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Luciana Izquierdo (Team 13)

Thesis: Saudi Arabia’s announcement that they would permit women the right to drive ended a longstanding policy that has succeeded in allowing women some measure of greater independence and freedom.

eGovernment, Saudi. “Main.” Saudi – National Portal,!ut/p/z0/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8zifQxNHT2c3Q18_E38zA0czc1DDNwtgowNjM31g1Pz9AuyHRUBfGZcew!!/.
This website includes and in-depth view of what is like to be in Saudia Arabia and what is like to be a Saudi. The government organization, rules and regulation are some of the topics someone can find in this website. This website is important because it gives me a in-depth view of Saudi Arabia, this information is crucial to use in my final paper hence it establishes the rules and regulations I can use to support my topic on the rules about women who can drive in this country.

Gazzaz, Amjad Khaled “Gender Role: Attitudes of Saudi Men and Women during the Transition to Parenthood: A comparative Study between Saudis in Saudi Arabia and Saudis in the United States” The Coming Economic Implosion of Saudi Arabia, Dec. 2018, pp. 183–203., doi:10.1007/978-3-319-74709-5_8.
In the article it talks about the purpose of this study was to better understand how married Saudis residing in Saudi Arabia and the U.S. viewed their gender roles during the transition to parenthood, the effect of family support on gender role attitudes during the transition, and also the joint impact of gender role attitudes and family support on marital satisfaction. The final sample for this study was composed of 121 Saudi men and 121 women in both countries. Those living in the U.S. were located through Facebook pages for Saudi students attending American universities. The sample in Saudi Arabia was located with the assistance of a non- profit organization that provides workshops and educational classes about marriage for couples before they get married and in the first few years in marriage. Participants completed a 78- item questionnaire online. The rapid increases in educational opportunities at all levels for girls and women changes in Saudi culture have advanced their education at home and though pursuit of advanced degrees abroad, so that there is more awareness of opportunities for women. However, there may be something unique about the temporary and purposeful international student experience that prompts Saudi husbands and wives to adhere to traditional gender role practices. Saudis who are in the U.S. temporarily may find their traditional roles most salient in this foreign context because they must rely on their spouses rather than their extended family for support during the transition to parenthood.

Hubbard, Ben. “Making History, Saudi Arabia Issues Driver’s Licenses to 10 Women.” New York Times, 4 June 2018,
This New York Times article is what originally motivated to choose this topic for my final paper. This article is very detailed and the topic written about Saudi Arabian women is very important because it illustrates and talks about the social changes that are happening now in an era of where empowering women is vital.

Nouraie-Simone, Fereshteh. On Shifting Ground: Muslim Women in the Global Era. Feminist, 2014.
This book talks about the rise in global communications as one of the many forces of change that are transforming-and being transformed by-the lives of Muslim women. The essays address “digital Islam”; the complicated impact of television soap operas on Egyptian women; the “veil debate”; and gender, religion, and citizenship in an information society. Contributors include 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi-published here for the first time in English in book form-who discusses transforming human rights from an Islamic feminist perspective. Together, these fascinating and accessible essays explode Western stereotypes about Muslim women.

“The Changing Face of Saudi Women.” National Geographic, June 2017,
This trade magazine article explains how Saudi Arabia women behave in a common day-to-day basis. It shows a more in-depth of their habits and their abilities to tackle as working moms. It will important to use this for my final essay because it gives me an in depth knowledge of how a Saudi Arabia women really is.

“Uber Launches ‘Masaruky’ Registration Portal for Saudi Women.” Saudi Arabia Gazzette, 17 June 2018,
This article is found on the Saudi Arabia Gazztte a new paper written in English for Saudis. The article explains how Uber is motivating women to participate in the workforce by including them as drivers. Once the driving ban for women is lifted for all women. Uber’s ‘Masaruky’ which means “your path” in Arabic, is an initiative that aims to increase women’s participation in the workforce through access to affordable transportation, in addition to increasing women’s access to flexible economic opportunities through Uber’s technology. The new landing page will cater to expected interest from women looking to benefit from extra earnings opportunities through Uber once they have received their licenses. This article is very helpful for my final paper because it includes the details of what benefits women who drive obtain.


Annotated Bibliography

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Alexandra Yun

Team 13

Thesis: The wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a biracial divorced American actress, shows how the British monarch has been modernized.


