Annotated Bibliography for Equifax Breached Final Essay: Ashley Del Rey

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Bernard, Tara S. “Is It Time to Consider an Identity Protection Service?: [Business/Financial Desk]” New York Times, Late Edition: B.3. Pro-Quest Web. 30 Oct. 2017.

The author shows statistics made by the Bureau of Justice with estimations of how many United States residents ages 16 and older, were victims of identity theft. Bernard also includes some solutions for identity protection services. However, she states that
even freezing your files, won’t protect them from other types of fraud. (how does this tie in with media, etc?)


Blumenthal, Aaron, and Mura, Andre M. “In the breach.” American Association for Justice, Sept. 2017, p. 30+. Academic OneFile, Gale Group Web. 5 Nov. 2017.

This source is an academic journal. The authors help you understand a data breach clearly. Blumenthal and Mura state what types of data are stollen (One L. A stollen is a German pastry), they give examples of identity theft, and explain how there could be prospective and injunctive relief. At the end of the journal the authors give sources for the readers to look at to learn more about the subject.


Rosenberg, Joyce M. “Equifax Hack has Businesses Uneasy about Security.” The Associated Press 30 Sept. 2017: A,A; Pg. 6. Lexis Nexis Web. 30 Sept. 2017.

The author of the article states that small businesses usually fall behind big companies in data security. These small businesses do not believing they might be targets. However, Rosenberg explains how more than 60 percent of the victims of breaches in 2016 were businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees. Rosenberg states that the Equifax breach is reminding small businesses that they are vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Pike, George H. “Equifax: Yet Another Data Breach.” Information Today, Nov. 2017, p. 17. Academic OneFile, Gale Group Web. 6 Nov. 2017.

The author the this newspaper states that companies, like Equifax, should always assume they are breached. Pike also writes about the 143 Million consumers who were effected by the breach. In addition, Pike writes that the hack itself was in a 2 month period and Equifax knew about the hack but did not share that information.


Ligaya, Armina. “Canadians complain Equifax is keeping them in the dark after hack.” The Canadian Press, Early Edition: Pg. B7. Lexis Nexis Web. 15 Sept. 2017.

This article is about how Canadians who are worried that they might be victims. However, Ligaya explains that Canada’s customer service agents at Equifax, told callers that only Canadians who had dealings in the United States were more likely to have had their information compromised in the data breach. The author states that the security breach compromised the private information of about 143 million Americans, along with an undisclosed number of Canadians.


“Equifax admits to profiting during breach, under fire from Sen. Warren’s questioning”
The Washington Post (Online) Oct 4, 2017. Pro-Quest Web. 5 Oct. 2017.

This source is not an article, it is a video. The video shows Senator Elizabeth Warren speaking about how Equifax was profiting during the huge cybersecurity breach. she also offered many solutions to transform the way the industry works.


How are these citations relevant to media? How will they bolster your argument?


Cyberattack on Equifax: Ashley Del Rey

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Thesis Statement:

Equifax is one of three major consumer credit reporting agencies in the world and houses a great amount of data that is supposed to be a backstop against security breaches. However, hackers gained access to the company’s data but news broke out that Equifax knew they were having a security issue months before the cyberattack; meaning, the breach could have easily been prevented.

  1. The thesis statement provides readers with information about how major the agency Equifax is, as well as, how terrible the cyberattack was and how many victims were impacted.
  2. The thesis statement provides a road map to where I’m am going in the paper because I specifically wrote that Equifax is an agency that that is known to hold data that is supposedly a backstop against security breaches, up until it got hacked.
  3. The agency let their guard down, ignoring the security flaw, basically giving the hackers an open window. Others may disagree with that statement, stating that there are hackers who are brilliant enough to hack such a strongly secured agency on their own.
  4. The topic of my thesis is, Equifax, an agency with top notch data security. The comment is that even an agency with top notch security can get hacked and the agency is most likely at fault.
  5. This topic interests me because Equifax is such a major agency, it collects and accumulates information on over 800 million consumers and more than 88 million businesses across the world. I thought something so powerful would never get hacked but it did.
  6. The thesis statement is specific and manageable because it explains exactly what Equifax is for those readers who don’t have a clue of what it is and it states the event which made a global impact. Even though the hacking affected Americans, others all around the world began to worry because of it.
  7. The difficulties that I see in researching my thesis is trying not to be bias or have an emotional appeal to the issue.
  8. My thesis statement tells the readers how we know what we know about the hacking of Equifax by explaining how the consumers found out, reacted, and complained about the event. It also states that Equifax knew there was a security problem before the event occurred.

