The End Of Solitude

Some good thoughts, but more analysis would have helped. Watch your grammar and sentence structure. Watch run-on sentences. Aim for shorter, tighter sentences.Sometimes it helps to read aloud to check for mistakes and flow.  Avoid using a word multiple times in a sentence. It’s OK to use first person in the assignment, but there are too many instances of “I”.


My experience in the “Twilight Zone” was rather all too familiar but also interesting because I had to analyze what was happening because I had to do an assignment later.  I personally do not care much for sports or news, I do not watch television much since I am usually on the road, and if I need a weather forecast I simply just walk outside. Better: I don’t care much for sports or news. Being on the road a lot, I don’t watch much television. If in need of a weather forecast, I simply walk outside.

I read the “The End of Solitude,” article Friday night and completed the 48-hour blackout over the weekend. Saturday, I woke up early to go help my brothers marching band at a competition all day with props and any matters they needed assistance with. As placements were being announced I just went to sleep because I considered that news and, I did not really care for that stuff since it was just high school things I’ve done already. I was actually able to physically able to hang out with friends that I barely get to see in person since we all kind of went our separate ways after graduating yet we have a group chat that is full of stupidity that I rarely even contribute to. After the eventful day, I just showered and laid in bed listening to music but the catch is I thought more about the reading.  Before the reading the article I always had some interest in how things were regarding social media being used to validate ourselves even though we will never see a good 98% of the so called “friends.” While lying in bed I recalled a time post Irma, I decided to just sit on top of the roof and watch the sunset which was the most beautiful thing ever and wished I had someone to share the moment with but got me thinking a bit too much, how we want to go to friends so we just shoot them a text instead if rather pulling out some lawn chairs in front of a house talking about whatever comes to mind which is something I always longed for. You get a much better connection with people in person rather than over the phone.

Sunday was spent with grandparents who love to talk about latest events that have happened so I excused myself from the table and just listened to music. But as things winded wound down I saw my grandma migrate to her phone and use Facebook and my grandpa to the TV for football. I personally do not care for self-validation of others because I like who I am and have learned that you will have times that you will need to walk alone but yet there are times of insecurity that I do fall into the argument that Deresiewicz makes. In such case is dating because you want to seem appealing and knowledgeable of certain things in order to try and get someone to even think about liking you. Interesting analogy.


Solitude assignment

Overall, a good essay. Making direct reference to Deresiewicz would have strengthened your arguments. Well written, but watch for grammatical slips. Sometimes it helps to read a paper aloud.



Depriving myself from online connections has been a normal practice of mine, so doing it for 48 hours straight wasn’t too much of a problem. My most time consuming online website is always reddit and movie news being my special go-to. I believe that disconnecting myself from online media keeps me in tune with my soul and perspective. Without having to worry about the outside world, my brain can focus on being, what I’m doing with my life, what I will be doing in the future, and affects how I think of myself. The only time I found myself wanting to click on a news site was with reddit, but I easily controlled my finger from touching the screen on these few occasions. I probably ended up doing this to replace the time I usually would spend on other sites such as reddit.

Throughout my college years, I have become more isolated due to most of my friends leaving to other cities and my sister moving to New York. I became accustomed to isolation. I even started to prefer being alone then to being with others. Without a constant person or connection breathing behind my neck and reassuring myself, I can freely observe the world around me and contemplate about my relation to it. With the absence of news media, I will say I was guilty of re-downloading my social media applications after taking a long break. Once I logged into Instagram though, I almost immediately started unfollowing people that I had no interest in seeing or keeping up to date with.

This class has accustomed me to checking the New York Times and worldly news, which I do think is important and necessary, especially in our era of conflict. To not see any news for 48 hours was a true relief. It felt as if I was taking a breather from the never-ending despair and the seemingly satirical conflicts that take rise with each morning. Knowing worldly news is something that people and (myself included) (parentheses here) should add to our basic daily routine. Since I do not check the news far too often, other than the requirement for the class, I did not feel a sense of having to know what is going on around the world and our country.

As I have been more knowledgeable about the reality of our world and the news we get every day in the last few years of my college life, I do believe that it’s helped to give me a perspective on other people’s lives, many moral and ethical questions, and a sense of belonging in a world that, while being very chaotic, can also give me a better appreciation for the beauty does peak out in everyday life.

Brandon Rivero: 48-hour news blackout

Avoid using a word multiple times in a sentence. It’s OK to use first person in the assignment, but avoid so many instances of “I”. Try to omit needless words. Keep your writing tight and focused. Watch your grammar, especially sentence structure.

