I’ve got a secret

I’ve got a secret

By: Sara Maya

A situation where I have had to lie to keep a secret was when I had two friends who were dating , and I had to keep a secret from one of them. I had known my friend Jane before I knew Matt and only met him and became friends with him after they began dating. Jane had strongly insisted that Matt and I become good friends because she loved us both. Her previous boyfriend and I did not get along , and we never were able to all spend time together. That left a bad taste in her mouth.

She wanted her new partner and her best friend to be close and capable of standing each other. A month or two into their relationship they started having problems and fighting more and more often. Throughout their relationship , I maintained my position as on nobody’s particular (concise language, please) side and made them both aware that I wouldn’t choose sides or apply any biased towards either of them. I made the decision (decided?) to be this way to be a fair individual , and since now I had a close brotherly friendship with Matt I didn’t want problems.

However, once they finally broke up Jane had asked me to no longer have communication with Matt. I , unfortunately , did not make the correct choice and instead of telling her that he was now my friend and that I thought it was an unfair request I simply lied to appease her request. Matt and I didn’t talk often , but we would remain in very minor communication and was always an emotionally supportive friend when I needed someone or advice in regarding to men.

Two months had passed since their break up , and one-night Jane had asked me for my phone pass code because she wanted to be the DJ while we had some drinks. I thought nothing of it and didn’t feel I had anything to hide because at this point I hadn’t spoken to Matt for about a month and a half. His messages were very far down in my threads. Out of nowhere , Jane came up to with Matt , and It’s messages pulled up and very angry. She shoved my phone in my face and drove off. I absolutely in no way felt empowered by this lie and also had never felt any guilt about until this situation arose. I genuinely never thought it would hurt anyone and I was wrong.

I clearly had no idea that Jane had any sort of suspicions but clearly, she was trying to penetrate my secret , and she absolutely did. I feel as though her she and I were both left with a feeling of betrayal. In the end, I see that this was a selfish lie and it did more harm than anything else. Any trust that we had between each other completely disintegrated when my privacy was invaded (passive voice) , and my word was tried (passive voice) against (preposition at the end of a sentence). There was no need for my lie and no need for her to invade my privacy and ultimately Jane and I both lost a friend.

Good narrative but get lost at the end. Where is the theory? Again, watch the language, please.


A Life in Secret

Akayla Hodge | PID:6075132 | IDS3309 | Group 5

Secrets are simply untold truths that stay in the dark and these truths have been kept by most people at least once in their lives whether it be something as simple as not telling a friend that you’re planning a surprise party for them or something as serious as you not telling anyone that you committed a crime. A secret can be kept by just one person or by multiple people. With every secret , there is a lie present. The two go hand in hand so there cant be one without the other. We use lies to keep secret but at the same time , we keep secrets to cover up lies. Lies are also told (passive voice) as a way (concise language, please) to obtain secrets from others. After taking on the responsibility of keeping a secret, it can become a burden in your everyday life when you find yourself constantly having to lie in order to keep the secret.

Over the years, I have been entrusted to keep many secrets from friends as well as family which I could not tell to anyone else. One secret that I was told to keep was about my friend cheating on her boyfriend with another guy. When my friend told me what she had been doing, I thought she was playing a joke on me , so I didn’t believe anything she said. I didn’t think that she was capable of doing can do something like that because she was always seen (passive voice) as the innocent child that did no wrong. When I didn’t believe her, she began to show me pictures of her with the other guy acting as if they were a couple and I began (started?) to believe (understand?). I was completely lost for words when I knew the truth , and my first thought was asking myself what I should do about the situation. My friend made me promise that I would keep her secret because she didn’t want either guy to find out since she liked them both.

I was placed in a very difficult (tough?) spot because at the time I considered myself a close friend of all three persons that were mixed (passive voice) into the relationship. This secret had me constantly battling with what I thought was right and wrong. At one point I was defending the girl and trying to justify her actions by thinking the entire situation was ok because she was happy , but at other times I asked myself, “would want someone to tell me if I was being cheated on or would I rather not know?”

