Victoria Martinez, 48 hours Blackout Essay, IDS 3309, Team 6

Victoria –

Excellent piece. Very thoughtful analysis of Deresiewicz and your experience. Overall, your writing is good. A final edit would be useful. Omit needless words.


In the article “The End of Solitude” by William Deresiewicz, he explains how solitude has disappeared in our society. He stresses this has happened due to the want of being desire to be connected or known. Technology and modernism of our society, play a major role in the to e nonexistence of solitude.

Deresiewicz, says technology is “taking away our privacy”, which is true. We are constantly relying on what technology has to offer to make us feel as if we are connected with everything, rather than finding solitude without having technology. Our lives revolve around everyone else’s life, (good) like Deresiewicz stated, “We live exclusively in relation to others and what disappears from our lives is solitude.” His example of the teenage girl sending 3,000 text messages within a one-month period, is a prime example of how we do not put time into solitude. It has become a thing in this day in age known as a cultural norm. 

In the article, Deresiewicz talks about the history of solitude. He says it was used for religious practice in order to find and hear God, but he said solitude was not accomplished until the Romantic Period, where writers like Rousseau and Thoreau and more, find it to be a physical necessity. Solitude was desired, but that has all changed, due to the developments in technology that have been made, such as the television. Childhood changed, Deresiewicz said. Nowadays not very many children play outside. They use the T.V. as there resource of connection, rather than finding solitude in simply just being alone without T.V. As a result of the T.V., internet arrived.

The internet has made solitude impossible for many. Our The theme of our age, postmodernism, is the desire to be recognized. With the internet that is possible. It is a constant stream of contact, which keeps us “wired in to the electronic hive” as Deresiewicz has quoted, and disconnected from solitude. With the internet comes a variety of outlets that we use, such as, Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and much more. There is always a concern of how many likes we get on a picture on Instagram or how many friends we have on snapchat. Before all these distractions, solitude was a norm. It was easy to be alone but not lonely. Now, that is unheard of.

When I did the 48 hours of no apps, T.V., video games, etc, I found myself more alone than ever. It was really like being disconnected from the world. I am so used to the constant urge to check my phone for Instagram feed or simply just watch Netflix, but without all of that, sadness and loneliness crept up on me. Not being connected, made solitude isolation. Being alone was being lonely. I definitely can relate to what Deresiewicz said that now solitude is just loneliness and boredom to us, because that is what came upon me. I found myself trying to do other activities, such as, exercising or taking people’s shifts at work, to avoid being by myself.  Solitude was harder to do than I thought.

Technology is without a doubt, a necessary intrusion of our solitude. My experience is just one example that solitude is being lonely and I need news in order to feel apart of life. Having the internet and other ways to involve myself with the world, is what makes me feel connected. That is how many of us live our lives and that is what our generation has made our therapy.


Fake News, Team Assignment, Group 6

Team 6: Very good piece. Reflection was particularly illuminating. Spelling and grammar lessened your ethos. Also, did you have a version with media? If so, please let me know. Otherwise, there is a deduction of 9 points.


Is Melania leaving Donald Trump because of Russian Mistress?

Donald Trump is back again with another outrageous tweet but not about politics. The tweet was toward some unknown woman. The White House is probably in scandal mode right now, as the news of President Trump’s marriage coming to an end reached media news outlets.

On March 31st, 2019, Melania Trump announced her divorce with the President. She tells sources “After a while of negotiating, me and Donald have decided to have a divorce, we have different views and opinions and our marriage is falling apart because of it.” Some speculation behind the divorce was because of a tweet Donald Trump had accidently accidentally posted. The tweet read “I had a great time last night, when can I see you again?” The tweet was quickly deleted, but thousands of his followers saw what he posted. Question is, who was the tweet about? Many of his followers believe he had an affair with a women woman in Russia. They assume, when he met with Putin last year that is when he began having an affair with his unknown mistress. Where is Trump during all of this media chaos? He has not been seen in awhile but sources say he has gone to his vacation home in West Palm Beach,  Florida.