Book published:

Kundnani, Arun. The End of Tolerance. [Electronic Resource] : Racism in 21St Century Britain. London ; Ann Arbor, MI : Pluto Press, 2007., 2007. EBSCOhost,

Summary: This book talks about the racism that has been brewing in Britain. Kundnani looks to show the multicultural Britain is being under attacked by the government.

Reflection: This will help with my thesis to see the racism that is still prevalent within Britain. To show that racism is still relevant in the country is something important to talk about when discussing a biracial woman who is entering the monarchy and is modernizing the family.


Journal article:

Meikle, Graham. Social Media : Communication, Sharing and Visibility. Routledge, 2016. EBSCOhost,

Summary: This journal article is about what social media is and everything is shared on social media where the sharing industry is made of.

Reflection: This could help with my thesis since this wedding is taking place during the social media age. People from the area or somewhere around the world has an insight or opinion about the union so it would be good to see how social media played a role in the modernizing the monarchy and how the news of the engagement and wedding preparation was being made- through Twitter.


Article that’s popular or trade magazine:

Fiori, Pamela. “Ultimate Grace: remembering Grace Kelly, a great American actress and a real-life princess, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of her death.” Town & Country, Nov. 2007, p. 186+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 17 June 2018.

Summary: This article talks about the life of Grace Kelly, an American actress who became a real-life princess when she married the Prince of Monaco. This article depicts her life: how she became an actress and her life as a princess.

Reflection: This article can help my thesis by showing how an American actress came into the spotlight of being in a royal family. Meghan Markle has transitioned into the British monarchy, so to see how it was done years ago would be nice.



Robert A. “The Life of Edward — as Prince, King and Duke.” New York Times (1923-Current file), May 29, 1972, pp. 6. ProQuest,

Summary: This website showed the life of King Edward VIII gaining the crown, and ultimately losing it and having to abdicate the throne because he was in love with a woman who had been divorced. During the time, the Church did not allow the remarriage of someone who has been previously divorced, so this was something that could not happen for the King. But he ultimately decided to abdicate and he wedded his wife.

Reflection: This helps my thesis of showing how in the past, it was forbidden for someone to marry a divorcee, especially a woman. Meghan Markle, a divorcee, would not have been able to marry Prince Harry because of her previous marriage, but time has changed and it is allowed.


Good website:

Iqbal, Nosheen. “Has Meghan Markle Changed Britain’s Attitude to Race and Royalty?” The Guardian, Guardian Media Group, 13 May 2018,

Summary: This article from UK The Guardian, ask the question, has Meghan Markle, a biracial woman, changing the attitude toward race and royalty? The royal family has been prominently white within it’s family history so for a biracial woman coming into the family in the modern era can change the attitude of the country.

Reflection: To have this in my final paper is something crucial because it is people out their in the UK who are talking about how they feel about a biracial woman coming into the royal family. It is something that is crucial to know how we know that the monarchy is modernizing it’s way by having the people speak about it and what it means to them.


Good source of my choice:

Kling, Andrew A. The British Monarchy. [Electronic Resource]. Detroit : Lucent Books, 2012., 2012. World history. EBSCOhost,

Summary: This book depicts the life of the monarchy and the introduction of the royal family- all the way going to the the present family in line which is the House of Windsor.

Reflection: This will be good to have in the thesis to get some context and information about the royal family and how they came to be.



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Thesis: With the increasing tragedies of school shootings, the generation raised on gun violence decided to take matters into their own hands with a national student walkout as a partial tribute to Parkland High school and part protest to spread a message.




  • Gray, Sarah. “What to Know About the April 20 National School Walkout.” Time, Time, 18 Apr. 2018,
    • Branching off from the March 14th #Enough student walk out, Lane Murdoch, a 16-year-old who lives only 20 miles from Sandy Hook elementary decided to start a movement. In an effort to stop school violence students across the nation left class as apart o this national student walks out. Starting as a change petition ending in a protest, students across the nation have a voice and want to be heard.



  • Ryan, Lisa. “Thousands of Students Will Walk Out of Schools Today to Protest Gun Violence.” The Cut, 14 Mar. 2018,
    • Exactly a month later from the Majory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting, the Women’s march youth empower organized the #Enough national student walks out. With more than 3,136 students protest planned across the us not only to pay tribute but to have a voice. Choosing to protest in different ways, voices will be heard.



  • Kirby, Jen. “The National School Walkout, Explained.” Vox, Vox, 13 Mar. 2018,
    • In the article The National School Walkout, explained, writer Jen Kirby goes into detail as to why the national student walkout even came about. Being the one-month anniversary of the Majory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting, Students all over walked out of class the last 17 minutes to pay tribute to the 17 lives lost, paying both tribute but also being a protest.




