Fake News Assignment: Team #3

Team 3, you are really good fakers. Excellent background, good media and references. Generally, the writing is OK.  Clever, creative story. On the other hand, the main idea is that the kids are now forced labor. You develop that idea a little but then drop it and start talking about the situation in general. Good graphics. Good work!


The Assignment – Thi Nguyen, Theresa Raymond


SOUTH TEXAS – In the wake of the unfortunate family separation at the US-Mexico border, President Trump signed an executive order to create a process for reunification. However, recent and credible sources at the South Texas detention center have reported that these migrant children are actually working at a labor camp. These migrant children’s parents are being held in a separate facility on a charge for crossing between the ports of entries and in the process of being deported within 60 days. They are also being forced to work due to cutbacks in staff and a lack of supplies to supplement the surge of these migrant children. Their job descriptions and roles range from taking care of other children to helping distribute food to other occupants. While these migrant children have free shelter and food in the meantime, they are being stripped of their rights and forced to labor under the Department of Health and Human Services in response to the inadequate amount of resources available to the detention centers. The Department of Family and Children has stepped in and released an official statement regarding that the migrant children not be subjected to this cruel and unusual punishment.
This style of aid is similar to that of prisoners who help that prisoners help run the day-to-day operations of the prison. However, the Department of Family and Children has also included that these prisoners have opted in to help as a job within the prison in exchange for money, yet these migrant children are not being paid. in any type of resource.

White House administration and senior policy advisor Stephen Miller claims that a 2008 anti-trafficking law as a mandate for family separations. The law in question, The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, actually requires children to be referred to the HHSORR (Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement). The HHSORR screens children to if determine whether they are subject to trafficking and is to make arrangements to supply them shelter, foster care, or sponsorship in the United States (For example, a family member.)

To be clear this is not a ‘democratic law; nor does it require that children and families be separated. This law was passed by both parties of Congress and officially signed into a law dating back to the days the George W. Bush administration. It does not force Trump to separate families, but it does stop detention and the ‘securing’ of the border. What really causes to a displacement of these children is the detainment of their parents or guardians. US policy states that all adults caught crossing the border are to be criminally prosecuted and sent to federal jail. At that point separation is inevitable, they are taken by border police and upon being separated from their parents they are deemed “unaccompanied alien children” by the US government. Under federal law, these children are to be detained and sent into custody the OOR.

This policy is fairly new, but its foundation is very much built upon a preexisting system. It results in the separation of at least 2700 families, many who have not yet been reunited and a few who do not know the fate of their children or families. It is not for certain how the government will reunite these children with their families or if the Trump administration has it on their agendas. What is for certain is that this crisis disintegrates the value and practice of human welfare and President Trump has a major problem on his hands.

Reflective Essay – Velvario Faulkner
In writing the prompt regarding alien We wrote about families being split apart due to illegal immigration to the U.S.  improper importation to far visiting countries such as the USA. We chose this topic because the migrants are being treated unjustly. We used this topic to create are also news because this was the most gregarious injustice done to visiting parties from a far land. The cruelty from the morals of the group was concluded to be inhumane and need to be acknowledged. The migrants were treated cruelly and inhumanely. The rhetorical appeal we mostly used was combined with Ethos and Pathos. Conducting this our news we looked at fake news like making a lie. And from statistics of lies, they have commonly based off 80% truth. We created our fake news by making lies with statistics. Our intended audience is conservative, far right people who would spread this fake news article to show how children aren’t being separated rather they are coming in alone frightened and scared. Also To the audience of caring parents who sacrifice giving their children better lives and opportunities by coming to the USA.

The Research Portion –

Valentina Calvo, Steven Alfandary







Annotated Bibliography

Great, Steven.

On the final works cited, the items will be in alphabetical order, as I am sure you already know. 



Steven Alfandary

Team 03


Thesis: In a historic meeting between the two Koreas, Kim Jong-un became the first North Korean leader to step foot in South Korea since 1953, hopefully marking the dawn of a new, less hostile era. Whether a genuine, lasting peace will be achieved remains to be seen. Some media and government voices hold out real hope, while others say that this is just a publicity stunt.