It looks like Melania’s willingness to pull out all the stops has come to an end. After months of headlines about Trump’s infidelities and her intent to keep the intents of keeping it quiet, Melania is finally speaking out about her marriage and how it is falling apart. She has defended her husband in the past, as when she dismissed comments on the Access Hollywood tape as “body talk”.

“She is devastated, she never thought her marriage would be such a spectacle”, says an insider.

Melania is expected to be moving out of the White House this year. According to a statement, Melania will be taking custody of the kids and half of the things they own. We should have seen this coming, there have been multiple occasions where Melania has push pushed Trump’s hand away to avoid holding it in a public setting. Trump and Melania’s marriage has been full of awful accusations. The First Lady lady must have been devastated when she heard talk about Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal; the names of the women the US President apparently had affairs with while being with the first lady. This is just a repeat story since Trump’s past two marriages ended for the same reason.

Trump has had two previous marriages and now his third is about to end. This is no surprise. Trump has a history of infidelity and sexual misconduct. His disrespect and disloyalty has been shown in more than one opportunity throughout the years. Starting with his first marriage with Ivana Zelnickova, the mother of three of his children, Donald Trump’s marriages end because his constant love affairs. He finally showed the world that his disloyalties were more than nasty rumors. This time, the whole world could witness that his is not just a dishonor as president, but a disgrace as human being.     


We chose to write a story on Trump because everyone has it out for him. A hand full of people will believe any negative thing said about Trump. People perceive Melania’s and his relationship as unhealthy, but in reality we don’t know anything that happens behind closed doors. We are trying to target a teenage, Trump-hating, or uneducated audience to read our story. Our hook is the headline, the headline is what attracts people to most articles. The audience’s attention was grabbed by the headline and held because we used twitter and “inside sources” to make ourselves sound believable. We make it sound like we might have spoken to close friends, family or people with real facts. We certainly try to persuade the audience using ethos, we build credibility by providing sources like tweets and quotes from ”insiders” to make the audience believe what we are saying to be true. We also use pathos by bringing up Trump’s past with previous relationships and affairs making people feel sympathetic for the first lady. Lastly, we used logos by digging into his past and recognizing the patterns of failed marriages due to affairs, which is why we feel his marriage is crashing once again in our fake news story.



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Thesis for Final Paper

Laura –

Thesis needs to focus on a specific event, such as Guaido’s announcement of being President, or the blocking of the aid convoy. You also need to focus on the specifics of how we know about the event you select.

Revise and get back to me.


Venezuela stands as a nation with two presidents as of January 2019: Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido. Whether or not this will lead to a better country depends on the source of the media. How we know what we know about the situation is tinted by the media outlet we choose to listen to. 

Victoria Martinez Annotated Bibliography Team 6

Victoria –


Good sources. Watch spelling and capitalization.

Look forward to reading your essay.

Victoria Martinez                                                                                                                                                                                               

Thesis: On December 22, 2018, CNN and BBC were eager to share news about the government shut down. Social media, newspapers and television outlets provided a variety of angles of vision on this event. The President aimed to focus the discussion with his use of Twitter and campaign rallies. This essay will examine the use of rhetoric by news sources and the president, examine some of the assumptions of the president and his coverage, and detail who was left out of the discussion.1. United States Congress Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. Government Shutdown Prevention Act: Report of the Committee on Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, Together with Minority Views to Accompany S. 558 to Prevent the Shutdown of the Government at the Beginning of a Fiscal Year If a New Budget Is Not Yet Enacted. U.S. G.P.O., 1999

“”This is a report on the Government Shutdown prevention act. This book highlights the steps taken by the government to avoid a shutdown. It’s a highlight for the government to avoid a shutdown before the beginning of the fiscal year when they decide on a fiscal budget.”

found in FIU Green Library Documents U.S. Collection – 2nd Fl.2.