As the days went by I thought about the situation more and more while continuously creating new scenarios of how everything would play out under different circumstances. I thought about potentially losing a friend if told the secret and I also thought about losing a friend if her boyfriend found out that I knew what was happening and I didn’t tell him. This situation made me feel really uneasy because everyday every day I had to tell a new lie to help cover up the secret. After many lies were told (passive voice) in an effort to keep the secret, my friend slipped up and , in the end , got caught in her lies by her boyfriend. A secret once in the dark came to light.

Good narrative. Where is the theory?. Watch the language, please.

I’ve Got a Secret – Miguel Anyelo

Thesis –  Secrecy perpetrates the need for more lies, which is a bond that links both lies and secrecy together.

One time that I felt compelled to lie was to keep my girlfriend safe after she scratched her sister’s brand-new Dodge Charger. One person that was trying to penetrate our secret was her sister as she questioned us wondering if we were responsible. Both of us lied profusely to cover our own tracks. We even went out of our way to buy paint to repaint the scratch. However, we didn’t apply it correctly and frankly made it look worse. This , in turn , made her sister and her parents speculate whether it was an accident or an act with malicious intent.

The secrets empowered the both of us because we took control of the situation and made it out without any real repercussions. I knew lying was wrong and I told my girlfriend to just ask her dad for help since he was an expert with on cars. Truthfully had we been honest, we probably would have fixed the problem before her sister even noticed the scratch/bad (lousy?) paint job. However, since my girlfriend believed that being honest would get her in trouble, we both committed to the lie to make sure we would never get caught. This , in turn , led to a snowball effect of lies that kept on accumulating as our narrative continued to evolve. Secrecy perpetrates the need for more lies, which is a bond that links both lies and secrecy together. (Good)

Due to the way secrecy operates, being kept (passive voice) within a tight circle, the amount of thinking power is limited. By cutting off the amount number of people who can help come up with a better solution, secrecy reduces the feedback or constructive criticism that can be used to deduced a better course of action. (!) Not only that but another danger of secrecy is how lying can affect people and hurt them. Like I mentioned earlier in my anecdote, involving my girlfriend’s dad would have probably saved us a lot of the hassle we went through and not only that, but my girlfriend’s sister probably would not have felt as attacked.

I did feel special as an insider when it came to the secret because it was exclusive information and I like how we had control over who knew the secret. I felt obligated to keep the secret and reveal nothing to anyone we did not trust. I thought I was obligated to keep the secret and to maintain the confidentiality because my girlfriend had confided in me. However, the need to maintain that confidentiality placed a huge burden on me since I was in a position where I was constantly needed needing to lie to her parents, who I had just started to meet , and I wanted to leave a good impression. Nevertheless, loyalty to my girlfriend ultimately beat the need to impress her parents as I rationalized that if they ever found out and saw it from my perspective, my girlfriend’s parents would understand. This whole ordeal reveals that secrets and lies are not mutually exclusive , and that their bond can have many dangerous consequences.

Excellent, good narrative and handling of story coherence. Watch the language.

I’ve got a Secret (Team 5)

We cover ourselves in lies every single day. There has never been a day in my life where I have not lied, but is this a good thing or a bad (dreadful?) thing?

I can’t imagine anyone who has never lied. If someone says they have never lied , then they are lying. (Just) There have been many moments I have had to lie to keep a secret, but one particular (more concise language, please) moment that I remember is lying to keep my friends relationship alive. In my life , I am told to never lie. (By whom?) This is extremely confusing because what if lying can save someone? What if a lie was told (passive voice) for the greater good of humanity?

In my case , I have a friend who is a cheater.  Whenever his girlfriend asks me about his whereabouts I have to must lie for him. One of the things I absolutely don’t condone is cheating, but how does someone go about it when someone they have known since childhood is doing it? Should I put pride before friendship? Or friendship before pride?  These are the moments that make me think about how fake I am? Contradicting myself in order to keep a healthy relationship going. The relationship between me and my friend became stronger and more loyal but at what cost?

