Thesis Statement Draft Kendal Taylor

Thesis Statement: The news community have exposed the corrupt and manipulative behavior in the entertainment industry through extensive investigations and personal testimonies. 


approved, good job!


I’ve got a secret – Katheryn Miguel IDS 3390 – Feb 26, 2018

Reliable, the first word that comes to mind in describing my character. Keeping secrets comes easy to me because of my nature of protecting those I care about. I learned at a very young age the power of a lie, especially with being    since I am an immigrant and being taught that sometimes you have to say little white lies here and there. Secrets during that process can make or break you, either from a simple government interview or crossing the actual boarder. In the end, the best form of defense you have is your silence. I won’t be discussing those experiences, I rather go a mild route and tell the story of how I avoided a non-literal explosion at the office.

Working for a woman has its ups and downs, being a woman myself I can understand how difficult it can be to be one and understand one. A few months ago my co-worker sent an email to a very particular client exposing our total amount in the company’s bank account, out of instinct the first person she called was myself while I was just finishing my first class on a Monday morning on my way to Vicky’s Café with a couple of friends. I answered the phone and as she caught her breath she explained what had happened and asked me what she should do. Working for someone who you can’t tell your mistakes to without getting screamed at leaves the options to a minimum. Tell your boss and get fired or keep your mouth shut. We both agreed that the best option for her was to keep it quiet and see if she noticed since she was visiting Chicago at the time for some time off. The pact was set and the secret was ours to keep.

As the days went by, the subject still remained fresh in our conversations, the guilt mostly laid on her conscience while I was fine. It was definitely tougher on her than it was on me, if anything were to happen the fault would be put on her and I would get to walk free. The question whether she would sell me out in advising her on keeping quiet ran through my head a couple times but thankfully it never came true. After this whole ordeal I noticed that our relationship became stronger, we can confide in each other for work-related emergencies and know in the end that we have each other’s backs. In the end, our boss missed the email and it’s now a buried secret.

Very much a narrative than an analysis but well-written.

Secrecy Blog – Andrea Igliozzi Team 9

Secrecy, confidentiality, and lying are closely related to each other. Secrecy refers to intentionally keeping information from a person or group of people, lying refers to changing or altering facts of an event and, lastly, confidentiality is an agreement between two or more people to keep something private. One can then realize that secrecy protects lying because if someone lies about information that is being kept a secret it is really hard for a third party to recognize what is real and what is fiction. Basically, lies are being protected or believed because of the secrecy of the actual information. This also happens vice versa, without lying it is almost impossible to keep something secret. Besides, it is known that secrecy and lies protect information under confidentiality agreements.

There have been many situations in my life in which I felt compelled to lie, to keep a secret and also to keep confidentiality. One of those situations was when I caught my friend cheating on her boyfriend. My friend Jane had been in a relationship with John for more than 3 years. One day Jane and I were at a party and I saw her kissing some guy. As soon as she noticed that I saw her, she started crying and made me promise that I wouldn’t tell John. This was a confidential agreement between us because I promised not to say anything about this situation. The day after, I saw John and he asked me things about the party, so I had to change facts and keep information from him to maintain the confidentiality of the events, basically to keep the promise I made to Jane. This experience empowered me, and although it sounds bad and I would never really do this, I had something to hold against her. I could use that piece of information if I ever needed something from her, because at the end she had something to lose if I talked, and I didn’t. So this experience gave me some kind of power over her life, and even over her boyfriend´s life. This simple fact could have had dramatically changed particular characteristics of their lives.

Nevertheless, others were trying to penetrate the secret because there was a rumor going around school. I didn´t feel great about this because now I wasn´t only lying to John but also to several people in school. I had to keep track of my lies, and it was becoming really hard.  This whole situation proves what was said earlier about the connections between secrecy, lying, and confidentiality. I had to lie about my friend´s infidelity in order to keep information secret, and the information had to be kept secret in order for my lies to be believed. Finally, I had to alter facts and keep everything  to myself because I promised her I would as a result of the “confidentiality agreement” we made.

Well-written but more narrative than analysis.

Andrea Igliozzi

PID: 6092932

Team 9


Individual Assignment 4: I’ve got a secret

Christina Augustin

IDS3309: Team 9

February 26, 2018

Secrets and Lies

Thesis statement: The ability to keep someones secret is imperative when building trust, however, the bond between secrets and lies can jeopardize those friendships.

Excellent thesis!

