Thesis Draft 2 – Marielle Cohen

Marielle –

Focusing on the report is fine. However, your thesis needs to be about how we know about the report. What rhetoric is used, how is the report disseminated, perhaps who supports or rejects the report and what rhetoric do they use? Is secrecy involved in any way?


You are on the right track. Just revise the thesis and check back with me.


Between December 2nd and 15th, the United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Katowice. Concerns were raised on the need to speed up the control of the escalating global warming; these events have been influenced by scientific report which states that the past five years have been the hottest period in history, therefore, there is an urgent need for the world to embrace ways to reduce the impact of global warming by 2030.


Annotated Bibliography Team #1 Joey Hernandez

Joey: Good sources. It might be wise to focus on one specific speech of Maduro. Also, it seems unlikely that his speeches lack pathos, ethos, and logos. Surely he uses one of the rhetorical modes in his efforts to persuade. Remember, rhetoric isn’t about what’s true or false, but how a speaker is attempting to sway an audience.


Thesis Statement:

 The barricade of Venezuela that prevents food or medical aid from neighbor countries has been heard all around the world. We can see how president Maduro’s speeches about this topic lack pathos, ethos, and logos.

  1. Book:


Maduro, Nicolás. Diálogos Con El Presidente Nicolás Maduro : Ocho Entrevistas. Caracas, Venezuela : CO, Ediciones Correo del Orinoco, marzo de 2014., 2014. EBSCOhost,

Database: FIU Library Catalog

Nicolas Maduros is interviewed several times in this book to understand better what he is trying to do. On these interviews he talks about how Venezuela will get back up, how he is helping Venezuela to get out of poverty, and a lot of “positive things” that he is doing. We can see how he lacks pathos, ethos, and logos on these interviews.

2. Academic Journal:

VON BERGEN GRANELL, FRANZ. “Los Discursos De Nicolás Maduro: Marcos, Relato Y Juegos De Lenguaje.” MARCO (Márketing y Comunicación Política), vol. 3, Jan. 2017, pp. 33–56. EBSCOhost, doi:10.15304/marco.3.4209.

Database: Business Source Complete

This journal talks about the different ways in which Maduro talks during speeches. He uses different strategies and plays a lot with his words to persuade his audience. He uses these clever techniques to create credibility.

3. Magazine:

Gonzalez Solano, Bernardo. “LA ANTI DEMOCRACIA DE NICOLAS MADURO MOROS: Venezuela.” Siempre!, no. 3389, 2018, p. 54. EBSCOhost,

Database: InfoTrac Informe!

This magazine talks about the reelection of Maduro for presidency. There is a high chance that he will be reelected because of corruption. The people know that if he gets reelected, hunger and lack of first aid will increase exponentially and Venezuela will perish.  

4. News article:

Tn. “La Crisis En La Venezuela De Nicolás Maduro: Hiperinflación, La ‘Dieta Del Hambre’, Falta De Medicinas y Éxodo.” Todo Noticias, TN, 9 Jan. 2019,

Website: TN News

Venezuela is suffering from a huge problem with inflation because of its president. Venezuela’s economy has shrunk more than 50% since Nicolas Maduro came into power. More than one-third of Venezuela’s population eat only one meal a day

5. Website:

 Ángel Bermúdez. “Crisis En Venezuela: Por Qué La Oposición Espera Que Este 23 De Febrero Sea Su ‘Día D’ y Cuál Puede Ser La Respuesta Del Gobierno De Nicolás Maduro – BBC News Mundo.” BBC News, BBC, 23 Feb. 2019,

Website: BBC

This website talks about a news that occurred several weeks ago where Nicolas Maduro rejected food supply from the United States. He stated that “United States’ help was a rotten gift” and that their intention was to take over their resources.

6. Other:

“Venezuela Refuerza Barrera En Puente Para Impedir Ingreso De Ayuda Humanitaria.” TalCual, 14 Feb. 2019,

Website: Talcualdigital

This website talks about how Maduro barricaded the bridge where aid was supposed to arrive. He put several cargo containers to fully block any aids from other nearby countries. This shows that his positive speeches do not match with his evil actions.

Sebastian Saavedra Team 1 Annotated Bibliography

Sebastian –

Needed to at least see your topic to judge relevance. Please get your thesis approved asap. I’ll assume the topic is immigration. Watch your spelling.