Perez – 48hour news blackout

Johanna Katherine Perez Villasmil

How We Know What We Know

Frederick Blevens and George Pearson

October 9, 2017

48-hour news blackout

               In today’s technological era society seems to be getting more and more interconnected due to the ease technology brings us, this results in solitude quickly vanishing from our lives. On October 6th after reading Deresiewicz’s article on solitude, I went on a partial “twilight zone” for the two days following, in order to make better sense of what it would feel like to live without the commodity of 24-hour news (We know you did. Please stick to analysis.). In my experience, as a person that tends to be very affected by the news on a nervous level, the feeling of isolation was quite rewarding.

Waking up to research the news from this past weekend, I’ve come to the conclusion that Deresiewicz might have been onto something when he stated that “to hold oneself apart from society, is to begin to think one’s way beyond it”, one’s ability to think and analyze everything should be far more important than the seek of popularity. Our society craves popularity; we have gotten used to getting our reassurance and confidence through meaningless forms of social media acceptance. Analyse instead of summarize. Was Deresiewicz right or wrong, and why?


Today I’ve learnt that hurricane Nate, which I must admit keep your writing concise had me a bit worrisomeworried, made landfall this past Saturday on the Mississippi River as a category one; thankfully damage was not as great as with this year’s previous hurricanes. I’ve learned that Trump is insisting on a list of demands to make the “dreamer” deal which includes further requisites for “the wall”. I’ve learned also that Google has officially found Russia guilty of buying ads as interference in our presidential elections (this is a summary of the news, but what about analysis based on class concepts?). After stepping out of the partial twilight zone, one discovers that even though all these news are incredibly relevant and important to be aware of, the constant thirst for 24-hour news updates is not always necessary. (Why? Analyse more)

In my experience, parting oneself from any news outlet for a little while, teaches us that while being up to date with information is important and even vital in some occasions, the ability to gracefully live in solitude is also essential (why and how? Elaborate). My reasoning might be slightly impacted by the fact that the lack of 24-hour news updates didn’t threaten my life at any point, but in the end I have appreciated every step of the way into said “twilight zone”. Given that I now know that the constant notification of news is not always necessary and a daily one-time summary would suffice.

Essay mentions but only scratches the surface of class concepts. You hardly mention whether news is a necessary intrusion of solitude, etc. Please pay attention to what the assignment is asking.

News Blackout: Ashley Del Rey

This is not my first time throwing myself in a twilight zone. I am highly experienced with solitude and I truly enjoy it, a bit more than I should. Solitude helps me find myself when I am feeling lost, only because I am not afraid of being alone. I stop caring if people see me on social media and like my picture or not. The news is important, it provides information we should know about the world. At the same time, the government keeps information secret and bends the truth; however, we still decide as a society to read and watch the news and continue to believe what we read and see.  

I don’t watch the news because it worries me. On the other hand, there is always something that needs to be known and no matter who you are or where you’re from you will always want to know what is going on in the world around you.(run on sentence)

Having social media keeps you connected with celebrities or anyone you might think is important in your life, but why care about what a celebrity is doing with their life. Checking how other peoples lives are is a waste of time. I would rather spend my time solving the problems in my own life to make myself a better person. The most important person in ones life should always be ones self.

My friends make fun of me all of the time because of the love I have for solitude. I don’t want to seem selfish but hanging out with many people for a long period of time gives me anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I am a people-person but there are times when I just want time for myself to get to know who I really am and what I wanna want to do with my life.This whole sentence needs restructuring. 