Trust is an important quality we look for in a friend. When your friendship with someone progresses you begin to feel comfortable with sharing important details about your life. Everyone needs to express themselves, therefore, we search for a trustworthy companion to share our deepest thoughts with. When someone feels that they can confide with a friend, they begin to bond over similar situations they have encountered. Having that close friendship allows us to never feel lonely. I have been told many secrets throughout my life but one secret had a tremendous effect on my friendship with a close girlfriend.

Last spring I discovered that my closest friend had become pregnant. When she told me the news she was already 17 weeks. I was shocked, I didn’t even believe her in the beginning until she showed me her stomach. It was so unreal for me because she was my best friend. She had already dropped out of college the previous year and I was really hoping that we would both graduate together like we did in high school. A part of me felt like I was being a bit selfish because clearly everything doesn’t revolve around my feelings but I couldn’t help to wonder how long our friendship would survive. We were just too different.

I assumed she wanted to keep this a secret because she didn’t even tell her mom. I wasn’t sure how long her secret was going to stay hidden because she was already four months pregnant but I knew that I didn’t want to tell anyone, so I just let them find out on their own. I was surprise to see that women knew she was pregnant when they seen her, but she would deny it and so would I. On the other hand, men did not noticed. As time passed she began to show more and it became apparent to our peers that my friend would soon become a mother.

I would have to say that in this experience my friend was the only one that was empowered. I didn’t know what to do with this secret, so I did the best thing I thought I could; which was to not tell anyone. She was the one who decided who she would tell her secret to. Whenever someone we both knew asked me whether or not she was pregnant I would simply tell that person to ask her. She knew this secret wasn’t going to stay under wraps for long but she managed to protect her secret with lies. Keeping her secret was not the hardest secret I had to keep, not only because I stayed clear from social media but because I also lied.

This is more narrative than analysis, but well-written. 




Individual Assignment 4: I’ve got a secret

Emily Prada


Section UHA

February 26, 2018


Individual Assignment 4: I’ve Got a Secret


Thesis: I walked into this secret by mistake at a young age, and I have kept it to myself for almost seven years.

Could be a stronger thesis! This is very much of a personal narrative.  More about the mistake of holding or keeping secrets  

In today’s society, secrecy is something that is both loved and hated. Many individuals find themselves craving the need to be filled in on someone else’s life; equally, those individuals detest having their privacy breached and their secrets divulged. Personally, I kept a secret to which I have held on to even after the information seeped out onto the ears of those it concerned. The secret involved a close family-friend who had an affair with another friend. Let’s call the family-friend Reyna, and the friend Alex. I walked into this secret by mistake at a young age, and I have kept it to myself for almost seven years.

Alex, a married man with two young children, was Reyna’s boss. Reyna often stayed over at my house and during one of those stays, I accidentally found out about this secret. Reyna had forgotten her phone and I, curiously, turned on the screen which revealed several messages from Alex, and that’s when I knew. I could have just left her phone laying there, but I also thought it would be harmless. This newfound knowledge put me in a position of empowerment where I could’ve easily caused them a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, I knew this was not my place and it was not a conversation I should have been involved in.

Keeping this secret for so many years brought different emotions. At first, I felt aghast, and I could not bring myself to believe it was true. I convinced myself it wasn’t real and that maybe it was someone else whose name was Alex. As the years went by, I began to see both Reyna and Alex for who they were and, honestly, lost some respect for them and the choices they had made. Later on, I found out that many people were trying to find information about the same secret I thought only I held. Other coworkers hacked into Reyna’s phone to find pictures and messages so that they could blackmail her and Alex. Of course, they were only looking for more money, but I am sure they also wanted to feel in control and superior to their boss, Alex.

Moreover, I knew the position I was placed in. I could have saved Alex’s wife years of lies and hurt. I felt guilty most times by knowing that she was living a fantasy love story, but I was thinking of her children and how hard it would be for them if their parents split up. It’s a side effect of secrecy that is unavoidable, it will hurt someone in the end. That was the case about six years later when Alex’s wife found out. It was an uncomfortable moment for everyone, my family was very disappointed in Reyna and could not believe that a married man with children would do such a thing to his family. Yet, to this day, nobody knows I was the first to find out.


Zoe Soler

Team 9


Secrets have a tendency to create some drama and be a deciding factor in the outcome of a relationship (not just romantic). It is very difficult to not find yourself in this sort of situation at some point in your life. We all have someone who confides something in you and puts you between a rock and a hard place, this is not necessarily a bad thing, it means they trust you. How you manage the situation is what defines who you are and how people see you. It Of course it  works the other way around too, (period, end sentence) If you share a secret with someone and they spill it, then hopefully you learn your lesson and not trust them again. There is always the chance that they will not do it again but you can never be too sure.

