

She cared to comment the following, “I was in disbelief and unstable, to say the least, I’d never thought Ariana was one to go to these extremes. With everything she was dealing with she seemed to be okay but we all knew she was struggling for quite some time. For the time being this is all I can really put into words”.

Ariana Grande was known for her charismatic attitude and glowing personality. A star since the beginning of her early teens, she was born to make it in the industry. The world never thought the industry she grew to love would be the one to break her.

Ariana Grande was someone with great talent from the start. She grew up around musicians and always stole the show. From the time her family could remember, she would sing at family parties and always loved being the center of attention. She got her first big break in 2010 at the start of her Nickelodeon career where she became famous for her red hair and stunning voice. From there, her career blew up.

Her mother, Joan Grande, released a statement briefly after news broke about the singer’s suicide “As a mother, you plan to be there for your kids and want them to be okay. I’m confused and hurt to know my little girl was suffering internally and I wasn’t there to help her” Grande says.

The singer’s team admitted Ariana recently had trouble sleeping. They mentioned she became very anxious and paranoid of the people around her. She quickly turned fragile and sensitive upon the sudden death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. The pair dated for over three years and admitted their relationship was the first serious relationship they’ve been in.

For the past weeks, Ariana had been publishing posts related to Mac Miller in her Instagram, including a story with part of the lyrics of her song The Way, song she made in collaboration of Miller back in 2013.

Shortly after her break up with Miller, she began dating comedian Pete Davidson and got engaged weeks later. In previous articles, Ariana mentioned she felt as if she didn’t take time for herself and struggled with a lot of anxiety. Tabloids also released that her relationship with Pete wasn’t all that perfect and they struggled immensely behind closed doors.

To aid the singer’s sleeplessness and anxiety, she was prescribed trazodone by her physician. According to forensic analysis, they concluded she had taken a small dose of trazodone enough to control her anxiety and later that night might’ve taken a larger dose leaving her unresponsive.

Ariana’s mother Joan and family are currently arranging funeral arrangements and have yet to discuss details. Ex-fiancé Pete Davidson has rejected commenting on the subject and has canceled his appearances on SNL for the time being.

Fans and other celebrities have commented on Ariana’s most recent Instagram posts leaving heartwarming messages and paying their respects to the singer’s sudden death.

Her family, friends and fandom are devastated.

On Top! Magazines gives condolence and words of encouragement to all those affected.


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We decided to write this article because celebrity fake news seems to be what attracts the most attention. In these current times with social media, audiences practically know every detail of a celebrities life whether that person likes it or not. Most of the time a story like this one, real or fake, spread throughout the world in a matter of hours. The article appeals to pathos the most because it makes an emotional connection with the audience. Anyone who reads this article and is a fan of Ariana Grande, Mac Miller, or Pete Davidson will likely feel some sense of sadness. This also captures people who are not a fan of hers because in pop music she is currently dominating with her back to back hits; so regardless if you`re a fan or not, most people know who she is or remember her from her Nickelodeon days and would be curious to know what happened.

The intended audience were fans of Ariana Grande and even include fans of Miller and Davidson because keeping up to date with either of these celebrities involves something about all of them.

The hook for this article was the sudden and unexpected death of Ariana Grande and even the mystery as to why exactly she might have done it, whether it was the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller or the separation from her now ex-fiance Pete Davidson. We maintained credibility by using real facts and events surrounding the lives of the celebrities. The story was meant to grab attention and likely would on a global scale if published on various social media platforms.

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Third-wave Feminism is on the rise; however, many third world countries have taken to it differently than other countries. Ethiopia was a country that for many years had taken Feminism into their own hands, adapting it based on their own culture. Only recently has Ethiopia started looking towards equal rights of the genders; due to having a primarily conservative culture, it has taken them longer to get there. It’s small steps like these that can make a change in the country. The election of Meaza Ashenafi as the new president of the Ethiopian Supreme Court was caused by the uprising of feminist movements across the world and launched Ethiopia into its own Feminist revolution.

            The media coverage of this event has been very minimal in the United States, primarily due to the fact that it does not directly relate to us or any of our allies. The only people that fully comprehend the magnitude of this event are the people that are globally aware. This means that many of our news broadcasts can manipulate the information in any way they want to fit their own political views. For example, a primarily conservative news channel such as FOX News could manipulate the event in a way to make their audience support the conservative side more. The audience would not be able to receive the information in a fully unbiased manner. One of the sources that I used to get more information on this specific event was The Washington Post. This primarily left-leaning news channel controls the way that the news is presented to their audience to fit left-leaning viewpoints. However, despite any bias The Washington Post may have, this was one of the few, if not the only, American website to report on this story.