In Deresiewicz article “The End of Solitude” he describes how technology is taking an effect on the modern world and its people. Most people now do not have an idea what solitude is. Nowadays especially in the country we live in most of us have access to the latest information and news because of the advancement of technology. The evolvement of technology has also made people depend on it because they can become known and popular from it. For example, social media is a big way people show themselves off and grab plenty of attention. But there are still some people like me that do not use social media to attract attention and try to become recognized. Personally, I cannot relate to Deresiewicz argument because I do not like to be recognized by something I post on social media by millions of people.

As I disconnected myself from news and different forms of media I did become began to get a little anxious. The reason why is because it is like you are away from the world for a long time and knowing that people surrounding you are conscious on what is happening around the world is not easy. (This is not a proper sentence) I personally keep up with the latest news daily and the fact that I was disconnected from the world was a bit scary. This was not the first time that I have encountered being away from the news for more than a day. Last month during the hurricane I was out of power for three days but I did not feel as anxious and desperate as I felt these last couple of days because everyone in my surrounding was in the same situation as me.

Not using social media for a couple of days was not too tough for me at all. It gave me more time to focus and myself and do things that I normally would not do. Solitude is not an issue that I fear. On the other hand, I am a fan of solitude and it is something that is disappearing for my generation but for me it is not. It is not a problem for me to not be constantly messaging someone or on being on social media for a day. Back in the day people grew up without having all these new forms of technology and I take that into consideration and try to behave that was as much as possible.

Deresiewicz said, “The Internet is as powerful a machine for the production of loneliness as television is for the manufacture of boredom” which I found very interesting because it relates to the topic of solitude. That quote is a perfect example because people can easily find a way of avoiding some solitude. I could not agree more with that quote because it is what we are continuing to see today and ever since the internet and the television became easily accessible. It is great for a person to feel and live solitude but it is something that is disappearing.

Brandon Rivero: Individual Assignment 4: I’ve got a secret

Secrecy is important because a person can keep a situation private, become more confidential, and empowers their ability to control their reputations.

Secrecy begins to take an effect on a human’s life as early as their toddler years. Humans grow up dealing with secrecy, confidentiality, and lying. Secrecy is important because a person can keep a situation private, become more confidential, and empowers their ability to control their reputations. As kids, most of us put ourselves in a situation that we had to keep a secret from our parents or even lie to them. For example, maybe it was that perhaps your parents wanted you to eat your food so you can have dessert and you went behind their back and threw away your food so it can look like you ate it all and then you can have dessert. As we get older and become more mature, situations become more serious and humans should be able to control information in their minds better and more efficient.

In most cases, us humans must lie to keep a secret and sometimes even lie to find out a secret we want to know. That usually makes us feel more powerful and superior about ourselves. For example, when someone finds out that someone wants to do harm to them and can prevent it, it should make them feel satisfied and proud because they found out a secret that could have disrupted their lives. Most humans have confidential private secrets that only themselves or someone intimate to their lives may only know. This seems more like a re-iteration of your thesis.

A few years back my brother and I worked at a car dealership where are job was to park cars in the lot. It was a warm summer day when we were faced in a situation of secrecy and lying. My brother was moving a police car to the back lot and my phone rang and it was him calling me. My brother confessed to me that he crashed the car into a van and did not know what to do. So, I told him to park the car somewhere else and act like nothing happened. A few days went by and a police officer came to pick up his car and noticed the damage on it. The managers at the dealership were notified and they called all the employees into their office. They began to ask each of us who damaged the police car. No one had a clue and my brother and I just looked at each other and said we did not know.

The managers and the police officer were the outsiders in this situation and interrogated all of us to try to penetrate the situation out of us. This situation made my brother and I powerful and superior because we kept the secret confidential and controlled our minds. That situation showed that my brother and I could share intimate information and keep the secret among ourselves. The situation me feel trustworthy and confidential because no one ever found out how the police car was hit. Also, because I could control my mind and not say what happened it showed to my brother that he can trust in me and I can hold confidential secrets.

Good work. Trim down your writing, and take care not to go over the 500 word count.

secrecy assignment

Thesis statement: Hiding marijuana from my parents seemed necessary, but a bond built on trust cannot be replaced once its apostrophe needed broken.


As senior year of high school came along, so did the secrecy of a grave secret that I believed would cause my parents to kill me. The secret was smoking marijuana. To my parents, I was their golden child, always had good grades, nice friends, and a pleasant behavior. Not until late high school did I start slacking off in classes and in my organization. My mother started to nag me about my shortcoming in school and at home, so when it came to the day that I smoked I knew that if she found out she would blame my faults to my drug usage.