I have found myself in this situation before. It is very tricky when dealing with information that is not yours to share, especially if the information can change things for someone. For example, I have a coworker that was up for a position and was eager to get the position. Unfortunately, I found out threw (through) another coworker that she had not gotten the position. When I found out, I wished so much that I would have never answered “sure what’s up?” when my other coworker asked me if she “could get something off her chest”. I am glad my coworker trusted me with this information but I was immediately discouraged from this thought when I remembered how enthused my other coworker was to get the position. She had shared with me how much it would mean to her if she got it, which made me feel so guilty even though I had nothing to do with what happened, but just knowing about it was terrible for me.

I found myself stuck between not wanting to betray the coworker that told me but also feeling terrible to be omitting this news from the other. Every time my coworker would bring it up I would try to change the conversation or make her feel reassured that no matter what she was going to be fine.  After much thought as to what to do, I went to the coworker who put me in this position and encouraged her to explain to her that she did not get the job. I told her that it was better to have her know than to keep her on edge like she had been doing. Thankfully it all worked out in the end.

Sometimes secrets are kept in fear of hurting someone but at times it is better to be completely honest rather than hiding something from them and risking that they do not forgive you for not only whatever the secret is but also for hiding it from them. In my case it worked out because she did not receive the position she was up for because she got a better one but I learned that honesty is always the best solution.

Overall, good writing except I’d like to see more about the connections with the readings and the concepts in your essay. This is more narrative than analysis, but keep writing and you will improve!

Secrecy Samantha

When it comes to secrecy there are people that tend to lie to protect others. What is clear is that secrecy is important in building a relationship with others. There is a sense that secrecy is strongly related to the relationships that people build with each other. The ability to keep information private tends to be a way that individuals can relate to one another. The reality is that people communicate in a number of ways. The idea of keeping secrets has been around for many years. There is a sense of excitement with secrecy and feeling privileged to have certain types of information.

The All too often experience (a bit awkward) for many people experience  there are many people that are liars in the world.  The ability to lie comes naturally to some people and they rely on that as a mechanism. The important thing to realize is that this can cause a great deal of confusion for individuals that really needs to be addressed due the negative impact it has. People are lying to protect others at times and sometimes they are lying because they feel that they will not get caught. They feel like they can get away with it for long periods of time. The reality is that there will always be the truth that comes out after a period of time. The truth bubbles up over time to show what is really going on.

  There are times when you have to keep information close to you and cannot disclose it to others. These are times when loyalty and trust are tested. It is important to pay attention to the way that we keep information secret and what the reason is for doing that. If the information is trivial then it is something that can easily be kept secret. If the information includes some facts that could be dangerous to others then we need to think about reporting it. There are people that need to report information because of their position or license. They are expected to reach out to get help for those that are showing signs that they are sharing information that could lead to themselves or someone else being hurt.

The use of lies to protect information is something that people need to stay away from. I do not like lying and it is something that I believe is absolutely unnecessary. There is a need to make sure that we understand that there are times when we will feel like we want to lie and we need to avoid it. These are the times where there is an easy way out. There are times when we feel that we need to lie because there is no other option. What is clear is that the truth is something that is always easier to utilize. Managing lies is something that is difficult and causes many more problems than telling the truth. The ability to be truthful and take into consideration the use of straight forward communication makes all the difference. There is a need to realize that we need to be considerate of the information that we are portraying being accurate. This is something that will make all the difference for us.

Communicating can be difficult. There can be times when there is miscommunication. We should play our part to make sure that the information that we give out is something that is utilized in an open manner. Without taking the truth to heart and utilizing that first there will be breakdowns in communication and the way that relationships are managed. The intent should be to do what is right and keep the focus on the authentic way of communicating. Putting lies aside and relying on accurate information makes all the difference.

In conclusion, here is a sense  that communication can be tricky. There is a need to think about the reality that Communication needs to be open and honest. Truth should be relied on and lies avoided. The ability to bend the truth and be willing to avoid lying can (is) be a good way for people to communicate. There has to be an approach of using withholding or being creative with information without lying. This will make all the difference over time. The reality is that the truth is much easier to manage and it is the authentic way of being connected. This is something that is critical to pay attention to. The ultimate results that will be achieved by being open with accurate information is a sense of trust being built and then trust can be built. The moment that trust is built up it is something that creates a bond between people.

Overall, pretty good Samantha, you make some good points but I would suggest tightening up your writing style. Sometimes less is more, so choose words carefully and avoid excessive use of words.