Lies are used to keep secrets from others. Constantly I find myself lying for the sake of a greater situation. Although I am contradicting myself, in a way , there is some good behind it. My friend and his girlfriend are still a happy couple. What if I told his girlfriend that he is cheating and then his girlfriend decides to take the wrong approach in dealing with the situation. What if one of them become extremely disappointed and fall into depression and ultimately commit suicide. How will I feel then? Does telling the truth all of a suddenly become bad and lying all of a sudden good? These are all hypothetical situations but are situations that can actually happen.

Also , when talking about this moment I have to must think about the consequences I may face. Prima Facie duty is an agreement that I shouldn’t break. If I broke , that broke my Prima Facie duties with my friend what will happen to me? What will I gain from it?

Lying, secrets, confidentiality are all complicated things. There may be a lot of wrong with it , but there are some good intentions behind it. There is a middle ground between them. There are times when we need to lie and there are times when we need to tell the truth. It’s all a game of chess to me. We all make moves hoping to reach a certain goal only to go through a lot of good (right?) decisions and bad decisions.  At the end of the game all the pieces can resemble the lies and truths that were told , (passive voice) and the capturing of the king can be our effort to capture our happiness in every situation.

Good narrative. No theory. Look for language, please.

48 Hour Blackout

By Sara Maya:

The blackout experience was not very difficult for me whatsoever. In all honesty , prior to being a student at Florida International University I chose to stay away from the news. I am living on my own have made the choice financially and as some sort of a hippy to not have cable television. I am aware that by ignoring the news and not being up to date with what is occurring in our world, I’m choosing ignorance which may reflect negatively on me specifically since my career choice is public relations. But to justify my choosing of this ignorant path I have been in control of my own thoughts, my own feelings, my own perception of my world. This to me has always been my form of solitude. The very fact of myself choosing what information I let into my mind or the individuals I allow into my life. Because who I allow into my life is another form of messenger. When I engage in my own solitude I find myself the healthiest version of myself. It is so easy to be brainwashed into negativity by all the things the news informs us of (Preposition at the end of a sentence). I’ve never come across something on any of the main news suppliers such as CNN, Fox News, and so on that is positive news. (Welcome to life) However now as a student at FIU and a maturing growing young adult who will be pursuing a career in public relations, I am made very aware that whether I like it or not the news is and will be forever relevant to me. During this exercise, it was simple for me to not engage in anything like the radio, specifically NPR or even weather updates because it was my birthday weekend. Every year since my 19th birthday I’ve decided to never have expectations , so I will not be let down. (What?) That being said I wanted to spend my time at the beach and because I wasn’t able to (couldn’t?) look at the weather I thought to myself well may the chips lay where they fall and go with the flow. The flow brought me to the beach with beautiful weather and no worries of false news alerts telling me that at some point there would be rain. When it comes to not listening to NPR the only informative news I ever allow myself to listen to I was happy I wasn’t listening to all the negative events that have just occurred here in Parkland for I am a very empathetic person and I feel for those who even I do not know and feel their pain which results in tears and sadness. (Sentence too long) All in all, I do believe that news is a necessary intrusion of our solitude. Being in tune with the news allows you to be self-aware in the world that you live in. You need to know what is going on , so you can navigate through this world accordingly.

Reading in block is tiresome. Please, more paragraphs and less block.

Excellent wording.

Don’t flourish, be concise, please.

Also, where is the thesis?

48-hour News Blackout- Group 5

Thesis: Deresiewicz assessments of solitude can be applied (passive voice) to our lives, due to the instant connectivity and instant gratification that comes with it. The news News is a necessary intrusion to our solitude.