Globally, many other news sites can be doing the same, implementing their bias into their stories and affecting the way their readers view the event itself. Most news sites nowadays are all biased, leaning towards a specific side of the political spectrum. They all either lean towards the conservative side or they lean towards the more liberal side. It is rare to find a site that is a mix of both because society has split itself into two different points of view. So, the public look towards the websites that they relate to the most because it confirms their beliefs. Conservatives look at conservative websites because it confirms their beliefs and makes them feel that it is correct. This is a form of the Echo Chamber Effect. The only information we absorb are seen our own perspective, further validating our beliefs instead of challenging them.

However, locally in Ethiopia, they have been slowly getting used to a Feminist reformation that was catapulted by the election of Meaza Ashenafi. The local news has made Ashenafi a household name, so she was able to gather a following. One local newspaper even detailed why Ashenafi was the best fit for the position, showing the growth that the country has made towards gender equality. Many other sectors of politics in Ethiopia have also been taken over by women, including the presidency. News sites are the primary source of information in any country, so the fact that a local newspaper detailed why Ashenafi deserved her position can help sway anyone that was skeptical of her background. It can affect people differently hearing it from someone in their own country, especially since the reporters and the news sites take the culture into consideration when it comes to reporting.

            On a global level, this event and the coverage that it has received forces the event to only be a local event. This event is something that should make international news because it shows the growth that a country is making; however, the coverage is very minimal due to the fact that Ethiopia is a smaller country. It doesn’t have a high standing globally in any sense either politically or economically, causing news like this to get brushed under the rug compared to the news in bigger countries such as the United States or France. However, the news sites that did report on this event focused on the fact that this is a major step for the country towards gender equality. They utilized ethos to show that she was more deserving of her position than her male counterparts. In many African countries, roles of power are often saved just for the men; so, the fact that Ashenafi was elected by a male to fill this position swayed many people to being more accepting of what women can do outside of homemaking.

            Along with that, many other countries in the same political and economic situation as Ethiopia have begun their own Feminist revolutions as well. This can create pressure for Ethiopia to catch up with everyone else and become more accepting of women in power. This proves itself to be incredibly important because some countries may not be as willing to do any sort of business with them if they do not share similar beliefs. It has been proven time-and-time again that countries with differing beliefs tend to have some sort of conflict. At some point, Ethiopia had to conform to what was becoming the new norm for that region.

            The election of Meaza Ashenafi as the new president of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia was a result of Feminist revolutions in the neighboring countries that pressured Ethiopia to adapt. This pressure created a desirable change for the country, possibly inspiring other countries that are in similar situations. Sometimes it only takes one country to inspire a change for its allies. The coverage for this event in local news has made this decision seem more positive than negative and putting change in a positive light can draw more countries in to make the change. Ultimately, it all comes down to the news channels and the way that they report on events to create a chain reaction of change for other countries.

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Thesis: The election of Meaza Ashenafi as the new president of the Ethiopian Supreme Court was caused by the uprising of feminist movements across the world and launched Ethiopia into its own Feminist revolution.

  1. Alemayehu, Samrawit. “The Setaweet Way: An Articulation of Ethiopian Feminism.” SURFACE, Syracuse University, May 2018, surface.syr.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1197&context=thesis.

In this scholarly journal, Alemayehu discusses how Ethiopians react to Feminism and how it is expressed in their own culture. This provided me with some perspective because the election of Ashenafi is a big deal for the country. Overall, this article discusses the necessity of Feminism in Ethiopia.

  • Jayawardena, Kumari. Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World. Verso, 2016.

         This book discusses Feminism in third world countries, specifically African countries. Jayawardena focuses each chapter on a different country and how Feminism revolutionized it. This book was especially helpful for me because it discussed countries in similar situations as Ethiopia in terms of economics and social structure.

  • “Ethiopia Appoints Meaza Ashenafi as First Woman Federal Supreme Court President.” This Is Africa, 1 Nov. 2018, thisisafrica.me/ashenafi-first-woman-federal-supreme-court-pres/.