Source #1 E-Book

Found in FIU Library Database

  • Newton, Lina. Illegal, Alien, or Immigrant: The Politics of Immigration Reform. New York University Press, 2008

Immigration is a topic that has always been part of the political debates. The country  has faced many outbursts of anti-immigrant and Lina Newton dives into the debates and arguments people have made over the years on what could be a way to fix the immigration problem.

Source #2 Article

Found in ERIC Database

  • Buenavista, Tracy Lachica. “Model (Undocumented) Minorities and ‘Illegal’ Immigrants: Centering Asian Americans and US Carcerality in Undocumented Student Discourse.” Model (Undocumented) Minorities and “Illegal” Immigrants: Centering Asian Americans and US Carcerality in Undocumented Student Discourse, Apr. 2018, pp. 1–14. ERIC, illegal immigrants.

In this article the writer focuses on the immigrant point of view when it comes to the whole political view in immigration and the experiences the kids of this undocumented families go every day in their life as the families are undocumented Asian Americans.

Source #3 Article No journal listed. Title given twice. This is from the Indiana Law Journal, and should be #2, your scholarly article. However, it is an interesting source.

Found in Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text (H.W. Wilson

  • Of Clinics, Northern Illinois University College of Law, Assistant Ssistant Professor of Law & Director. “The Immigrant ‘Other’: Racialized Identity and the Devaluation of Immigrant Family Relations.” The Immigrant “Other”: Racialized Identity and the Devaluation of Immigrant Family Relations., 2014. Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text (H.W. Wilson, undocumented immigrants separated

The article in which they go into the legal side of undocumented immigrants as the families that cross the border get separated once they get caught. This article helps us understand the law on the separation and what it can be done by law to get the family back together.

Source #4 Website

Found Online 

 We learn the struggle of the human smuggling to the united states and how the separation of families are based on the cartel and the Trump zero – tolerant policy on  the undocumented immigrants

Source #5 Website

Found Online

 ICE Deportation rises as more members join the organization and deportation rises by 11 percent as more illegal immigrants get caught and deported. The article goes into detail on how the detain process goes that lead to the deportation.

Source #6 website

Found Online

Some illegal immigrants had gained a right to make a case before their deportation as this gives some immigrant the chance to get their voice heard in the reasoning why they cross the border.

Annotated Bibliography

Taylor –

Good sources. Topic is good, but thesis needs to be disputable. Make sure to focus on how we know about the report. Source 6 is spot on. Watch your spelling. You can run work through Word before posting.

Thesis: The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change discovered that Earth will warm by 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit by 2040, and bring along extreme consequences. This disruption in temperature will cause problems such as: extreme heat, increased flooding, and wildfires. Additionally, there could be droughts, food shortages and poverty. Numerous U.S. federal government agencies issued a report in November arguing that climate change will reduce the U.S. economy by ten percent by 2100, which would include a $141 billion in costs from heat-related illnesses and deaths.

Book: Mendelsohn, Robert. Global Warming and the American Economy: a Regional Assessment of Climate Change Impacts. Edward Elgar, 2001.

This book found in FIU Green Library General Collection — HC106.8 .G594 2001 talks about the impact of global warming on the American economy. With so much change happening to the climate almost every aspect of industry in the country will be affected. The biggest hit will be that of agriculture there will also be an increase in migrants arriving and new challenges posed feeding the population.

2.Scholarly Journal: FRAIN, SYLVIA C. “‘Make America Secure’: Media, Militarism, and Climate Change in the Marianas Archipelago.” Pacific Journalism Review, vol. 24, no. 2, Nov. 2018, pp. 218–240. EBSCOhost, doi:10.24135/pjr.v24i2.407.

This scholarly journal found in the communication and media complete database talks about the need to make America america secure from the threat of climate change. Climate change presents a variety of threats to americas national security as well as economy ecnonomy. The article talks about how the media needs to play a key role in educating people on the dangers and how the more emphasis placed on it the more attention it will receive recieve.

