Rhetorical Analysis

The article clearly states that our very own hubris in recollecting memories stands in the way of relaying the actual events that occurred. In “Why Our Memory Fails Us” by Christopher F. Chabris and Daniel J. Simons, we grasp the fact that we need to be accepting of our shortcoming with our memory. We don’t possess the ability to precisely remember every detail on of past incidents. Chabris and Simons support this explanation by providing logical support from psychologists and scientist who specifically work on this subject. The framework of the article is very straightforward and concise with a formal tone. The writers aren’t on a mission to be dismissive with our natural inkling to be curt concerning with being confronted with our memories with the studies provided to emphasize their point. The writers opened the article with an anecdote involving the former President George W. Bush’s quotes in a speech and astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson and how memory can fail by our sheer unwillingness to admit to our flaws. This piece is intended to inform the audience that whenever were challenged by a recollection of our memories that we gloss by the actual events and emotionally and unintentionally forget certain details that can be instrumental. Both writers include cases in which there’s critical concern for this issue. Especially for the court system where one’s memory can heavily altered the lives of others. There’s also evidence to support this claim throughout the article. Our memories can morph even if it’s recent. Our deep connection to certain memories can take effect and blurred the lines.  Chabris and Simon provide content that be easily accessible for those who want to learn more about the ins and outs about memory and its effects. The commentary on this piece seems to be chaotic to say the least.

Comments were mainly targeted on certain subjects or details instead of the whole premise of the article. Many mocked President Bush and even the scientists featured in the article with such ease. They also rejected the research findings as if they were experts in this field. But on the upside, there were comments commending the article for being resourceful and insightful. I honestly wasn’t surprised by the lack of any analysis or breakdown of the article. Commenters rarely provide any insight on the subject matter being discussed. It’s becoming to be a hot trend for “pseudo journalists” to provide their two cents without including actual support and people fall for this and bask in it. One gets the sense from scrolling through the comment section that anyone with a mobile device at their fingertips has an opinion whether it’s needed or not. No one is ever scrutinized or punished by their use of language concerning the topic at hand. There’s a clear distinction between those who desperately want to be seen and those who want to gain more insight. Its quite telling at which direction in which the media is heading to in the future. Basically, anyone can be a journalist without a prior education.

Very good writing style, good points, well-done!









  GROUP #14



In the article “The End of Solitude”, Deresiewicz was able to provide the disconnection we have created with the need to be present on online but not within ourselves.
After fully immersing myself from the 48-hour blackout, I learned that I am exactly everything that Deresiewicz described in his article. Fear of missing out was a constant that I couldn’t bring myself to eliminate. Technology has made strides for all of us but has also caused us to lose touch of reality. We live in a society where we make ordinary people with no talent or anything substantial to offer into full-blown celebrities with a huge following, just because a video of theirs goes viral. We’re completely connected with the web but not with each other. We truly lost the ability to nourish and foster relationships without a technology device present. No one seems to take the time to even embrace their own solitude. God forbid were alone with our own thoughts. Deresiewicz points out that were afraid of being left out. Doing any activity alone seems frightening to many. The word “ISOLATION” itself has morphed into having a negative connotation. Technology may have made it much simpler for us to connect but it took away the essence of true connection.
Throughout my “blackout” experience I must admit that it was a challenge to not check out what everyone is doing or see what’s going on in the world. The lack of news was difficult to adjust. The news plays a huge part in our lives. It’s true that were bombarded by it on 24-hour cycle, but we need to be aware of what’s occurring in the country in its present state. We do take it for granted because we don’t take it seriously as we should. There’s a need for news and to use it correctly. We’re quick to post disparaging comments berating articles just for likes without even taking the time to read or even understand its content. We constantly seeking validation from complete strangers by retweets and likes.
I must admit that there was a sense of isolation that I forced myself to embrace during this time. My focus and concentration in class was in high alert. I also chose to get back into fitness which I put off for a while now, because it seems like distraction plays a pivotal role in my life these days. Conversations with my friends were much more engaging since no one was on their phones. Isolation doesn’t have to be a negative experience. It should be time where you can able to shut off the outside world and reflect on yourself. It won’t be an easy feat to achieve because it would mean that we would have the capability to forgo the Internet and enjoying our very own company. In a world where information is at such a high velocity and everything is on the go, solitude may seem to be an illusion if we don’t grasp it wholeheartedly.

Humfredo Bonilla


Good job, skip a space between paragraphs. Good attention to content.


Secrets- #14

Everyone has secrets, it’s human nature to have a level of privacy within yourself that you don’t necessarily feel the need to reveal to everyone else.


Growing up I have shared and received innocent secrets here and there through childhood friends. This type of intimacy helped strengthen bonds I had with my friends. It was a sense of relief to be able to freely share secrets with a close confidante who wouldn’t expose the first opportunity that they can. We’ve learn to be conditioned to share every bit of information we received about others. It’s an inevitability that all secrets must come to light. They may destroy close relationships or bring upon changes that are needed to rectify any deep-rooted issues that are lingering about.