  • Langman, Peter F. School Shooters: Understanding High School, College, and Adult Perpetrators. Rowman & Littlefield, 2017.
    • School shootings becoming more common than ever, are leaving students, parents, and educators fearful. With such reoccurring tragedies, people everywhere are doing anything to try to prevent the situation, but this is also causing many wrong assumptions about perpetrators and missed warning signs. In School Shooter: Understanding High school, College, and Adult Perpetrators, author Peter F. Langman looks back into 48 school shooting cases in order to explore motives, uncover myths, and explore how to prevent school shootings.



  • MacKay, Jenny. The Columbine School Shooting. Lucent Books, 2010.
    • Competing with the Oklahoma City bombing, the columbine school shooting was one of the first deadliest school’s shootings in history. Due to that, author Jenny MacKay wrote this book which explains not only the legal processes but also the scientific processes used in the investigation. With that, readers could gain insight now only on this historical tragedy story but the investigations as well.



  • Walkup, John T., and David H. Rubin. “Social Withdrawal and Violence — Newtown, Connecticut.” New England Journal of Medicine, vol. 368, no. 5, 2013, pp. 399–401., doi:10.1056/nejmp1215605.
    • In the journal entry Social Withdrawal and Violence — Newton, Connecticut, writers David Rubem and John Walkup explain the most significant dimension of the Newton tragedy as social withdrawal and isolation. They explain how people of face social withdrawal and isolation also face deep barriers to care while some even become vulnerable and obsessed with the power of violence. This tragedy caused much discussion in the community on whether shooter Adam Lanza was mentally ill or not.

Secrets and Revelations

Hi Alex, Nicely written, and good incorporation of the lecture/slides. Just a few minor grammatical errors. Watch for run-on sentences. Sometimes reading your essay aloud helps. ‘fessed’ is acceptable, but ‘confessed’ is a bit better.

Alexandra Yun

Team 13


For the purpose of this story, I will be changing the names of everyone to keep the secret. secrecy still.  My friend John had texted me one day during my first semester at school asking me for my schedule for my five classes. I immediately asked him why since it was really strange and completely out of the blue.(end of sentence, start a new one). and he He told me he didn’t register for his first year at FIU as a transfer student; completely missing and completely missed the deadline. I was shocked and I told him my schedule so he can have something and he explained that he was going to tell his mom that this was his schedule, but switch one or two classes that seemed believable that he would take. I told him that it was completely risky and that was something I wasn’t sure about and that he should just fess up. He refused and he made me swear I wouldn’t tell. I never uttered the secret to his mom or anyone, but I did come real close to it.


The experience never empowered me because it was a burden for me to have. Bleven’s talk about the reason why secrets are important and its  it’s (contraction for ‘it is’) because of privacy; “if we can keep something secret, we keep it private.” John did not make this a private issue because he needed my help to help with this lie he was constructing to his mother. I helped and it was a burden afterwards because John was constructing messy lies that threw his mom off and made her realize that he might not be telling the truth about school. That was when the arguments between them ran wild because John never fessed to his lie. I’m close to his mom and she would talk to me about everything and all she wanted was the simple truth of why he’s lying, because it was becoming more and more obvious when he would try to dodge the question of where are his grades that she can physically see, but I knew I could not betray John’s secret because it was his truth to share.


His mother was trying to penetrate the secret because she knew fairly early that John might have confided in me about something, but I had to lie and say I don’t know anything. Bleven’s points out how saying “I don’t know” is a lie, because you do know something and that is exactly what I did. She was an outsider and I was an insider, as Bleven’s mentions in his video, about me keeping it all and her trying to reach in. Her desire to know what the secret was for her to know what is happening with her son and the desire to learn and know. Without meaning to, I was hurting her by lying to her sadly whenever she brought it up. I was the only one who truly knew what was happening and I begged him to just tell, but he never budged. Not to this day.



Luciana Izquierdo (Team 13)

Thesis: Women have evolved and shattered the glass on stereotypes such it was reported that the first 10 Saudi Arabia women have received their drivers license’s emancipating themselves from the opposition.

