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Oprah Winfrey Says “I’m running for President”

Oprah Winfrey Says “I’m running for President”

She finally heard the call that she’s been waiting for.

After months of Winfrey shutting down the rumors that she’s running, the Daily Mail can confirm that Oprah is running for president in 2020.

A source close to Winfrey shared with us that she finally heard “the call.”
One year ago, she told People magazine, that she turned to prayer to decide whether to run. She stated, “God, if you think I’m supposed to run, you got to tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it. And I haven’t gotten that.” Fast forward to a year later, and she’s finally heard the call. “She is fed up with what has been going on in our country and now she feels that it is her duty to heal this nation,” the source tells us. (Lauren)

Winfrey believes that her ability to communicate with people is not attributed to her ability as an entertainer, but rather an empathizer. A public relations representative for Winfrey’s OWN network responded to our requests for comments stating “Our country has had our fill of entertainers in office. What our country is truly in need of is a leader who can empathize with each side of the political spectrum, as well as Americans struggling and succeeding.” Supporters believe that as a true ‘rags to riches’ story, Winfrey has the credibility to lead the nation through whatever may arise. Perhaps the biggest test for Winfrey will be convincing the American people that the nation is primed for a female president. However, representatives for Winfrey believe that her candidacy will appeal to a demographic who has been omitted of a candidate that is their own; African-American females. (Cody)

Throughout her numerous years as an entertainer and the voice of countless woman, she has donated to many charities and causes to help African-Americans. In 2013, Winfrey gifted $12 million to the Smithsonian in support of the construction of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This alone with her various other acts of kindness towards the African-American community gives her a huge lead in this demographic, which is a big one up on all other candidates. (Carlos)

Winfrey becoming president would be a monumental achievement for the African-American community, especially for young African-American women. Not only would this bring great inspiration, it will support the idea that they will not have to settle for a 9 to 5 job that they may not enjoy but rather become anything they may dream of.

Sources have also confirmed and acknowledged that Barack Obama will be running for the Vice President position alongside Winfrey. (Josh)
Obama and Winfrey are the dynamic duos this country has been waiting for. Combined, they have the skills, knowledge, and loyal followers to make this actually happen. This is going to be an amazing campaign that will go down in history that everyone will be looking forward to. (Georgina)

Even celebrities have joined the fray in supporting the Winfrey-Obama ticket. Entertainer and recent Oscar winner Lady Gaga, who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, showed her support, saying, “It’s about time someone showed our current president how his job is done. Oprah is an inspiring orator and if you combine that with President Obama’s charm and political experience they are a winning combination!” Gaga shall be performing at their first campaign fundraiser later this month, where Oprah will conduct it like her successful television show, complete with guests and free prizes for attendees. (Colin)

We wrote this article based on last year’s rumor about Oprah running for president. There was an onslaught speculation that she would definitely run after her Golden Globes acceptance speech, where she criticized the charged racial and gender rhetoric that the current President Donald Trump’s administration has at times escalated. Oprah further dismissed her 2020 candidacy, but it’s been rumored that she is “actively thinking” about it. Our rhetorical appeal is ethos and pathos, ethos being how we used quotes from well known sources to prove its credibility and pathos on how we mention her overall inspiration and kindness towards young women and the African-American community. Our intended audiences are mainly women unhappy with Trump’s presidency, a variety of African-Americans, and millenials. The “hook” to lure in readers is in our headline that states “Oprah Winfrey says ‘I’m running for President’.” We grabbed reader’s attention by picking a topic that’s relevant, everyone who has heard last years rumor would definitely be interested in this article. (Georgina)

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Cody Johnson – Team 15 Bibliography

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Thesis: As President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to expedite construction of an improved border wall, coverage and rhetoric of national media and political parties have portrayed President Trump’s actions as two distinct emergencies – a matter of national security or overstepping of constitutional boundaries.

Sources 1-4 from FIU Database.