One such incident that has left an impact to me to this day is when a family member of mine with a family wanted to transition into a woman. I was very close with my cousin, we grew up together even though he was a few years older than me. We always had a close bond and connect on a personal level. He was star athlete with plans to run track in college. He has always been a caring person, always putting others needs before his very own. It was not a shock that he got married and is a father of two young kids. Until one night I invited him over to grab some drinks and catch up. We don’t see each other very often since he’s a family man now and I’m in college. He decided after some liquid courage to reveal to me that he wanted to transition and become a woman. He explained to me that he was always felt he was in the wrong body and wanted to finally become who he was meant to be. He always started that he started taking hormones and was starting his journey. I was in complete shock and didn’t know to react to this news. I never been aware or knew anyone who was a transgender so this is was completely new for me. He told me to keep this between us for now before he can tell his wife. I learned to accept my cousin and accompanied him to the doctor visits and staying quiet about the whole ordeal. I had to lie and distract anyone who seemed suspicious about what was going on. My cousin is currently taking the steps to transition so no one is aware even his own family.

It’s been challenging for me to hold this secret for so long. I feel a sense of guilt because his wife is oblivious to the whole situation. I worry that she won’t accept this and take his kids away. I don’t want a family destroyed by this. I know that this will cause a huge shift in the family dynamics because of the intense religious background I come from. Secrets will eventually be exposed and we must learn to accept any repercussions.


Well-written, good job!



I’ve got a secret-zeynep kilimci


team 14

Everyone has lied to someone in their life to protect them or to keep a secret from them at least once. We lie to people to keep them safe or avoid hurting others. However, we often don’t realize we hurt them even more when they find out the truth. The reasons behind why we lie are different, sometimes individuals lie to hurt people on purpose or they lie just because they want, which often leads to a bigger lie as once you lie it is hard to stop. Ultimately, it is difficult to fix a lie. The more a person lies, the easier it is to continue to always lie even for the smallest things.

I once had to lie to my best friend because one of her other friends was trying to get with her ex-boyfriend shortly after they had broken up. At the time the four of us were best friends and we never would have suspected this to happen. The story goes, after having dated a guy for more than a year, things eventually did not workout and they broke up. They really did love each other. After the break up, another friend of mine, without telling us began to talk to the ex boyfriend. We didn’t think much of it as we were all super close just like family, and it just was not something any of us would do.

One day, one of my friends called saying that she needed to tell me something. Her voice was shaking and she told me that I could not tell anyone what she was going to tell me. I told her she could tell me anything since I would not tell anyone. However, I did not expect to hear that our friend’s ex boyfriend had texted her and told her that my other friend was hitting on him. At first I did not believe her, but she had screenshots of their conversation confirming what had occurred. She told me that I could not say anything to our other friend. We were confused and nervous about what to do. Since I promised not to say anything, I had to try my best to keep the secret. It was hard because they were still close to each other and still to this day even though we’ve put distance between us and the girl, they are still close. We have recently had to warn the other friend about the girl. We still cannot say anything out of the promise that we made and this gives us a hard time when chatting with the others. Given everything that happened, this caused me a lot of stress to keep a secret that was not mine. I had to lie to my best friend. Fortunately, I was able to tell her was that the other girl could not be trusted and that we should keep our distance.

I personally would have been much happier if i had not been involved or learned about it at all. To lie and keep such a secret hurts me because I am not being a good friend. On the other hand, I am at least able to protect my other friend from some pain, even though I know it could hurt her more in the end. Secrets make lies and lies make secrets and it will cause bigger problems at the end.  

Good writing style, more of a narrative than analysis, could use more of the concepts from the readings.

I’ve got a secret- Daniela Reyes

Daniela Reyes

Group 14

Julian Assange full transparency would not be applicable to our everyday lives with the private information we obtain.

Most recent  recently a secret was shared with me was by my assistant manager of three years, who had been and an employee of the company for eight years, told me he would be leaving the company. This was to remain a secret and this information was only privileged to those in higher management. This new (news) was anything but easy to hear because we shared an amicable relationship, yet he deemed it necessary to share his leaving with me in person.

Since the approach of receiving this secret was from the source and so it was reliable information. Considering how unexpected of event it was, for anyone else to have shared this information with me would not have been trust worthy and my interpretation would probably have considered it a rumor. Your sentences are awkwardly written and need to be formed so that one idea flows into the other but not in run-on sentences. Try to make shorter sentences with one point to each sentence. It may seem awkward at first to write this way, but eventually you will write more sophisticated and eloquent sentences. Also watch your punctuation! I’d be happy to meet with you to help revise this if you like.

I promised confidentiality because I could understand when evaluating the motives to keep this a secret, like being under staffed at the time and having our general manager on vacation, could have caused instability among the team. Even though I was within holding information I know my other coworkers would have like to be warn about, I wanted to give the mutual respect that was given to me to the others who had not heard the news yet.

Our work environment changed quite a bit in preparation for his departure. Even though, my coworkers were not persistent about finding out, it did raise suspicion among certain situations that required little white lies. My then assistant manager needed to show certain employees procedures he was once responsible and pass it off as dispersing responsibilities. He even lied about needing to clear out his locker “to make more room” when in fact it was to clear out his belongings early.