3. Article in trade magazine: Temple, James, and James Temple. “Cutting Emissions Could Prevent Tens of Thousands of Heat Deaths Annually.” MIT Technology Review, MIT Technology Review, 28 Nov. 2018,

This article in technology review talks about how cutting global emissions can help save thousands of lives. Heat deaths around the world are steadily rising due to the greenhouse effects caused by emissions into the atmosphere. This is a great place to start here in the United States to cut back on fossil fuel emissions into the atmosphere.

4. Newspaper: Davenport, Coral, and Kendra Pierre-louis. “U.S. Climate Report Warns of Damaged Environment and Shrinking Economy.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 23 Nov. 2018,

This is the New York Times article that talks about the government report on the economic threats posed by climate change. Ranging from a shrinking economy to increased and never before seen health epidemics the report paints a sobering picture. This article helps prove how framing climate change from an economic perspective can help mobilize more action to fight it.

5. Website: Jina, Amir. “Will Global Warming Shrink U.S. GDP 10%? It’s Complicated, Says The Person Who Made The Estimate.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 5 Dec. 2018,

Forbes is a great website to use as it touches on a wide variety of topics especially climate change. This article talks about how the US economy and its GDP might shrink by 10%. The author argues that its a bit more complicated then that and there are many factors that go into fixing the problem. Media plays a key role in helping to highlight the issues that are facing the country as a whole and climate change needs to become a bigger issue.

6. Source of your choice: Corbett, Julia B. “Media Power and Climate Change.” Nature News, Nature Publishing Group, 25 Mar. 2015,

For my personal source of choice, I used The article I chose talks about media and its impact on climate change.Fingers are often pointed directly at the news media for their powerful influence and ineffective reporting of climate change. But is that the best place to point? And are there more effective ways to conceptualize the power of the media and to consider whom they serve? The article talks about how the entities that fund media corporations may very well be the ones making them ignore or not talk about the subject of climate change enough

Thesis Draft – Marielle Cohen



The topic is interesting, but a bit broad and is more a statement of fact than something disputable. You might try to focus on a congressperson, or group of them, and perhaps their use of social media. For example, some articles have looked at the media usage of Ocasio-Cortez.

There are claims that the new US congress is the most divisive in the history of United States and it not clear how the politics of the superpower will affect the rest of the world amid the political strife in the country since news outlets have varying opinions.

Team assignment: The Insider

  1. Your essay should focus on how the principles and values of concealment and revelation apply to the tobacco case or the case at CBS News. 500 words.

The assignment requires an analysis of the “pressures and obstacles to getting at the truth” faced by one of the principle characters. Assuming you chose Wigand, there is little examination of the role of secrecy, lies, confidentiality, and revelation. The answer is mostly a summary of events in the film. Watch your tenses.

The Wigand affair was one of the most complicated cases the media ever faced due to being a story about Brown and Williamson’s tobacco health concerns that were wrapped under confidential agreement from the public. This was only until Lowell Bergman convinced Dr. Jeffrey Wigand to go on his show 60 minutes to reveal the truth behind the company Brown and Williamson’s product. Wasn’t it still complicated after that?

In the movie the CEOs swore in court that the cigarettes were not addictive, Wigand’s attempt at slander not the right word here to discredit the tobacco company’s reliability and trustworthiness would backfire at Wigand. The Brown and Williamson’s started to dig in any information that Dr. Wigand withheld from CBS to be used against him, in retaliation making a smear campaign out of the situation. During the affair, he would be left with death threats that would traumatize and ruin his relationship with his wife and eventually lead to them a divorce. Lowell Bergman eventually went out of his way asking for publishers to release Dr. Wigand statements on the health issues caused by cigarettes from Brown and Williamson’s.

CBS also had a big part on in the tobacco case as they would not release the full interview Dr. Wigand did on the show 60 minutes, instead CBS wanted to reveal an alternate that did not include Dr. Wigand revealing any information on Brown and Williamson‘s.The reason why the company was against the full video an even look for alternatives was due to a purchase that would merge CBS and Westinghouse for $81, General counsel of CBS News Ms. Helen Caperelli would receive 3.9 million dollars and Mr. Eric Kluster, president of CBS News, would receive 1.4 million dollars if the share deal was approved. The risk of the company Brown and Williamson’s filing to sue against CBS due to breaking confidentiality agreements through third party. This could cause an impact between the relation between CBS and Westinghouse, but also ruined the chance of merging between the companies. 