1 (Journal Article): Brandys, Roy R., et al. “United States-Mexico Border Wall: The Past, the Present and What May Come.” Real Property, Trust & Estate Law Journal, vol. 53, no. 1, Spring 2018, pp. 131–162. EBSCOhost,

Found: FIU Database via. AcademicSearchComplete

Summary: The authors of this article give a summation of previous legislation related to the US and Mexico border, as well as detail what Trump’s expansion means for the future. The legal ramifications for constructing such a wall are examined while also comparing the actions and rhetoric of current and past politicians. Not to be overlooked, are the feelings of landowners in the way of an expanded border wall. Their legal footing and sentiments are examined by the authors which will assist in discerning the tenability of President Trump’s pathos, ethos and logos rhetoric.

2 (Book): Border Spaces : Visualizing the U. S. -Mexico Frontera, edited by Katherine G. Morrissey, and John-Michael H. Warner, University of Arizona Press, 2018. ProQuest Ebook Central,

Found: FIU Database via. ProQuest

Summary: Part two of this book is entitled “Looking Both Ways At The Border” and narates (narrates!) sp!!) the often ignored storied of people on both sides of the border wall. There’s a theme throughout the book that centers around people that have turned the border wall into a giant canvas, putting a positive spin on an otherwise ugly aspect of their life. In the same manner, the authors of Border Spaces, positively describe the lives of those most affected by Trump’s border expansion and contend his pathos rhetoric of the characteristics of Mexican citizens.

3 (Magazine): JON, LEE A. “Boundary Issues.” The New Yorker, vol. 93, no. 31, Oct 09, 2017, pp. 24. ProQuest,

Found: FIU Database via. ProQuest

Summary: Author Jon Lee Anderson describes how President Trump’s rhetoric has affected US and Mexico relations. Arguments can be made that the frustrated responses of Mexican citizens enables Trump to continue with his hostile and categorical rhetoric of Mexicans. Anderson also contends that Trump’s border rhetoric has flowed into relations with Mexico over NAFTA and the ethos rhetoric surrounding international relations.

4 (Newspaper): Draper, Robert. “The Democrats have an Immigration PROBLEM.” New York Times Magazine, Oct 14, 2018, pp. 32-37,47,49. ProQuest,

Found: FIU Database via. ProQuest

Summary: In this New York Times article by Robert Draper, the rhetoric of the modern day Democratic party is analyzed concerning immigration stances and reforms. There’s an often overlooked aspect of rhetoric, where one form can often affect how other forms of rhetoric are perceived. The author analyzes how perhaps the rhetoric of the Democratic majority has alienated Republican and moderate voters in such a way that makes President Trump’s aggresive rhetoric attractive.

5 (Website): Baker, Peter. “Trump Declares a National Emergency, and Provokes a Constitutional Clash.” The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia, The New York Times, 16 Feb. 2019,

Found: via. New York Times magazine

Summary: This article outlines how President Trump utilized pathos to access funds allocated for national emergencies, in order to be used for construction of a new wall along the southern border. Trump labels the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants as a matter of national security, while Speaker Nancy Pilosi utilized logos and ethos in her dispute – claiming that President Trump “has gone outside the bounds of the law to try to get what he failed to achieve in the constitutional legislative process.” The author of this article Peter Baker, details how Trump’s announcement outside of the White House was that of an aggetated President, which I will compare with his previous proposals of the wall during a Republican majority Congress.

6 (Website): Oliver, John. “Border Wall: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO).” YouTube, YouTube, 20 Mar. 2016,

Found: via.

Summary: Television host John Oliver analyzes President Trump’s initial border wall proposals. An example of this analysis is in how Trump’s budgeting for the construction of the wal, fluctuated from $4 – $12 billion throughout his proposals. In order to avoid scrutiny for his inconsistency, Oliver points out how Trump communicates to his base by appealing to emotion (pathos) for why the wall is mandatory, and how he could barter a cheaper deal because of his business background (ethos).

Assignment 4 Joshua Phillips

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Sexual harassment and abuse has recently gained a great deal of attention due to the #MeToo movement. Pope Francis recently acknowledged the problem publicy publicly (sp!!!) of sexual abuse of nuns by priests in the Roman Catholic church. The International Union of Superiors urged nuns to report abuse by religious leaders to law enforcement as well as denounced the “culture of silence and secrecy”. This information has been hidden for many years by those in high positions in the church in order to protect the papal image and secure the legacy of this religious institutions.


