PauleyNiecea Assignment 2 Team 10

McLuhan and the Critical Perspective

Thesis: McLuhan was a little-known professor until he started wowing the world with his critical and deeply-thought ides ideas which he presented in his books. While McLuhan discussed the society as a whole in details in the books, he cut a reputation for his deep thought and understanding about the impact of the media on humans. While McLuhan uses a style that is rather complex in his writing, the revolutionary nature of his ideas attracted him to not only his students but also his audience across the globe. However, not all people appreciated the abundance of rich ideas on his work. He came under attack from his colleagues who found his ideas to be untested, unproven and demented and dangerous.  In the interview, McLuhan addresses a wide range of issues, concerns and the content of his work, and the following is an analysis of the content of the interview. this is great. well written and informative


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Does McLuhan question commonly held assumptions?

Yes, one of the most outstanding features of this interview, and which has been the foundation of McLuhan’s work is his tendency to question or even go against commonly held views and ideas. From the beginning of the work, McLuhan says that he is always making explorations, without even knowing where they will lead him. He says that he is taking a pragmatic approach to his work, and he considers everything that he is always doing his work without having a pre-determined ides in mind. It is also notable that McLuhan refers to traditional facts as sterile, meaning that he is pursuing new ideas in his work. The fact that McLuhan seeks to test everything without taking them as absolute confirms the idea that he is questioning commonly held assumptions. 

McLuhan has made it clear that he intends to question the long-held assumptions which a number of scholars have ignored even in the modern technological age. McLuhan says that “…scholars evidence few signs of modifying this traditional stance of ostrichlike disregard” (McLuhan 3). It is clear from this statement that McLuhan is determined to attack the commonly-held assumptions about the media and society. Even when modern scholars are avoiding the issue, McLuhan is demonstrating that he is not afraid to venture into these controversy-laden topics.

Does McLuhan expand the bounds of debate?

Yes, McLuhan has made a tremendous effort to increase the bounds of the debate. Apparently, there are many factors, cultural or otherwise, which have a tremendous impact on the behavior of humans. McLuhan describes the extent to which language can have an effect on the psychology of man. While appreciating the fact that humans are captured in strong tribal webs, McLuhan says that when a tribal man becomes literate, he may have an improved perception of the world, and that may influence the individual’s new perception of the world. There is a sense in which McLuhan expands the bounds of the debate so that he may get as much information as possible to support his hypothesis. 

Does McLuhan aim for the betterment of society?

Yes, McLuhan aims at the betterment of the society. For instance, when he talks about the tribal man and the extent to which it contributes to conflicts, his idea is to minimize or possibly eradicate the conflicts that arise from these differences. He refers to Africa and the extent to which tribal differences have affected the continent. He, therefore, seeks to contribute to the development of possible ideas that may be used to end the problem. 

As indicated above, McLuhan is using a critical perspective in his examination of social phenomena, and that is effective in making his ideas acceptable to a majority of his audience.

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