At the end Lowell Bergman discloses full information and the video interview of Dr. Wigand to New York Times to ensure that even though CBS released an alternate, the uncensored version would still be revealed to the public. Assuring that Dr. Wigand’s sacrifice and pain did not go in vain and it help exposed what cigarettes can do as a health problem. Eventually CBS release the uncensored interview due to the New York Times newspaper exposing Brown and Williamson chemical interference with the cigarette production process.

2. How does Jeffrey Wigand’s non-disclosure agreement (NDA) affect the flow of information in The Insider? What legitimate argument, if any, could Brown and Williamson (B&W) make in support of the agreement? What NDAs have recently been used in the public sector? Using the critical perspective, what are the implications of NDAs for government employees? 300 words.

Good analysis.

Jeff Wigand’s non-disclosure agreement affects the flow of information by limiting his ability to expose Brown and Williamson’s immoral business activities of not just lying about the addictive nature of nicotine to their customers, but also exploiting these addictive properties in cigarettes to make them more addictive by adding chemicals in order to improve their profits. There’s also the issue of perjury by the company’s management on US Congress, and their blackmail and threats today against Wingard’s family if he whistle-blows (Mann, 1999). The NDA is also affecting the flow of information in the film because CBS Corporation is refusing to air the 60 minutes interview due to the potential lawsuit from Brown and Williamson. Good.

Brown and Williamson can cite protection of their intellectual property rights and their vast research and innovations work in the justification for their non-disclosure agreements. Good. Some of the non-disclosure agreements recently used in the public sector include those signed by White House employees working in the Trump administration and support staff for different members of Congress (McCullough, 2019). Some of the gravest implications of NDAs for government employees include tying their hands when it comes to reporting corrupt political activities, and this may even lead to these employees being misused by politicians. NDAs for government employees, however, also prevents malicious leakage of important intelligence that is not meant for public consumption.

3.  John Scanlon and Terry Lenzner were hired by B&W to attack Wigand’s reputation. Jack Palladino and his team of investigators were hired by Richard Scruggs to counter their allegations. Using McLuhan as a lens, analyze the forms of media used by both Scanlon/Lenzner and Palladino. If this war over Wigand’s reputation had occurred in 2018, would today’s media have made things different? If so, how? 300 words.

Good analysis.

John Scanlon and Terry Lezner were hired to investigate Wigmand’s history and find every mistake that he has made in his lifetime. From running a red light to not paying child support, they found everything they could that could be used against him and potentially catch him in a lie. Berman continuously told him that it didn’t matter if his testimony was truthful, if they had found anything about him that was a lie then his reputation would be ruined, and his testimony would not be trusted. The people of B&W were out to get him for tip-toeing around the confidentiality agreement and he now held the reputation of “whistleblower”. The news that they had dug up was published by the wall street journalists Wall Street Journal and the public became aware of his micro mistakes. This movie was based in the 90’s when the electronic revolution was starting to occur. McLuhan had mentioned in his interview that this revolution was moving fast and could generate a huge shift in how information is perceived and decrease the reliability of the news that was being distributed to the public. If the war over Wigmand’s reputation had occurred in 2018, there would be hundreds of more sources and people chiming in on the issue. Yes. In the movie the investigators had to dig up information first-handedly firsthand through interviews with past acquittances acquaintances in secrecy. Nowadays we can find somebody’s history just by the search of their name on Google. When one person makes a mistake, every news reporter is on it to publish an article on snapchat, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram as soon as possible. Social media has extended the amount of information distributed to the public and reaches a more extensive audience, anybody and everybody would be able to dig up his history within minutes and distribute it to the mass media.  Good.

4. In the film, Bergman, Wallace, and Hewitt attend a meeting with CBS Corporate.  CBS general counsel Helen Caperelli informs them of “tortious interference” and its implications for the 60 Minutes Wigand piece. Provide a detailed analysis of the rhetoric used by the participants in the meeting. For each speaker, who is their intended audience, and how do they use the modes of rhetoric? 300 words.

A good summary, but you needed to focus on what was ethos, pathos, and logos.