1.Journal article in a scholarly journal

Sisk, Gregory C. “Holding the Federal Government Accountable for Sexual Assault.” Iowa Law Review, vol. 104, no. 2, Jan. 2019, pp. 731–792. EBSCOhost,

This article explains how the US government acts oblivious to the sexual assault that happens by their workers. It also explains how the average lawyer would be shocked if you were to bring a case on a federal employee who committed the crime of sexual assault on an individual. This article can help me explain how governments try to keep the talk of sexual assault underwraps even though it happens on a daily basis to many people.

2.One article in a popular or trade magazine

RACHLIN, BENJAMIN. “Who to Believe.” New Republic, vol. 249, no. 12, Dec. 2018, pp. 36–45. EBSCOhost,

This article explains how the judicial system works in the case of sexual assault and if some evidence can either help or harm the case. I can use this information to understand how lawyers may see the cases of sexual assault. Along with why they began defending the case.

3.One article about your topic from a newspaper published in the country of your topic

Sherwood, Harriet. “Credibility of Catholic Church at Stake in Sexual Abuse Summit.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 18 Feb. 2019,

This is a European news article that explains how the pope called a summit to address the problem of sexual assault. Although the assignment is based on how we know the information. This article will help me understand what the pope and the catholic church as a whole is doing in regards to the  problem of sexual assault.

4.One good source of your choice

Horowitz, Jason, and Elizabeth Dias. “Pope Acknowledges Nuns Were Sexually Abused by Priests and Bishops.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 5 Feb. 2019,

In this article from the New York Times it explains how the pope came forward about the problem dealing with sexual assault in the catholic church. He explains although sexual abuse towards women and children are reported more than Nuns it does not mean that it has just happened, it has occurred f(spelling mistake, please proofread!) or many centuries. This is my original source in choosing my topic, it gave me a the base as to what I am going to write about.

5.A good website

“About.” You Are Not Alone,

The #metoo movements goal is to expand the global conversation around sexual violence. The organization is focused on helping those in need and bring awareness to the problem we face as a race. This website can give me extra information if needed and is a great source to find help which i can incorporate into my essay.

6.One book published in the last 20 years

Lawhorne Scott, Cheryl, et al. Sexual Assault in the Military : A Guide for Victims and Families. Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2013], 2013. EBSCOhost,

This book is on how individuals in the military tend to keep sexual assault to themself. (not a word! themselves!) They do this in because they are scared of things like retaliation, losing their job, and also the harm of the military justice system. This source may be a valuable source because i (please capitalize!!!) I can tie individuals in the military with nuns as to why they would keep this information hidden.

Lauren Bedevia, Individual Assignment 4: Annotated Bibliography

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Thesis Statement: A 2016 referendum announcing the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union known as Brexit caused immediate economic uncertainty. Once their exit is finalized on March 29, 2019, further global impacts on the world’s economy are likely to follow.

  1. Book

Evans, Geoffrey, and Anand Menon. Brexit and British Politics, Polity Press, 2017. ProQuest Ebook Central,

The book Brexit and British Politics, Polity Press by Geoffrey Evans and Anand Menon, is helpful to me when wanting to understand the global impact on the world’s economy Brexit can have. The book provides me with insightful chapters such as the aftermath, The Brexit Effect, and What would Brexit mean?  These chapters go into depth of what could happen to the world economy. The fact that this book is written by two professors who are both English, allows me to view a European perspective on this issue.

2. Journal Article

Bulmer, Simon. “Germany and the European Union: Post-Brexit Hegemon?” Insight Turkey, vol. 20, no. 3, 2018, p. 11+. Global Issues in Context, Accessed 9 Mar. 2019.

The article, “Germany and the European Union: Post-Brexit Hegemon?” by Simon Bulmer, exposes me to an opposing view on Brexit. This journal article mentions that there can be economical consequences if Germany takes on a greater role in the EU when Britain leaves, which means that Germany will have to take over the EU budget. The journal article also mentions how trade polices can change, along with foreign policy.