 ZHANG Wenyi. “The Reality of News Construction: China and the United States Reporting Framework Analysis on ‘The US Government Closed.’” China Media Report Overseas, vol. 11, no. 3, July 2015, pp. 76–82. EBSCOhost, Foun Found in the Communication and Mass Media Complete complete database

“This scholarly journal talks about how the chinese Chinese media promotes the affects of U.S. government shutdowns in China. The report shows how government shutdowns are portrayed in the exterior. Government shutdowns highlight the U.S. government as weak and innefective ineffective.”

3. Trade magazine : Cheadle, Harry. “The Shutdown Is Mitch McConnell’s Fault.” Vice, Vice, 7 Jan. 2019,

“The article highlights how bad government is and how much of a team mentality politics has taken. It emphasizes how Mitch McConnell could have ended the government shutdown but refused to due to partisan reasons. Its good to realize how we need a change in government and how we need to hold those in power accountable.”

4. Newspaper article: Leetaru, Kalev. “How the Shutdown Is Being Framed in the Media.” Video | RealClearPolitics, RealClearPolitics,

“This article talks about the government shutdown from the president’s perspective. The narrative battle between Republicans and Democrats is a continuing battle in the news cycle. The story shows reasons why it benefits Republicans republicans to continue the shutdown and also touches on hypocrisy from democrats Democrats in the past asking for more border security which they do not now.

5. Good website: Schwartz, Jason, and Politico. “Media Outlets Struggle to Assign Blame for Shutdown.” POLITICO, POLITICO, 20 Jan. 2018,

“Government shutdowns usually have a side to blame when it happens. During late 2019 and early 2019, the government and media had a hard time blaming who for legitimate reasons. This article proves the importance of having nuance to weigh out important factors pressuring both sides of the aisle.”

6. Personal source: Stillito, David. “Sign the Petition: Both Sides Are Not to Blame for Trump’s Shutdown.” CREDO Action,

“This website talks about how both sides should stop blaming each other for the shutdown. The site touches on how partisan behavior leads to more confrontation. The only option available is for compromise and for both sides to think ahead on a mutual solution especially when it comes to border security and immigration.

Bibliography, Tiffany Davis, Group 6

Tiffany –

Topic is fine, but the thesis needs a little work. Focus on the rhetoric used by both the protesters and government, and perhaps some mainstream media (Paris Match, The Economist, NYT, etc.). Look at the role media plays, especially social media and it’s impact on activism. Finally, did the government keep secrets during the protest?

Revise thesis and send to me.

Sources are good, but there are no annotations or a scholarly article. See a librarian or check with me to be sure you have one for the final essay.


The “Yellow Vest” activism going on in France is for the greater good of the middle class, the protesters are using various rhetoric on social media to get there message across because the President wants to raise taxes which harms the citizens financially.

  1. Jamali, Reza. Online Arab Spring: Social Media and Fundamental Change. Chandos, 2015.
  2. “Yellow Vest Protests Continue To Stir Unrest In France.” Weekend All Things Considered, 8 Dec. 2018. Literature Resource Center
  3. “For France’s yellow vest protesters, ‘gas tax is the tip of the iceberg’.” PRI’s The World, 4 Dec. 2018. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 7 Mar. 2019.
  4. McAuley, James. “Why are the ‘yellow vests’ still protesting in France? His name is Macron.” Washington Post, 8 Dec. 2018. Global Issues in Context, Accessed 7 Mar. 2019.
  5. “People Around France React To The Yellow Vest Protests.” All Things Considered, 7 Dec. 2018. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 7 Mar. 2019.
  6. McAuley, James. “France’s minorities are angry, too. But they’re mostly sitting out of the yellow vest protests.”, 28 Feb. 2019. Global Issues in Context, Accessed 9 Mar. 2019.

Final Essay Thesis Katherine Yi Team 6

Katherine –

Sources are good. To be sure you have a scholalrly source for the final essay, see a librarian or ask me.

