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Assignment #4

Hi Sergio, I don’t see any annotations with these sources. Overall, the sources are acceptable but without annotations, I will have to deduct points.

Sergio Meso Team#13


Citation: Hamada, M.: Roles of civil engineers for disaster mitigation under changes of natural and social environments and policies for the creation of a safe and secure society. In: Tankut, A.T. (eds.) Earthquakes and Tsunamis. Geotechnical, Geological, and Earthquake Engineering, vol. 11. Springer, Dordrecht (2009)



Citation: Guha-Sapir, Debarati, and Willem Gijsbert van Panhuis. “Health impact of the 2004 Andaman Nicobar earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.” Prehospital and disaster medicine 24.6 (2009): 493-499.



Citation: American Red Cross, Red Cross Helps after Powerful Quake, Tsunami Hit , October,1, 2018.


Citation:, Tsunami di Palu Disebabkan Karena Dua Faktor, 29/09/2018



  • Citation: ABC News, ‘Chaos’ as tsunami of up to three metres hits Indonesia after earthquake, September 28, 2018.




Citation: Direct Relief, Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami 2018, October 18, 2018.



Thesis Statement: Relief and rescue operations continue in Indonesia after a massive earthquake and tsunami struck Sulawesi Island this past September 30, 2018 killing and injuring thousands.


Ghost In The Shell (1995) assignment

Thesis Statement – Team 13

India‘s removal removing the banning  on gay sex was a push in the right direction for the LGBTIQ community and for the country of India. The removal of the ban helps the that community to feel more secure in their sexuality, (no comma needed) and helps spread the acceptance of the LGBTIQ community worldwide. 

A thesis has a main idea or point that you want to prove. What exactly and specifically do you want to discuss?

Very good. Accepted.

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Final Essay Thesis

Sergio Meso

Team #13

Reports indicate that more than 1,000 lives have been lost due to an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia this past September 30, 2018. While many are still missing, the numbers of casualties are expected to increase as there are still people reportedly buried under collapsed buildings. New reports are coming out as new information is confirmed almost every second, divulged on T.V, and social media platforms.

Hi Sergio,

Good topic, but I don’t see exactly what you are answering.  You have a statement, true, but not a thesis statement. News reports or new report, new information is redundant a bit.

Do you want to discuss the rescue efforts perhaps, have they been sufficient, or have the thousands of people been largely forgotten?


Rewrite and send it to me. Look at the link and info below.


Thesis Statement Examples. A thesis statement is one sentence that expresses the main idea of a research paper or essay. It makes a claim, directly answering a question. A thesis statement must be very specific, indicating statements that are about to be made in your paper and supported by specific evidence.


48-hour News Blackout(team 13)

TaCorya Goss

Professor Pearson

IDS 3309

28 September 2018


48-hour News Blackout

Nicely written TaCorya!  Just a few edits. Proofread carefuly! You made some good points and I liked your introspection.


During the 48-hour news blackout, I have experienced what it is like to be completely alone. Without my phone or TV, it was pure silence for 48 hours. With no distractions I was forced to think more, when I had my phone or tv it distracted me from my thoughts and I was not able to over think. I found myself taking more naps so I would not think or taking showers because I am bored, even eating more because of boredom. I never realized how much I depend on technology until I did this 48-hour blackout. The solitude was scary but also comforting, it forced me to deal with my problems instead of brushing them off.

Being disconnected from the world was a little nerve wrecking. Not knowing what is happening around you gave me a little anxiety. I realized that I am the kind of person who must know what is going on or I would feel disconnected or out of the loop, which is an awkward feeling. Not being able to reach for my phone was something I had to adjust to because I use my phone for everything, checking the weather, what is on sale, where to eat, to talk to friends, and what is going on in the world, but But it was also refreshing not to socialize for 48 hours. Socializing can be draining mentally and physically, so it was nice to unwind and dedicate time to myself for once.

48 hours is a long time to not engage in for this generation. We engage every minute of every day when we text, call or share content with friends via social media.  William Deresiewicz made a good point in his article “The End of Solitude” he stated that “But the Internet is as powerful a machine for the production of loneliness as television is for the manufacture of boredom. If six hours of television a day creates the aptitude for boredom, the inability to sit still, a hundred text messages a day creates the aptitude for loneliness, the inability to be by yourself.” We socialize with different people on social media so we do not feel alone, we watch TV because we are bored and need to be entertained, we text and call our friends every day because we do not know what it is like to be alone. We are conditioned to not know what solitude is.

Not knowing what is going on in the world gave me a little anxiety because I rely so much on the news to know the weather, what is going on locally and even globally, what roads to avoid because of traffic, and who won the football game on Thursday or Sunday. I never realized how much I rely on the news until I went without consuming the news for 48 hours. The news is a source of entertainment and information that I listen to/watch every day. The news is important because it changes whether or not I would wear flip-flops or closed toed shoes in case it rains, and whether I should wake up an hour early to get to my destination in time. I realized how important being informed and aware of what is going on around me is. Without the news, I sense that society would be lost and out of touch with everything but themselves and we take for granted how much the news informs society on the daily. Lastly, without its intrusion of our solitude, we would be making mindless decisions that can affect us negatively.

Assignment 3: 48 hour news blackout

Sergio Meso Team #13

Hi Sergio,

I’m confused?  Is this the essay you meant to post for Assignment on 48 hour blackout?

MIAMI, Fla. (Sept. 30, 2018) The 1st Cuban American International Film Festival took place this past September 1st, produced by the Multi Emmy Award Winner, Cesar R. Nunez.  Filmakers, actors, directors, dancers, models, beauty queens and influencers from all around the world who live in different countries, states and cities attended the event in Little Havana, Miami, FL. Films started playing at 1:00pm through 10:00pm with 2 fashion show breaks, all with the focus of promoting the Cuban culture, music, films, fashion, and arts. It counted with a red carpet and photographers taking pictures of the Cuban celebrities and recognized professionals in the industry. Cuban film lovers, also, had the opportunity to walk on the red carpet and take pictures with their favorite artists and idols. Among the present filmmakers, Oldren Angel and Tony Mendez were acclaimed by the spectators as they were shocked by their productions and the reality they showcased in their films. Angel won the Best Short Film Award and Mendez the Cuban Film Fest Award, which incuded a $1,000 check or a drone depending on what the filmmaker wanted, this was considered the first place prize to the best film of the festival. After asking both, to express their feelings, only gestures and words full of emotions came out of them. “I’m very happy to be here tonight, to watch my films on the screens and people’s reactions. This is a dream that just became a reality, just looking around and people congratulating me for my hard work and dedication means so much. Can not wait to go back home and celebrate with family and friends.” said Angel. On the other side, Mendez, could not stop feeling anything but happiness and this is what he said, “The fact that I had the opportunity to be here tonight surrounded by talented filmmakers and professionals but most importantly my mom, and receive this award means the world to me. I have worked hard to achieve professional goals and this is one of them, always dedicating all my success, happiness and triumphs to my beautiful mother.” Mendez words, moved his mother’s heart in such a way that she could not control her feelings and neither her tears full of happines and of how proud she was feeling. Cuban actor, Hector Medina, who was accompanying Angel said that, he was proud of seeing that Angel’s talent was being recognized in such an important event. Medina added that his works with the Cuban filmmaker have been of the most satisfactory experiences in his professional career. Each winner received an award as recognition for their work and dedication, which were delivered by the Cuban American Models Pageant current winners. In their speeches when awarded they all mentioned how focus, discipline, and hard work are keys to success not only in the film industry but in life in general.  Every person who attended the event went home hoping to come back in 2019!