Since my parents have been divorced since I was five years old and my sister had been in New York for college, I was stuck with my Mom. Having an illegal activity that didn’t seem so harmless and brought back some fun to the suburban, boring town of Weston was something that brought some adventure to my life. Being able to keep something like this from my mother was somewhat liberating as I always felt like I was being watched under a microscope living in the house. Granted, I am a momma’s boy and do seek comfort in my mother’s presence, but sometimes her emasculating tone and nature was too much to handle and I sought to get away from it. At first, I did not do it often and it took me about six months to carry my own supply at risk of getting caught at home. The closest I had been to getting caught was when my Mom was working on the computer in my room and I had left marijuana loosely sealed. She asked what the wretched smell was and I replied with “the dirty laundry.” She said to wash it soon. She would never find out.


My level of caution decreased to an all-time low as I started to smoke in the car, leaving an aroma for a week or more. This was the riskiest thing I could do since there was the rare possibility of my mom using my car at any time. Time went on and my smoking activities became more casual as well.

Luck was always by my side, except for one time. My Mother used my car unexpectedly tot go grocery shopping. When she arrived home, she told me that I had to clean my car. “From the outside,” I asked. “Yes… and inside.” My face was blushing, did she know? Did she see any evidence? She quickly said in Spanish, “and that car smells horrible too, it even smells like marijuana.” “Nooo,” I replied swiftly, as if it was instinctual. At that same moment I deeply regretted my decision to lie to her again, in her face and at such an obvious disadvantage. Luckily, she didn’t pursue the case any longer and let it go.

She has never brought it up again but her knowledge of the fact is undeniable. The fact that she hasn’t leaves me conflicted. On one side, I don’t have to deal with the conversation and on the other side, her quiet insight and perception always has me on edge when trying to figure out what she’s thinking. Now whenever I tell her I’m going out at night, there’s a chance she might have an idea of what I could be doing. (She could have thought that it was maybe a friend?)

Decently good story about a poorly-kept secret and how that changed the dynamic of the relationship with your Mom. Includes most of the concepts of the assignment.

I’ve Got a Secret Jada Wheeler

Thesis: Secrets bring on the territories of: lies, too much power, and curiosity.

In high school my 9th grade, my friend Sierra confided in me about her feelings toward one of our classmates, Antonio. At the time, students were aware that Sierra liked someone, but they didn’t know who. Overtime people began to find out that I knew who the mystery person was. At first I didn’t think much of it, but as more classmates tried to uncover the truth, I found myself lying often just to protect someone else’s (whose privacy?) privacy. People became relentless. From the first bell to the last, I would be bombarded with questions like, “who is it? What’s his name? Do we know him?” Of course, I never gave them an honest response.  I’d either divert their attention to something else, or just tell them I wasn’t sure.

It wasn’t until after the first week when I realized how much power I really did have. Sierra was a quiet person, which explained why students were so curious about her. It made me feel so good to know that out of all her friends, she trusted me with this piece of information, but as time went on my feelings began to change. I no longer felt like I should be loyal just because she was my friend, I started to feel that if she wanted my loyalty, she’d have to earn to it. Eventually, the power went to my head and I started threatening to tell Antonio if she didn’t carry out my small requests. Even though, she protested each one, she listened, because she wanted to keep her crush’s name confidential. This made me superior to her.

One day, I asked Sierra to sharpen my pencils, but she refused. Like normal, I reminded her of what would happen if she didn’t.[ As I for her to give in,awkward sentence structure she told me that she told Antonio already. At this point, Sierra regained all the power back, and was now my superior. My abuse of power drove her to her limit, and breahc she breached her own secret.

When looking at my situation, I see that the secret started strong, but towards the end I became corrupt. In the beginning it felt like an honor to just to know. There was a closer bond between Sierra and me. We both had power. When people started trying to intersect the secret, things changed. In the beginning, I guarded it as it was my own bit of information. However, the more I covered for Sierra, the more the power shifted in my favor. Once I had all the power, everything went downhill. I used the secret to blackmail her, and in result she told on herself as a result, she revealed the secret herself. Every secret comes with the territory of lies and power. Whoever the The first are to know the secret have has the power. If the it gets out, the power is returned to the original person who had the secret. Revise last sentence. 


I’ve got a secret-Jomelys Mells

Where is your essay? Did it get erased?-GFP