Helen Caperelli tells the men at the table that if the interview comes to light through CBS, there would be serious, legal consequences for the company because of this tortious interference. Helen’s intended audience is the company of CBS itself. She wants to protect the company because she knows that if the interview is released, then CBS can face a huge lawsuit and their company could end up being owned by Brown and Williamson. One of the rhetoric’s that she uses is “the greater the truth, the greater the damage”. Is this pathos, logos, or ethos? Since Jeffrey Wigand knows everything about Brown & Williamson, he represents a huge threat to the tobacco company. The truer information that is disclosed in the interview, the greater the legal penalty because of Jeffery Wigand’s confidentiality agreement. Not only will Jeffery be in huge legal trouble, but the company of CBS as well. Lowell Bergman, Mike Wallace, and Don Hewitt do want the interview to be aired so that the truth surrounding the addictive effects of nicotine come to light in the public eye. Lowell Bergman uses the rhetoric in his defense that he works for a news organization and that people are always telling him things that they shouldn’t because that is what his job requires him to do, get the truth and make sure they are factual and have relevance. Mike Wallace then adds confidently to Lowell Bergman’s statement that they have never lost a lawsuit to persuade Helen Caperelli to air the 60-minute episode. Bergman, Wallace, and Hewitt’s intended audience are the people in society that buy the products that are offered by these big tobacco companies. They want to make public aware that tobacco is indeed an addictive drug that is extremely dangerous and that it can harm your lungs and nervous system and cause many lifelong diseases. 


Question 1- Sebastian Saavedra and Anthony Orezzoli

Question 2- Marielle Cohen

Question 3 & editing- Brittany Adams 

Question 4- Taylor Wells & Joey Hernandez

Joey Hernandez Group #1

Joey – Good analysis of the importance of actionable information in your life, and especially in your work. You needed to make the connection to Deresiewicz to fulfill the assignment.

Overall, writing is good and you communicate your thoughts clearly. When editing, omit needless words, watch tenses and singular/plural form. News is singular, not plural.


News are is a very important source of information that humans need. Everything is moving very fast nowadays and people should not get caught up in the past. While doing this 48-hour news blackout, I felt very anxious and to be honest very lost. Typically when we hear the word “news” the first two things that come to our mind are newspapers and Fox, CNN, CBS, and NBC news channels. With this experiment I actually discovered that news is are not only those news channels and newspapers, but also social media, the radio, billboards, and even our friends. Good observation. News are literally everywhere we go, it is almost inevitable not to hear something new every day. Social media sends us notifications of something recent that happened, friends usually talk about sports or things currently happening, when we get in the car the first thing that we do is put the radio and hear what they have to say, etc.

Those 48 hours of not knowing what was happening in the world made me anxious because it made me feel like if I was living outside of the United States in a place where there is no internet or any source of news. Uncertainty is the root of anxiousness so this is exactly why I felt this way, because I did not know what was going on.

My job was affected because of this 48-hour blackout challenge. What I do is I earn money trading in the Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrency market. Trading comes with a lot of risk if you do not know what you’re doing so you have to obtain many confirmations before putting in an order or trade.  That comes with confirmations of technical analysis and confirmations with the news. A possible revision:

Trading comes with a lot of risk. Knowing what you are doing and confirmation of technical analysis and news is required before doing a trade or order.


The Foreign Exchange market is the market of currencies all around the world. The physical currency exchange that people do when they go from one country to another, I do it through my phone or laptop. The value of every currency is constantly changing so the price of, lets say, euro can be different today than tomorrow. One of the things that greatly affect affects the price of currencies are is news. So if I see a good trade setup with my technical analysis, but I don’t check if there are upcoming news for that currency, I am going to be risking a lot because I do not know how the market will react. “I” is acceptable in this assignment, but don’t overuse the pronoun:

If technical analysis indicates a good trade, but I don’t check the news of that currency, there is risk for how the market will react. 

For this reason, news are very important for me to know because I depend on them it to basically make money.

In conclusion, news are very important to people because it provides us with the information that is happening in the world and tells us how those news can affect our every day life. This experiment made me feel like an outsider. Everyone was well informed and I was the only person lost in my group of friends. I personally don’t really mind being alone. Actually, I enjoy being alone because I can talk to myself, analyze my mistakes, and reflect about  on my future. What I don’t really like is not knowing what is happening around me. The feeling of uncertainty and lack of understanding is what really makes me feel uncomfortable. This is why news are very important in our every day life.