In William Deresiewicz’s “The End of Solitude”, Deresiewicz examines solitude as a necessity to help individuals reach their full potential. Deresiewicz believes that technology has created an interconnected web that challenges our ability to be alone.  Not only that, but Deresiewicz mentions the rise of the celebrity culture within the internet and how many aims to replicate that celebrity status for the notability. As much as I do not like to admit it, I can see myself in Deresiewicz’s arguments, mainly the need to always be connected in fear of loneliness. I never made the conscience connection to why I am always online or always trying to reach people through instant messaging , but it is a way I can cope with isolation and boredom. (Good analysis)

While I am not an influencer or a person with online leverage, I can relate to Deresiewicz’s arguments about the yearning to become miniature celebrities due to the fact we are so interlocked (passive voice) with each other through social media and the internet.  When I use to post online, while it is not my main (primary?) goal, I do like seeing my likes and quotes to go up. The instant gratification is very rewarding , and it gives me the impression that my opinions are being heard out. All in all, the visibility from social media allows me to feel better about myself and makes me believe that I can make a change in our society by empowering my voice. (!)

When I set out on my own 48-hour news blackout, I was anticipating feelings of loneliness just as Deresiewicz depicts in “The End of Solitude”. The state of being that Deresiewicz describes is one of loneliness and boredom and how they are intimately linked. As the media blackout commenced , I felt originally unfazed. Prior to this exercise, I would never actively seek out news pertaining real life current events. At most, I would look into was celebrity gossip, science updates or cinema news. I thought I could brave this assignment nonchalantly. I was wrong. By the end of the day, I was picking up my phone and mindlessly scrolling through my home screen, constantly reminding myself that I could not open Instagram, twitter or any internet news websites.

I felt isolated by the second day. Deresiewicz describes the isolation and how the loneliness we feel is a normal state of being. However, with an upbringing in the 21st century, I was raised around technology’s engulfing influence , so I am not used to not being connected. I personally (tautological: personally?) felt anxious and found myself with a lot of time on my hands. Time itself seemed to be moving at a sluggish pace. I could not find proper substitutes to pass the time. I even had to force myself to disconnect from conversations in real life. This process highlighted to me how important news is in my life and how it is a necessary intrusion to our solitude. As soon as the 48-hour news blackout ended, I found myself indulging in news media, even watching traditional 6 o clock news with a newfound appreciation.

Please check always, good descriptions. Excellent analysis.

48- hour news blackout

Individual assignment 3

Sarah Silva


48- hour news blackout

After reading Deresiewicz opinion on how our generation has evolved over time because of the internet, it is unfortunate to think that our contemporary selves not only want but need to be seen and recognized so that we fill the void of feeling alone. This idea becomes even more sad when you realize that most individuals in this generation are constantly seeking this reassurance on the internet. (Excellent, how refreshing)

Over time we developed a lifestyle where we turn ourselves into “miniature celebrities,” mentioned by Deresiewics, just to be visible and felt seen by the “friends” we have on our social media. As an individual who is part of this generation , I can say that I do see myself in this argument to a certain extent. Although at times I catch myself wanting to post about my life to keep social media up to date I am also among the few of my friends that need some alone time. Unlike most of our generation according to the article , I don’t consider myself part of this argument because not only am not afraid of solitude but also , I don’t find a need having to be seen or noticed by the “friends” that I may have on my social media.

At first , I looked at avoiding the news as if it was a game of dodgeball , ; I was avoiding Snapchat, Facebook, and mostly Twitter. After the first 24 hours of avoiding my social medias , it became harder than I thought because curiosity and some extent of boredom began to creep into my life. While I was avoiding all my social media channels that I use day to day I am slowing without realizing it used Tumblr has a substitute for the gap that was created by the blackout.

For the majority of the 48 hours , I had experienced solitude to another level. While a group of my friends were having a group discussion on what was going on in the news , I had ignored their messages and social media to the point where I no longer had known what was going on in the real world. In this moment of frustration, it immediately became clear to me how I’ve taken the news for granted most of my life. From simple aspects such as what the weather is this weekend being the deciding factor if I’m going to the beach or not to the deciding factor if I’m scared or not about sad news. Not being able to know what’s going on in the world makes you live almost blind while you don’t see the sad (tragic?) news humans around the world are going through you do know it’s still happening. With this in mind (With this in mind?) the news is an intrusion of our solitude it fills us with problems and sadness of the world creating worry about other life’s stealing the bit of solitude (loliness?) that we could have.

Please Ms. Silva, check, check, check. Always.

Excellent work.