Leeb, Julia, et al. North Korea : Anonymous Country. Kempen : teNeues, [2014], 2014. EBSCOhost, ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=cat06026a&AN=fiu.032947531&site=eds-live.

This book provides captions and photographs depicting the history of anonymity in North Korea. It is relevant to my topic because I can reference how North Korea’s anonymity plays in how the media covers them. It will be relevant to reference how both their media and foreign media cover issues pertaining to the country.


Walker, Garrett. “The Nuclear Hermit: Foreign Failures and the Fate of North Korea.” Harvard International Review, vol. 39, no. 2, Spring2018, pp. 10-12. EBSCOhost, ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=129196176&site=ehost-live&scope=site.

This scholarly article describes the improving relation between the two Koreas. It will help to provide context on how North Korea handles foreign relations and how the media plays into that. I will use this article to reference how North Korea’s foreign relations matters are carefully conducted and calcualted as to influence the media.


“Reporting on North Korea.” Nieman Reports, vol. 58, no. 3, Fall2004, p. 97. EBSCOhost, ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=14690198&site=ehost-live&scope=site.

This article talks about the several different reporting techniques used by journalists in North Korea. It talks about how international perception of the country is based on how the North Korean media covers their issues. This article is relevant to my topic and it will help me describe how North Korean media influences the  countries global perception.

do you mean….how other countries perceive North Korea?


Sukhija, Sheetal. “Trump Vows to Restart War Games If North Korea Talks Fail.” North Korea Times, 18 June 2018, http://www.northkoreatimes.com/news/257504986/trump-vows-to-restart-war-games-if-north-korea-talks-fail.

This article is an example of relations between the U.S. and North Korea. It describes the recent meeting between the U.S. and North Korea and is an example of one way the meeting was covered by the press. This along with other coverings of the event will help me highlight the differences in media coverage.


Ji, Dagyum. “U.S. to Hold Talks with North Korea ‘at the Earliest Possible Time’: ROK FM.” North Korea News, 18 June 2018, http://www.nknews.org/2018/06/u-s-to-hold-talks-with-north-korea-at-the-earliest-possible-time-rok-fm/.

This article describes relations between North Korea and the U.S. It is another example of how North Korean media is covering the ongoing talks between the U.S. and North Korea. It will aid my paper by helping me describe how the North Korean press views the relations between President Trump and Kim Jong-un.


Campbell, Charlie. “A War of Fiery Words, for Now, between North Korea and the U.S.” Time, vol. 190, no. 7, 21 Aug. 2017, pp. 9-11. EBSCOhost, ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=124562554&site=ehost-live&scope=site.

This article describes hostile rhetoric between the U.S. and North Korea before they agreed to conduct diplomatic talks and meet. It will aid my paper in showing how the media coverage between the two countries has shifted attitudes since President Trump and Kim Jong-un met.

Secrets/Revelations Assignment

You have explored the psychology of lying and secrets

with great insight and intricacy.

Well done! SK


Thi Nguyen

Team #3

Earlier this year, I changed jobs from working as a retail store employee to a front desk associate at a fitness studio. I essentially replaced two front desk employees. The secrecy in this situation was that the employees did not know that they were going to be fired when I was hired because my manager was too nice to do so. They had been working there for years. Instead of letting them go immediately, she had slowly given them fewer hours until they simply did not work at the studio anymore. This spanned out for an entire grueling month. My manager fired them because I was a better front desk associate according to praises from clients and the trainers. I would make clients feel welcome when they came to the studio, check them in for class, etc. The two employees had been doing only the bare minimum; it made more sense to keep a dutiful employee than two lackadaisical workers.

I understand the thoughtfulness of my manager in why she decided to slowly faze deciding to slowly phase out the previous employees to spare their feelings. But she also did it to mitigate any backlash against me since I was the new girl at work. I have to agree that I did face some level of unwarranted passive aggressiveness and standoffish behavior. My manager placed the burden on her since she was in a higher position and I was just an associate. This confidentiality between my boss and me created this intimate bond because we knew something that my ex-coworkers did not. It wasn’t hard to keep it a secret but it was difficult evading the questions that I was facing from my ex-workers because I had to lie – a lot.