This article was published in an Ethopian Newspaper website. It details everything about the event, even explaining why the country reacted in the way that they did. Along with that, the article explains why Ashenafi was the most fit for the position.

This article published by the Washington Post details the impact this event had on the world. Whenever a new country makes a step towards equal rights, it is something that should be known worldwide. This gives a global perspective to the event, due to the fact that it was written by a non-Ethiopian website.

I decided upon this article because it shows the overall growth that Ethiopia is making towards equal gender rights. It gives the perspective that Feminism is what helped Ashenafi get the recognition she deserved for her position.

Annotated Bibliography – Michael Eure – Team 17

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Annotated Bibliography

Thesis: (awaiting approval) Recent uproar about the Nicaraguan governmental state has brought attention to the country. Protests in Madrid on January 12 and Costa Rica on March 6 of this year have allowed the people to speak voice their opinions without facing the backlash many in the country have been dealing with. Using the critical perspective, I will be able to learn and understand just how the spreading of news from inside the country to parts all over the world have put pressure to end the atrocious and unexplainable violence the Nicaraguan government is enacting upon its citizens.


  1. VAN OMMEN, ,ELINE. “Nicaragua: Navigating the Politics of Democracy.” Journal of Latin American Studies, vol. 49, no. 4, 2017, pp. 990-991. ProQuest, http://ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url=https://search-proquest-com.ezproxy.fiu.edu/docview/1949006516?accountid=10901, doi:http://dx.doi.org.ezproxy.fiu.edu/10.1017/S0022216X17001031.

This book by Eline Van Ommen touches one all the biggest points in Nicaragua’s where democracy was tested and mainly how the spread of news in one country can lead to revolution and the growth of democracy. Ommen speaks a lot about the current president, Daniel Ortega, and how he led a revolution to then become the first elected president. In current times Ortega is seen as a dictator and this book tells of how he transitioned in Nicaraguan government. The source is published by Lynne Rienner Publishers, a scholarly and textbook publishing company based out of Colorado. This was found on ProQuest

2. Thaler, Kai M. “NICARAGUA: A RETURN TO CAUDILLISMO.” Journal of Democracy, vol. 28, no. 2, 2017, pp. 157-169. ProQuest, http://ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url=https://search-proquest-com.ezproxy.fiu.edu/docview/1890210497?accountid=10901, doi:http://dx.doi.org.ezproxy.fiu.edu/10.1353/jod.2017.0032.

This article written by Kai Thaler was published in the scholarly journal, “Journal of Democracy” in 2012. The article goes into deeper into the idea of the erosion of democracy in Nicaragua because of Ortega’s urge for power after democracy did not fall in his favor. He was the first to install democracy in Nicaragua and when it didn’t help him in future elections he decided to take a different approach that led to many of the problems facing Nicaragua now. This was found on ProQuest.

3. Al Jazeera. “Nicaragua’s Ortega Calls for Negotiations to End Crisis.” GCC News | Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera, 22 Feb. 2019, www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/02/nicaragua-ortega-calls-negotiations-crisis-190222062656494.html.

This article published by the highly popular Al Jazeera news magazine speaks about the recent events taking place in Mexico and some reactions of what is happening there. Ortega, the current president/dictator, is looking to engage in conversations to end the problems happening in Nicaragua under his control. This comes after the murder and arrest of many protestors that oppose his political power. Many of the people killed in protests were young college students and many arrested have been kept under the allegations of “terrorist” actions. This article speaks on what Ortega now wants to do after all this. This was found on AlJazeera.com

4. Mendieta, Emiliano Chamorro. “Gobierno De Ortega Revela Su Agenda De Diálogo y Convoca a La OEA.” La Prensa, 9 Mar. 2019, www.laprensa.com.ni/2019/03/09/politica/2531773-agenda-del-orteguismo-no-hay-adelanto-de-elecciones-y-buscan-frenar-sanciones

This article is from a local newspaper in Managua, Nicaragua called La Prensa. This local newspaper covers all news in the country. This article is about what the government under Ortega’s rule is planning on doing now as the 2021 elections are coming up in a couple of years. The article speaks on how Ortega does not want to recognize the political prisoners he has imprisoned and that he does not plan on negotiating with many outside organizations trying to help people being held as prisoners and others who are advocating that he leaves office. This was found on LaPrensa.com.ni

5. “Carlos Fernando Chamorro: Nicaraguan Journalist Flees Citing Threats.” BBC News, BBC, 21 Jan. 2019, www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-46945682?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.com/news/topics/cdl8n2ede8zt/nicaragua&link_location=live-reporting-story.