Make sure citations are in proper MLA format. Most FIU databases have an automatic citation feature. Click on the title of the article, then click the Cite icon to the right. Select MLA, copy and paste. If you need help with this, ask a librarian or see me. For other sources, check with the Purdue Owl MLA site:


On December 22nd, 2018, Donald Trump declared a government shutdown to force funding for his projected border wall. His primary rhetorical appeal utilized pathos through social media. Many of the assumptions he made concerning the efficacy of a wall were questionable or even false.

Annotated Bibliography


Washington, D.C. “Impacts and Costs of the October 2013 Federal Government Shutdown.” Council of Economic Advisers, Executive Office of the President of the United States, 2013.

“Impacts and Costs of the October 2013 Federal Government Shutdown”, is a book created by the council of economic advisers. They describe the impacts and costs of the government shutdown when Obama was in term. They explained that it was the second longest shutdown in history and the most significant. They explained specifically what was affected by the shutdown and the statistics. This book is purely informational and educational by giving statistics and examples of situations.

FIU library catalog pdf

Journal article in a scholarly journal (CRS is a good source, but not scholarly)

Brass, Clinton T., Brudnick, Ida A., Keegan, Natalie., McMillion, Barry J., Rollins, John W., Yeh, Brian T. “Shutdown of the Federal Government: Causes, Processes, and Effects.” Dec. 10, 2018.

In this journal article, they discussed about the what happens during a government shutdown. They discussed in detail of the extent of what the government must prepare and predict for the future. They also go in to detail and explain with examples and the effects that the government shutdown will do to the country. This article is informative and educational.

FIU library catalog pdf

Article 1

Cochrane, Emily. “Government Shutdown Vs. Billions for the Wall.” Nov. 16, 2018.

Cochrane, Emily. “Government Shutdown Vs. Billions for the Wall.” The New York Times, 2018, p. A15.

In this article, Emily discusses of the current issue of Trump Vs the Democrats. She explained what triggered Trump to call for the Federal Government Shutdown and what the Democrats and Republicans will have to do about this. Also, she gives specific quotes from the Trump and other political party members explaining their point of view on the issue. Emily just explains what happens and shows how everyone feels about the shutdown and doesn’t give a bias view on the situation.

FIU library database academic OneFile

article 2

Haag, Matthew., Chokshi, Niraj. “Government Shutdown Updates: Where Things Stand.” Jan 25, 2019.

In this article, Matthew and Niraj update the public of what’s been happening during the government shutdown. They explain and give numbers on how many people are affected. Along with how both parties are saying about the situation. However, these journalists are bias and are more for the people side. They want the shutdown to be over and not have everyone suffer anymore.

FIU library database academic OneFile

A good website

This needs a cite.

A website that gives news and updates of the current news.


One good source of your choice

A page that has all the articles and updates about the government shutdown.


Again, needs a proper citation.

The 48-Hour News Cycle by Laura Melissa Higuera

Laura –

Very well written, but short on analysis with no discernible connection to Deresiewicz. It is very difficult to complete this essay in under 200 words. You are an excellent writer, but this assignment was not up to the standard of your previous work.

What I mainly felt during the 48-hour news blackout was anxiety. Fear of the unknown times a million. I wondered if the world had ended and I missed it.

I hate anxiety. I have a prescription for anti-anxiety but the medicine makes me hallucinate so I refuse to take them. I would much rather deal with the anxiety attacks, as they come, than hallucinate again.

So, not seeing the news was not fun. I had grown accustomed to check The New York Times and CNN, as well as the Israeli Times, and I missed them dearly during the 48-hour new blackout.

I had a good look at what ignorance is, though. I learned it is blissfully blind. For 48 hours, no negative thing happened in the world. Everything was fine and beautiful and dandy. Suddenly, the war in the Middle East did not exist and peace reigned true.

I actually grew to enjoy the no-news cycle. I had more space in my mind for other, more interesting things than news. Music theory, the recorder, the piano, singing, you name it- I did it. I felt freer than I have ever felt before. It was like a weight was lifted.