Now, don’t get me wrong I love watching television all day and football every Sunday; however, my family and I have always gone camping for many years, so I have always enjoyed nature. In addition, both at the campground and at home, my friends and family constantly tell me to go out more and hangout with my friends but I just like to be alone, ride my bike, listen to music, or go for a swim in the pool.

Sometimes people don’t get along with me because I say what’s on my mind, no matter if anyone agrees with me or not. People “these days” are afraid to be themselves and enjoy the little moments in life because they are too busy using their cell phones or binge watching a TV series on Netflix. I have my days when my eyes are glued to the television or when I wanna don’t use wanna in an academic paper go out to watch a movie with my friends but there are days when I just wanna  take a walk in the park. Solitude is great but it’s also good to have a balance loneliness and connectivity. Is solitude loneliness?  There is a  problem with sentence structure. Particularly with run on sentences. There also needs to be more of an integration of  Deresiewicz’s  thought.

I’ve Got a Secret by: Ashley Del Rey

Thesis Statement: If you’re a human, you have lied or kept a secret, in most cases secrecy is used to guard lies and keeping a secret to yourself will nurture the growth of those lies. Good

It all started when I got a direct message on Instagram from a guy, on the last day of school. He was attracted to me but I did not have the same feelings. However, I knew that my best friend had a huge crush on him, so with her permission, I sent him a picture of her. He told me she was “cute,” but this where the secrecy began.  I didn’t explain to my best friend how I was communicating with him in the first place. I told her he was messaging me for her from the very beginning, but that was a lie.

I didn’t think it was a big deal not telling her the full truth since the guy liked my friend.

After a while of talking and getting to know one another, the two of them became a couple. But then there came a time when my friends boyfriend approached me in the hallway, gave me a kiss on the cheek, put his arm around my waist, and told his buddy on the other side of the hallway I was “his girl.”

There was this fear, anxious, and uneasy feeling that came over me as I shoved him to the side to get his hands off of me.

I ran to a close friend of mine who was also friends with my best friend to ask her for advice. She told me not to tell my best friend; however, if it happens again I should tell her. I’m glad I never had to.

Yes, I didn’t tell my friend, which was not the ethical thing to do, but that doesn’t mean I supported the relationship. I stopped hanging out with my best friend and her boyfriend altogether. This gets a little confusing.

I could’ve just lied to my best friend but there was no need. Instead of lying to my friend to justify my secret, I just never talked about it and tried to forget about it as much as I could.

Then a rumor spread saying that my friend’s boyfriend was having a fling with someone who was not my friend. I told my her I believed the rumor and she was surprised with my remark. However, she didn’t believe the rumor and stayed with him, until one day, when he finally told her that the rumor was, in fact, true. She then broke up with him and now she’s better off.

Even if I did not want it to, having this secret empowered me because I basically had control over my friends relationship. It’s sad to say it, but I am the reason they got together and I had the power to break them up, I just didn’t want to be the one who did.

The privacy of the secret was important because if I told my best friend, three things could’ve happened. I could have gotten embarrassed because she doesn’t care,  I could’ve gotten scorned because she got mad at me for not telling her sooner, or worst of all, she doesn’t believe me and thinks I’m lying to her, when in fact, I am telling her the truth.Run on sentence. And that, itself, will make me regret telling her in the first place. The writing is more of a narrative then analysis. Paragraph structure needs improvement, but the overall effort is good.




While living in a very social media active society where everything is being shared via Instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc. at all times, people still find themselves protecting their privacy and secrecy at all costs. People hold what others think of them very close to heart, and in order to protect their so called “image” people lie and hold secrets in the name of their privacy. Keeping things in secrets means keeping them private which in turns protects your autonomy and name. Lies are used to guard our secrets, secrecy is used to guard lies. Though playing with lies could often make matters worse, they play a crucial role in controlling information and image, and to quote Professor Blevens, “controlling the flow of information is real power.” The intimacy between two people can play a major factor in secrecy and confidentiality.Well written and good observation.