This news was quite saddening because it was unexpected. I was unable to express how I really felt about the news in order to keep it a secret, which in a way empowered me in my work. The news encouraged me to step up my roles and take on more leadership responsibilities to ensure efficiency in the team. My behavior changed having known the secret because I wanted to show my then assistant manager that he was not leaving the team helpless, that in fact through what he taught us, we would be able to continue moving forward.

When a secret is involved we must consider a variety of different situations, like is it harmless and important keep minimizing harm or should they be released and a matter of public concern.  Secrets can affect a situation in many ways much like Julian Assange established the importance for him was the public’s right to know when there is a case of distrust in an entity with unmanageable power. My case was different and for that reason full transparency was not my approach.

You make some good points and tell good narrative but your writing needs to be ‘tightened up’ and requires more clarity.  Keep practicing!  I suggest that you read more and study how sentences are structured. Read more for form than content.

Secrecy – Team 14

Vanessa Morales

We confide in others as much as we do with secrets we cannot withstand from keeping to our-self. ourselves.

Some individuals, including myself, have made the mistake in trusting just about anyone that has crossed their path. No one wants to believe or even come to accept the unthinkable things people are capable of doing or saying. However, I have come to realize that not everyone thinks the same, as much as I wish we did. There are times I bite my tongue no matter how bad I want to share what I know, or how powerless I feel when I am constantly being asked to what we say, “spill the beans”. I sometimes think about the gossip that has gone in through one ear and out the other and I am amazed at how much I shouldn’t know. It doesn’t come as a surprise that most of us know what we know by mistake — everyone talks, maybe too loud or too close to one another, but people will end up saying just about anything to get it off their chest. It’s like going to church to confess your sins, the only difference is that for example a Catholic  priest has made an oath to stay quiet as us norms are not obligated to do anything.

The reason I can relate to what secrecy and lies can do to a friendship is because in this case I was the trustee. I can’t explain why most people feel oddly comfortable in telling me just about anything but this particular secret was one that turned my stomach upside down. It hit close to home just because I was dealing with one best friend confiding in me to not tell another best friend of mine. It was too much weight on her shoulders so she decided to drag me down too — terrific right? The secret was that my other best friend’s sister, whom had a bf, was cheating on her. But how was I going to bring this up without having questions being bombarded at me. For instance, how I knew, for how long, with what girl, where, when and why I kept it from her for so long. There was no way she was going to keep that big of an infidelity from her sister’s then “love of her life”.

Days passed and I could barely look at my own friend in the eyes, I felt so guilty just knowing, I wished I was deaf those 30 seconds I heard that gossip, that way I wasn’t liable. I felt so useless.

What made those guilty days better was the fact that her sister then realized he was scum, a speck, a liar and above all a cheater. Alas, I didn’t have to interfere or meddle in someones else business to open their eyes to the truth of the man behind a mask.

This comes to show that no matter how big, or juicy, or intense the secret is, one must keep their word unless it is life or death.

Very good narrative but could use more concepts and connection to the readings.

48 Hour News Blackout

Team 14

After being away from news for 48 hours, I came to realize that it was a harder task than I thought.  I always thought of myself as someone that isn’t into news, as I rarely find myself watching the news or looking through articles.  However, I came to realize that in today’s society, it is extremely hard to escape news because it is constantly around us as well as being alone. (this feels incomplete or vague to me)

Within my first hour of the blackout, I found that I had to delete apps from my phone that I never thought of as news apps.  These apps were Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.  I use these apps every day and I realized that they are always informing me about news going on in the world.  Even though Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube don’t market themselves as news apps, there is always news on there. People post about what is happening in the world whether it be through images, videos, or text.

After the apps were deleted from my phone, I thought it would be easy to go about my day because I didn’t have to worry about getting constant notifications from the apps.  I was wrong.  News is everywhere, now more than ever. I tried to get away from all of that and began hanging around different crowds, such as people that like to play soccer, but it was Champions League week so people wanted to talk about who was going to win what game.

As I came home for dinner, I had to eat upstairs in my room because my family was talking about news events. Knowing that I had another day of the blackout ahead of me began making me feel overwhelmed.  I realized that what I hadn’t done during the assignment so far was spend time alone. I was trying to get others to not talk about the news, but I hadn’t isolated myself from anyone and that’s what I began doing. (good point and observation!)

The second day I only talked to people when I had to and I used my phone only to answer important calls.  I thought a lot about the article “The End of Solitude” and as I went about my day I saw most people walking in pairs or in a group and when they weren’t, they were on their phones.  I surprisingly enjoyed time to myself and it was a good break from society because I could hear my own thoughts and it felt like I was more in control of everything.

I agree with Deresiewicz in that people are afraid of anonymity and solitude.  I also believe that the Internet and social media play a huge role in this.  People want to fit in and many will do anything to do so.  The internet and social media are powerful tools that help us connect with others, but there is more to life than the internet. After my 48 hour blackout, I realized that time alone is needed to clear your head and discover yourself more.

Good job, well-written,