3. Magazine

Sloat, Amanda. “Deal, No Deal, or No Brexit: The Scenarios Facing Britain.” Time, Time, 6 Mar. 2019,

I chose Time Magazine’s article, “Deal, No Deal, or No Brexit: The Scenarios Facing Britain,” because it helped me get a clear understanding on the situation before even writing my thesis. The article is about the consequences if British Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal fails. If it fails, members of parliament will vote by March 13 on whether the U.K. should leave the E.U. without a deal. Leaving without a deal can lead to global impacts on the world economy.

4. Newspaper

El-Erian, Mohamed. “Brexit won’t just affect the UK – it has lessons for the global economy | Mohamed El-Erian.” The Guardian. 26 Nov. 2018. Guardian News and Media. 09 Mar. 2019 <;.

For my newspaper source, I chose an article from Britain’s daily newspaper titled, “Brexit won’t just affect the UK – it has lessons for the global economy” by |Mohamed El-Erian. This article emphasizes the fact that Brexit affects the world’s economy. For instance, tax and regulatory arbitrage are likely to increase due to Brexit.

5. Website

Bittner, Jochen. “Is There an Upside to Brexit?” The New York Times. 04 Mar. 2019. The New York Times. 09 Mar. 2019 <;.

The article, “Is There an Upside to Brexit?”, from The New York Time’s website is important for my paper. In this opinion piece by Jochen Bittner, I get to read up on how there could be an economical upside to Brexit. Jochen states that this could start an opportunity for a new bilateral relationship that could both strengthen Britain and Europe. This could be a helpful source when writing about possibly good global impacts.

6. Chosen Source

Razin, Ely. “How Brexit Could Affect Finance, Real Estate And The Global Economy.” Forbes. 08 Aug. 2018. Forbes Magazine. 09 Mar. 2019 <;.

I decided to choose an article from Forbes magazine titled, “How Brexit Could Affect Finance, Real Estate and The Global Economy”.  This article talks about how the aftermath of Brexit could not be negative all around.  For example, the article states that Brexit can affect banks in the United States because major U.S. investment banks have been using London as a base for European capital markets. This article backs up my thesis in proving how Brexit can impact the world’s economy.

Annotated Bibliography: Carlos Escobar Team 15

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Book Source (ProQuest)

Ran, Ann Fei. CRISPR-Cas: Development and Applications for Mammalian Genome Editing. Ann Harbor, 2015.

Annotation: This book provides an explanation as to what CRISPR is and how it is used when editing mammalian genomes. Due this explanation it can be inferred and assumed how dangerous a procedure such as gene editing live embryos could be and why ethical boundaries are placed on such a subject.

  • Scholarly journal (ProQuest)

Baylis, Françoise. “The Potential Harms of Human Gene Editing Using CRISPR-Cas9.” ProQuest, American Association for Clinical Chemistry, May 2018,

Annotation: This scholarly article provides insight into the dangers of gene editing human genes using CRISPR. This journal also makes it known that it can be seriously dangerous if this technique could be used successfully used by those with the wrong intentions. With this information known it becomes widely known as to why gene editing is something that should be treaded on carefully and not used carelessly

  • Popular or trade magazine (ProQuest)

“Edited Human Embryos Test Boundaries.” Edited Human Embryos Test Boundaries, 2017, pp. 42–43.

Annotation: In this Magazine, it is reflected how gene editing could potentially mean the revolution of modern medicine and bring the capability to correct unwanted mutations. Though with this in mind it also mentions the possibility why it may not be allowed to happen, due to the off-target effects. This effect is the result of gene editing and producing unwanted results, possibly creating some mutation worse than what it could originally have had.

  • Newspaper (The New York Times)

“Chinese Scientist Claims to Use Crispr to Make First Genetically Edited Babies.” Chinese Scientist Claims to Use Crispr to Make First Genetically Edited Babies, 26 Nov. 2018,

Annotation: This Newspaper article details how a Chinese scientist had managed to successfully gene edit twin embryos to become resistance to the HIV virus and went on to produce two twin babies. The way this information was presented demonstrated how big of an issue this scientist had caused within the scientific community sparking ethical debates. He was made out to look like a mad-scientist.