It made me feel initially bad because I was taking over another person’s job but I found out that my ex-coworkers weren’t good at their job anyway. Unfortunately, it did empower me because I knew I was going to get paid more, be at the job I loved more often and I wouldn’t have to deal with my ex-coworkers anymore. I remember when my boss told me that she was going to let them go that I was shocked but understood why it had to be done. They were not putting in the same effort at work as me and it was frustrating having to pick up the slack for them. My boss noticed this and handled it accordingly. They were still invited to our meetings and involved in group chats to evade any clue that they were being let go. which I thought that was slightly nefarious. However, it was not done with malicious intent and had their best intentions interests at heart. When a secret is being kept, lying is always involved in order to protect the other parties’ feelings but also my autonomy. I valued my new job. and It was unfortunate that it had to happen in this way, but it was for the best of the productivity of the workplace.

Secrets and Revelations

Great story, well told. Vivid concrete descriptions, wry

style. Good work. 



“Revenge by young men is considered gain, even at the cost of their own lives, but old men who stay at home in times of war, and mothers who have sons to lose, know better.”

-Chief Seattle


I am neither not a man, mother, or boy, but I have been a little girl scorned in the past who partook in an act of vengeance that had been was sweeter than a glass of honey. In this instance my table may have not been set by The Almighty, but I came across it at such an opportune time that it seemed to be anointed.

I was in the 6th grade, and instead of attending my home/local school, I attended a school in Coral Springs. There were no recognizable faces, no one or anyone that I could really connect with at the time, so I kept to myself. I did not bother anybody, and I expected the same. However, that was not what I got in return. There was one boy who had made it his personal mission to try and get up under my skin every day. He was a disrespectful little twit really. He was in my PE class and was part of a group of other male twits that would hit the girls’ bottoms when we would walked the track. I had always been able to avoid it because I would make sure I was surrounded by the girls in my class. I must have had to be been slacking this day because I got popped by none other than him. I was vexed to say the least and felt this overwhelming urge to get back at him. I didn’t care about any consequences. I just wanted to get even, and I did. Later in the class period, after everything had calmed down, I snuck behind him, pantsed him, and ran away. He was more than embarrassed. He looked like he was going to explode. I had expected him to get mad and pull up his pants, but he was so bent up about it that he told. He didn’t see my face. He just saw the shirt I had on that another girl happened to be wearing the same day as I had. He told our coach that it was her, and the girl retaliated by outing him and his friends for harassing the girls in PE. For some reason no one suspected me, and I went along with it. In the end he got in-school suspension and I got out unscathed. In that moment I felt powerful and somewhat like an avenger. My cup had runneth over.

I’ve got a secret

Good story, well told. My favorite line: “I felt ashamed even if it was to protect my friend. I felt guilty. I felt dirty.” This truly goes right to the heart of the story. 


Steven Alfandary

Team 03


When I was in 8th grade I had to keep a secret. I had to lie to sustain it, in order to maintain a relationship with one of my closest friends at the time. In hindsight, the situation was not nearly as important as we made it out to be, but at the time it felt like had someone found out, the world would tear apart.I felt that if someone had found out, the world would have torn apart.

It was just the 2nd week of the 8th grade. I was killing time in the bathroom during a study break. My friend Brian joined me. We were standing in front of the mirror when Brian got the idea to “graffiti” the bathroom walls. He had a few Sharpies on him and he wanted to draw all over the walls. It didn’t seem like a great idea, but Brian began without hesitation. While Brian was covering the walls in abstract, random drawings, I only watched. A few minutes later the bathroom was noticeably covered in “graffiti”. We headed back to class. During that same day, the principal called for a spontaneous assembly. In that assembly, he addressed the graffiti covered bathroom. He said it would cost time and money to fix it. He demanded that whoever had done it step forth whoever did it to step forth or every student would suffer the “consequences”. I was scared.