Hi Luciana, This is such an interesting topic but I don’t think of Saudi Arabian women has ‘shattering the glass ceiling’ getting driver’s licenses. I think shattering the glass on stereotypes as more to do in the corporate business world.  I don’t think this change in this one policy would be considered true emancipation as well. That said, I would like you to keep this topic but rewrite the thesis.  Perhaps:  

Saudi Arabia’s announcement that they would permit women the right to drive ended a longstanding policy has succeeded in allowing women some measure of greater independence and freedom.

Secrecy Assignment

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Andi Plotkin

Team 13

When the assignment was being explained to the class, I thought of one perfect story that happened on Mother’s Day 3 years ago. In February months before, my boyfriend’s dog had puppies and it just so happened that my sister wanted a puppy to take home. The only problem was our father would never allow it. We thought for a while on how we could take home one of the puppies and my sister came up with a great lie. She would tell my father that she found the puppy on the beach where she worked. My father was skeptical at first, even wanted us to try to find the puppy a home, nonetheless, we kept the puppy. We named her Khaleesi after the Mother of Dragons or Daenerys in Game of Thrones. She was bubbly and excited to get a home. (end of sentence, start a new one) Her shiny black coat and little white toe made her special to us. Fast forward to May when my boyfriend and his mother were invited to our Mother’s Day brunch. After a few glasses of wine I excitedly say “this is the woman that gave us Khaleesi,” already regretting what I said before I had finished saying it. My dad looked over at us angrily and asked me to repeat it. I could see the blood boiling in his head but he kept calm for the sake of the mothers there. My father said then, “the truth has a funny way of always coming to light, and you are not a good liar, remember that next time.”

At first I was upset and afraid that my sister would retaliate against me. Later I realized that the fact that I couldn’t truly lie was a good thing, that I am genuine and telling stories is hard when the story is based on a lie. Although it wasn’t purposeful, it felt good to get off my chest and to not feel like I had to hide about it anymore. I believe Edward Snowden felt a little like this. He had been working for the NSA for a while and felt he had to tell the truth.(end of sentence, start a new one) I imagine the relief he felt after telling the public what they needed to know despite putting himself in extreme danger.

Some secrets should be kept a secret, however. For example, my sister also told her boyfriend’s seven year old that we rescued the dog, which he went and told his teacher and classmates the story, drew a picture of it  and refers to Khaleesi as “rescue puppy.” Telling him would have a much worse outcome than telling our parents who could handle the truth.


Hi Sheribel,

Good job, well-written! Nice incorporation of ideas in lecture/slides

Suarez, Sheribel

Team 13

Secrecy, confidentiality, and lying, three things in which can make a relationship stronger or even break one especially when being the secret keeper. Understanding the difference between the three can be quite difficult considering the strong linkage they all have to one another. Not everyone can differentiate, especially when being the one lied to, or having the secret kept from, which is why my aunt had trouble forgiving us all for being “liars” once the news was brought to her attention.

March 18 ,2016 a day before my 18th birthday was the day I was put in the middle of this entire mess that changed my family relations in both a positive and a negative way. As I was getting ready to go out for a family lunch, I found my cousin hunched over the bathroom toilet throwing up claiming that she was sick. As easily convinced as I am I would have automatically  believed her and have gone about my day, but as I was leaning over her to grap grasp or grab? her hair and rub her back to put her at ease, I looked over to find the positive pregnancy test in the trash can. My cousin being Aalmost five years older and in college was one of my best friends and sources of guidance.  Begging for forgiveness, she made me promise to not let anyone else know as I was the only one in the family who was aware. Knowing how my aunt was, and how she would cut my cousin off if she found out before her college graduation that was 2  months away, I swore to keep her secret as I would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship nor ruin her college career.

For two months I was constantly over their house, covering any traces of morning sickness, over eating, appointment analysis, etc. Always blaming the horrible bathroom smells, and noises on my fake stomach viruses, being forced to the doctors and having to lie to them as well pretending to be sick. All truly a mission especially when my sister found out due to using my laptop and going through my messages.  My sister was always envious of our relationship, especially now that she wasn’t in on the secret so she would do everything in her power to make it known that she knows in front of our aunt. Constantly dodging the traps my sister would set up on top of covering the rest of the evidence, we finally made it to graduation day. Now just when you think we’ve accomplished the goal, the day of graduation, my aunt met her outside of the arena handing her a box covered in UCF wrapping. My cousin opened the box only to find her sonograms.  Accusing us all of being liars she stormed out and was nowhere to be found that night, only leaving (I would suggest ‘leaving only’) a note at home explaining the disappointment and betrayal she felt after being lied to.