  • Good Website

Onpi. The National Academies of Science Engineering Medicin, 10 Jan. 2019,

Annotation: This website details a summits meetings and events of the Human Gene Editing Initiative to discuss the future of human gene editing. Hundred of professional scientists and researchers gather at these summits to discuss and bring forth any information to the progression of gene editing within the ethical boundaries.

  • Another website

Charo, R. Alta. “The Legal and Regulatory Context for Human Gene Editing.” Issues in Science and Technology, 29 June 2016,

Annotation: This website explains most of the ethical boundaries set on gene editing in a summarized format. With this information it can explain why the Chinese scientist from the event, was “outcasted” and robbed of his reputation. Knowing the rules and boundaries of gene editing allow for a clear understanding of how far is too far in this field of the scientific community.

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Georgina Stamper – Bibliography – Team 15


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Thesis: One of the biggest humanitarian crisis that’s been going on for about 4 years now is in Yemen, where millions of deaths are occurring due to starvation and yet there is little to no coverage on this travesty.


1. Responding to Crisis: A Rhetorical Approach to Crisis Communication. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers, Mahwah, NJ, 2004. ProQuest. Web. 10 Mar. 2019.
I found this book in the ProQuest database. It’s about how to deal with a crisis using rhetorical communication methods. It explains how to have an effective and ethical crisis preparation and response. The contributions that are in the book come from experts in crisis communication, who address the communication strategies in order to prepare for crisis, responding to crisis, and managing post-crisis responses.

2. Sprusansky, Dale. “Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis: The Should-Be Headline.” Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, vol. 31, no. 8, Nov. 2012, pp. 42–43. EBSCOhost,
I found this article in the Academic Search Complete database. It’s about the growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen. There’s millions of people suffering from starvation and water deprivation. The children are physically and intellectually stunted. Yemen is basically heading towards a collapse

3. Santovec, Mary Lou. “Social Media Force Leaders to Get the Message Out-Now.” Women in Higher Education 03 2012: 19. ProQuest. 10 Mar. 2019
I found this magazine article in the ProQuest database. It talks about how nothing can be hidden anymore and very little is private. People today have the power to show and tell the world things on social media platforms online. In the article it says “A student bystander shot a photo of a police officer dousing pepper spray on protestors who were sitting in a circle with their arms linked; within seconds it appeared on her Facebook wall worldwide.” Some examples on crisis communications is also included.

4. Unknown. “Lack of International Support Fuels Crisis in Yemen.” Yemen News, CNPHUB, 5 Mar. 2019,
I found this newspaper article on a website. It talks a little bit about the history of Yemen and how the crisis started. It then transitions on how Yemen isn’t getting any aid from Malaysia. It also talks about how the product of three types of wars is the cause of the main crisis in Yemen.

5. Al Jazeera Media Network. “Yemen News.” GCC News | Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera, 2019,
The database for this website is Al Jazeera. I chose this website because it has all the current news going on all over the world and if you specify what country you need information on, it’ll give you everything you need for the specific country you want, in my case, Yemen. There’s several articles about the civil war, children suffering, and more about Yemen. It basically keeps people updated on all events.

6. “United Nations/Yemen: ‘we Cannot Lose Momentum’ on the Road to Peace in Yemen, UN Envoy Warns.” Asia News Monitor, Jan 11 2019, ProQuest. Web. 10 Mar. 2019 .
I found this newspaper article in the ProQuest database. It’s about steps being taken towards a comprehensive resolution to the conflicts in Yemen. A ceasefire has been adhered around the city of Al-Hudaydah, the 4th largest city in Yemen, and the fighting had become very limited compared to before which threatened thousands of civilians. The wider humanitarian situation in Yemen is devastating, but this ceasefire is a start on the road to peace and the civilians in this city are a little more confident and a little less afraid that they’ll be victims of war.


Cody Johnson – Team 15 Bibliography

Thesis: As President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to expedite construction of an improved border wall, coverage and rhetoric of national media and political parties have portrayed President Trump’s actions as two distinct emergencies; a matter of national security or overstepping of constitutional boundaries.