This article was published by one of the biggest news and media companies, BBC. It speaks about a Nicaraguan journalist who comes from a very influential family in the country. They have known the ins and outs of political war in Nicaragua and he can speak from very personal experiences what it is like to deal and live in times like those. The article speaks of his fleeing of Nicaragua after receiving multiple threats because of his writing that opposes Ortega’s government. This was found on BBC.com

6. i Puig, Salvador M. “The Adaptation of the FSLN: Daniel Ortega’s Leadership and Democracy in Nicaragua.” Latin American Politics and Society, vol. 52, no. 4, 2010, pp. 79-IV. ProQuest, http://ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url=https://search-proquest-com.ezproxy.fiu.edu/docview/815414805?accountid=10901, doi:http://dx.doi.org.ezproxy.fiu.edu/10.1111/j.1548-2456.2010.00099.x.

This article was published by Cambridge University Press and is a scholarly journal about the Sandinista party in Nicaragua. The article goes into a bit of Nicaragua’s history with the rise of the Sandinista party that brought Democracy along with it, its falls during elections and its no most current rise up with Ortega being the president for a decade now. The articles main focus is undisputed leadership of Daniel Ortega and how he his political views to propel himself into a powerfully corruptive role of leadership. This was found on ProQuest.

Annotated Bibliography – Team 17 Julia Thomas

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Thesis: From November 30th – December 2nd, pop star Nick Jonas and global Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra got married in a festive cultural weekend which was talked about on many media platforms globally.  This event challenges critical perspective by the arrangement of two cultures coming together to celebrate love, despite the fact that secrecy was enforced at the wedding.

Work Cited:

  1. “The Changing Status of Women in Asian Societies.” Future of Population in Asia, Jan. 2002, pp. 40–55. EBSCOhost, ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=34932940&site=ehost-live&scope=site.

I chose this Book because, Priyanka Chopra is not only known for being a one of the highest paid Indian actresses who has the most followers in Asia, but an Indian woman who established her own name and grew into an independent woman. In Asian culture, women are subjected to men, they listen to what their husbands say and typically cook for the family.  In entertainment, women don`t speak up on causes but, Priyanka Chopra is a movement that many Indian people saw as she was in the limelight from a young age. This book talks about how the changes of socioeconomics in Asia developed and changed the status of women and their perception. This will help me understand better how Priyanka Chopra was able to grow and become the person she is today, and how her image impacts her wedding globally.

  • Brennan, Ian, and Laurie A. Babin. “Brand Placement Recognition: The Influence of Presentation Mode and Brand Familiarity.” Journal of Promotion Management, vol. 10, no. 1/2, Jan. 2004, pp. 185–202. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1300/J057v10n01pass:[_]13.

I chose this journal because it informed me about product placement and how product placement can have an effect on recognition and the effectives of brand awareness. Priyanka Chopra`s and Nick Jonas`s wedding had a lot of brands being used. Events leading up to their big day, such as bridal showers and bachelor parties, there were controversy over how brands like Amazon was used but paid the couple for brand awareness. This article informs me on what I need to know about product placement and how it connects to the weddings and the bounds of debate.

I chose this magazine because it was one a well-known magazine company, People. People magazine is known by many people and this article provided details of the ceremony including the dress from both the Indian and Christian ceremony. These details of what rituals were performed and how Nick Jonas`s dad was the cermony of the Christian ceremony will hep me tie in the critical perspective of betterment of society and secrecy was involved.

I chose this Indian website as my good website because it showed me what people`s reaction was to the wedding and help understand what people felt about the wedding. It showed me how Indian`s reacted to the wedding and Americans. This helps me tie in the critical perspective aspect of culture and the betterment of society of people learning to be accepting of different cultures and people are more aware of different customs look like. It showed me how people are more accepting of the fact that an Indian who practices Hindu married outside of her religion but, was still able to practice and apprentice both Christian and Hindu ceremony.

I chose this article because Hindustani Times is the equivalent to the New York Times and it provides good information. This article showed unseen pictures from the wedding which articulates pathos from the reliable photos. This articles also shows me how companies like the Hotel the wedding took place posted on their Instagram to promote the wedding and how Indian photographer captured some moments. This all helps me show that social media played a big part in how people knew about the wedding.