Brian came to me and told me not to tell anyone. He said if I were his true friend, then I’d lie and cover for him. So, I did that. I directly lied to my friends that asked if I knew who had done it. I felt pretty guilty and uncomfortable, but I did it because I did not want to lose Brian as a friend. Even by not telling the principal, I was lying. He never asked me personally, but I was lying by omission. It was easy to keep the secret because no one suspected us. No one suspected anyone in particular simply because it could have been anyone. So, there was no one trying to penetrate the secret.

The situation empowered Brian, but not me. I know it empowered Brian because he felt strong after the whole thing died down and people stopped looking for who had done it. He felt like we had robbed a bank together and that he could trust me with anything. I didn’t feel empowered. I felt ashamed even if it was to protect my friend. I felt guilty. I felt dirty. Brian and I remained friends, but I didn’t feel closer to Brian because of the situation. We’ve talked about it many times and we always just laugh. Although it sounds silly now, I did experience some stress at the time. I felt nervous someone would find out it was us. I guess that’s what secrets do to one.

Secrets, almost always, imply that there are lies being thrown around, because without lies secrets risk exposure.

Thesis Draft

Steven Alfandary

Team 03


In a historic meeting between the two Koreas, Kim Jong-un became the first North Korean leader to step foot in South Korea since 1953, hopefully marking the dawn of a new, less hostile era. Whether a genuine, lasting peace will be achieved remains to be seen. Some media and government voices hold out real hope, while others say that this is just a publicity stunt.


(Your original sentence was a fact. However, we had to turn it into a thesis: a statement with a little pro-and-con tension. Something reflecting a few points of view so that you can explain who is lying and who is telling the truth among government spokespeople and media. Who is manipulating you? Who is keeping secrets? What’s fake and what’s real? And all the other stuff you are learning in this class.)



48-Hour Blackout Experience

Thi, an exceptional essay. Thoughtful, ruminative, revealing and grounded.


Thi Nguyen

Team 3

During the 48-hour blackout, I experienced an itch to check on my social media, news platforms or even the weather because it is instilled in me to know what is going on around me. Since it was Just as it is a daily habit for me to brush my teeth and wash my face, it’s the same for checking the news. That’s why the blackout was very disquieting.

I wouldn’t say that I was substituting my news blackout with faux social activities because I personally practice healthy detox from any forms of social media or news. I write in my journal, go to the beach or go running; all are very healthy forms to spend time by myself. This allows me to recharge from all of the noise in the background. I found myself doing all of those activities more and it wasn’t difficult to get into them because I value spending time with myself. I agree with Deresiewicz in that, “The more we keep aloneness at bay, the less are we able to deal with it and the more terrifying it gets.” I enjoy stepping out of the spotlight in order to bring myself back to spending time with myself. This allows me to become introspective with every aspect of my life and has helped me grow as a person. I wrote about ten pages in my journal while I was lying down on the beach; it was very cleansing and refreshing. I went into the water about four times and watched the ebbs and flows of the tides when I got out. Not only was I developing my solitude but I was becoming more mindful and that helped me grow as a person.

To some degree, the news is a necessary intrusion of my solitude but if I am not comfortable with the energy I can simply turn it off. I recognize that I can control my reactions and my level of productivity along with the news. The news is an influence on how I live my daily life but only a minute portion such as the weather amongst other things. I value my own autonomy too much. This is why I am very self-aware of how much news is a lot. I can’t control how pervasive it is in my life, but I can control how I react to it.

I disagree that news engenders more solitude by providing us the tools to form our own thoughts and opinions. I can develop my own autonomy by networking or communicating with other individuals to help me do that. I find that news itself is very one-dimensional or esoteric to the masses. A lot of individuals I know detest the news for being so flashy and utilizing agenda setting too often which becomes nauseating at times. For example, any arbitrary news about Trump will be posted on all broadcasting stations and news outlets. It makes me eye-roll to no end but I have the choice to not read it or ignore it.