The greatest of intimacy can most likely be found between two people who’ve known each other for a very long time.  While intimacy, more times than not, calls for a lack in secrecy and lies, it could also call for the deepest of secrecy between two people. In a not so severe example, I went to high school with my best bud who I have known since I was two. Growing up in a rough household, he hasn’t always been the greatest of students or very respectable to his piers peers but I know it was just his defense mechanism for a problem from within. Me and him He and I were very intimate in the sense where we really could just tell everything to each other. However, a class we had together required us to complete a project that’ll serve as our final and knowing my friend he waited till the last minute and asked to look at mine. Being my best friend, of course I helped him out because I knew his struggle. Not thinking too much about it, I ended up getting accused of cheating and was threatened to get a 0 on my assignment, which of course would’ve tanked my grade. This is where the intimacy, secrecy and privacy come in to play. To avoid my friend getting kicked out of school and completely ruining his academic career, I lied and took the fall. To also prevent my friend from finding out and confessing, I lied to him as well. Ironically, lying goes hand in hand with protecting one’s privacy but in this case, it altered my privacy for the worse. While having my grade suffer and the school board look at me as a cheater, I was able to protect someone who was worth more to me than my privacy. This lie was kept in secrecy with just myself, which in turn, would further damage me and my friend’s intimacy. Being a minor thing, nobody really bothered invading this whole dilemma. While I’m not one to hold power in high hands, this lie I had now created gave me a sense of power over my friend, knowing I was able to keep this lie on reserve in case I needed a favor in turn. While lying damaged my own secrecy and privacy, I was able to protect that of my friends. While taking the 0 didn’t make me feel well at all, I knew I could afford this one loss in exchange for brotherhood. The paper started strong, but the analysis didn’t quite follow through.

End of Solitude

Not bad, but it would help to make direct connections to the Deresiewicz article. Be sure carefully edit for grammar and flow. Also, break your writing into paragraphs. Each paragraph should be a self-contained unit, a whole unto itself. Having a big blob of words strains the reader.


A very bored boring but interesting 48 hours. I haven’t realized how many apps delivered news to me until I had to delete them for this assignment. Bewildered by the fact I nearly had to delete all of them. As I usually do spend a lot of time browsing these apps, this now left me with, what I at least thought, nothing to do. Deleting these apps made me realize how much time I used looking at them so on the contrary, I had a ton of things to do. However, this assignment was more than just occupying unused time with other activities.  Allowing to not be exposed Not being exposed to news was very disorientating. I felt lost like I  and didn’t know what was going on. Whether I’m being constantly fed news through scrolling on twitter or having the news on in the background at home, I’m still absorbing all that information, subconsciously or consciously. Stopping this constant flow of news that I’m so accustomed to made me kind of anxious. However, I believe it’s more than just being “shut out” from the world. Being constantly feed an absurd amount of information daily has accustomed us to the need to always be informed about what’s going on. Taking away these media outlets leaves us fixing for more. So, in a sense, were we’re accustomed to this sensory overload lifestyle which leaves us to frightened of solitude, which is nonetheless, the absence of media. Despite personally feeling a bit anxious at the beginning, not being constantly spoon-fed information was kind of nice and peaceful. Being free from the news has also shed some light on my own, free opinion about topics that would’ve been distorted by the media. It’s not that I haven’t realized how the news influences a majority of people’s thoughts and opinions but I didn’t think much about it till now. News has a different effect on everyone, whether it intrudes on their solitude or helps it and its definitely intrusive for me. This 48-hour solitude period has definitely awoken me to the fact that I need to start isolating myself more and be more aware of what thoughts are mine and which aren’t. (Interesting observation.) Not only did being in solitude give me the privilege of genuinely being alone which allowed me the opportunity to really think about things and self-evaluate but also showed me that in this day, loneliness isn’t a normal thing but in reality, it is ok.