This website showed me how people knew about the event. Being a celebrity and having celebrity friends they post on their social media like Instagram to wish the couple a happy married life. This article showed me some people who posted messages about the wedding and showed me how others knew about the wedding. Celebrities have their own fan following and when they see their star message or comment they will likely go see what the commented and be able to see what they were engaging in. All celebrities have their own demographics of people who follow them and by posting on their social media accounts on Priyanka Chopra`s and Nick Jonas`s wedding, this allows people to be aware of the ceremony and the different cultures. Indian followers who follow Indian celebrities will see how their idol is accepting and this can influence the Indian follower to replicate the same action of their idol and be more open-minded. Same goes for the other celebrities from different cultures, their fan following of their cultures will know be more educated on what Indian rituals are and be open to the culture instead of making fun of the culture.

Absher- Annotated Bibliography- Nathalie Bernal

Hi Nathalie,  Good sources, good annotations, well-done! I look forward to reading your essay!

Google and Apple are willing to abdicate their commitment to human rights when it comes to Absher, a mobile app that allows men to surveille and restrict women’s movements in the Middle East. Although this form of control is completely legal in places like Saudi Arabia, the companies are being scrutinized for facilitating gender discrimination. 

  1. Deif, Farida. Perpetual Minors: Human Rights Abuses Stemming from Male Guardianship and Sex Segregation in Saudi Arabia. Human Rights Watch, 2008. ProQuest. 10 Mar. 2019 

This book reveals over 100 interviews with Saudi women to document the effects of discriminatory policies on woman’s most basic rights. The Saudi government institutes a system whereby every Saudi woman must have a male guardian who is tasked with making a range of critical decisions on her behalf. Throughout much of the world, it is taken for granted that the law empowers both men and women upon reaching the age of majority (typically 18) to make decisions for themselves, but the Saudi Arabian government denies more than half of its citizens this fundamental right. 

  • Black, Jeff. “Women Moving in the Right Direction.” Middle East 03 2008: 22-4. ProQuest. 10 Mar. 2019 

Dr. Yakin Ertuck, a Turkish sociology professor, visits Saudi Arabia in a time where an increasing number of encounters between the country and the institutions of international human rights law are being seen. Currently there is plenty of debate in the country regarding the rights of women. In Geneva in January, the CEDAW committee congratulated Saudi Arabia on three areas: “The establishment of institutional mechanisms for the advancement and protection of women from violence, the drafting of new legislation on the implementation of women’s rights, and the establishment of a human rights commission.”

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has drawn some optimism from his people since taking the throne from his father. He has already lifted many restrictions on women such as allowing them to drive and allowing them to work in fields that typically are male dominated, play sports, and attend public events. There is current talk of possibly allowing women to take on political positions and even abolishing male guardianship altogether. Although the latter is not set in stone quite yet, it seems sensible to feel optimistic about actual change towards gender equality in Saudi Arabia.

An article from source Arab News states an opposition to the Western Media’s point of view on the app, Absher. In Saudi Arabia, the application is looked upon with high regard and is known to be a leading government platform for Saudi citizens. The article claims that this application frees citizens from inefficient bureaucracy. A leading female journalist claims we are mistakenly viewing this as a tool of repression. 

Article takes the position that the mobile application, Absher, is a repressive tool used by Saudi men to overall dictate their women’s movements. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden has urged Google and Apple to review the app due to his heavy concern that they are facilitating gender discrimination. Google and Apple are just recently hearing of these concerns and may review the app.

Absher is only a detail within the longstanding problem of how women are treated in Saudi Arabia. According to this article, Google has concluded its investigation on the app and has decided to leave it up as it does not violate any terms of service. Google has been known to alter their rules in order to allow an app to exist on their platform, as well as Apple. They were not asked if Absher violated their current terms of services or rules, but only if they would facilitate gender oppression against women. 

Thesis Statement- Maria de los Angeles- Team 17

     Gun Control has been talked about for many years, even more so with the recent tragedies that have occurred in the last few years, the issue for gun control has been debated for a long time, today, gun control and violence has become a controversial issue in America. The “right to keep and bear arms” could be beneficial and problematic at the same time.

Hi Maria,

You need to choose a recent specific event surrounding gun control for your essay.  This thesis talks only generally. Please revise and resubmit.