Secrecy – Julieta Perez Team 1

Even though sometimes secrets might not be a good idea, secrets are a form of trust. We only tell our deepest secrets to someone we rely on (preposition at the end of a sentence). Someone who we know it’s not going to tell anyone. Your secret is now their secret. This forms a bond between the individuals sharing the secret.

There are different types of secrets. For instance, some are meant to protect someone we love, others are to surprise someone , or some are just embarrassing secrets we don’t want to come out. Some might be considered good to keep , and some might be bad.

My type of secret would be “the protect someone you love” type. It wasn’t really my secret , ; it was my grandma’s. I was keeping it for her.

It all started a Friday morning two years ago when she came back from her doctor’s appointment. She seemed really (genuinely?) concerned about something in particular (concise language, please) so I asked her what was going on. After a few times of insisting with on the same question , she ended up confessing to me that she was really sick. She asked me to keep this secret for her and not tell anyone specially my grandpa. She didn’t want to worry anyone. At that time, my grandpa was having some chest pains , and some heart complications, bad (sad?) news wouldn’t have been good for him. I kept her secret just like I promised her I would. At this moment, I felt sort of guilty for having to lie to the rest of the family by saying my grandma’s doctor appointment went well. On the other hand, I felt a sense of loyalty towards my grandma. In a sense, one could say I felt empowered by the whole situation. The fact that protecting my family’s feelings was in my hands felt good. However, I still felt guilty because when someone is sick, having your family’s support is the best. Secrets not just hurt the person who has the secret, they also have a way of hurting those who keep them too.

My mom was definitely trying to somehow penetrate the secret by constantly asking for the details of the doctor’s appointment. There were a few times where I was pretty close to telling my parents. I didn’t want my grandma to go through this alone just because she didn’t want to worry anybody. On the other side, this news would’ve really stressed my grandpa. I didn’t want my grandpa to be in distress or constantly concerned.

Eventually, my mom got concerned enough to share the secret with her. She told my dad. My grandma ended up getting better and getting healthy again. However, up to this day, my grandpa still doesn’t know anything about this whole situation. We decided not to tell him , ; it will cause him no harm not knowing. If he found out , he would just get upset about something that is long gone. You could say it is still a secret , ; the difference is that is between more people now.

Good narrative, coherent. A little more theory.


Christopher Comas Secret team 1

My parents own a company where they buy cars from an auction, then fix and sell them. Because of this, my family gets cars for a cheaper price because it cuts out the middle man. Around two years ago my dad bought a 2008 Bentley GT four door , and it has been the family weekend car ever since.

Right before Christmas , my dad bought a property in Central Florida at a place called River Ranch where people go to drive dirt bikes and four wheelers. It is a mud park filled with dirt trails and mud pits. My dad got so eager to drive up there that he bought a jeep Wrangler on the auction. By the time that my dad got the jeep, it was already upgraded (passive voice) to the max. It was lifted with mud tires and had a beautiful black paint job; I was in love. In spite of Despite this decided to sell my car and have the jeep as my daily driver. There was only one problem; I sold my car before the jeep was finished. (passive voice)

Since school was coming up, I had to either be dropped off everyday every day or drive the Bentley as my daily driver. I chose to drive the Bentley everyday daily because I had school coming up and I had also applied for a job , and they wanted me to start soon after. I drove the Bentley everyday from school, to work, to even friends houses. I had to keep it a secret from my boss and my co-workers because I was driving a better car than my boss and I had just started working. The restaurant I work for is a fast food burger place in a shopping center where I make minimum wage. Everyday I drove to work I parked in the furthest lot from the restaurants so that nobody would see me driving the Bentley. Every time I left work, I would look behind me to make sure that nobody would see me getting into the Bentley. As soon as I started the car up I drove away as fast as I could.

One day, on the way out of work, my co-worker was walking home , and I spotted him as I was driving out. I waved goodbye to him, forgetting that I was in the Bentley and that I had to keep it a secret. As soon as I saw his jaw drop, I realized what I had just done and raced out of the center as fast as I could, hoping that he might had have mistaken me for someone else. The next time I saw him he asked me why I needed this job if my parents made a sufficient amount of money. I told him that since I was in college, I wanted to start making my own money and be independent. I also explained to him that my parents buy and sell cars, so they get cars for cheaper than the average person. Till this day, the jeep is still not finished , and I am still driving the Bentley.

Excellent narrative. Watch the language, please.

I’ve got a secret assignment. TEAM 1. ANDREA SERRANO.

I’ve got a secret.

Andrea Serrano

Team 1

Nowadays, everybody has secrets. It is inevitable. (Human?) People keep secrets whether they want to admit it or not. At the same time, we are in a society that needs to keep secrets in order to (more concise language, please) not be judged (passive voice) and these secrets can shape the outcome of our lives as well as those affected by this secret. The value and worth of secrets are special (unique?) to each individual. Even though some consider secrets a form of betrayal, while others prefer to be oblivious to the truth. (And you?)

I kept a secret for my best friend about a mistake he made while driving under the influence of alcohol. For the course of many months, I had to pretend I didn’t know about this situation, but in reality , it was driving me crazy. Not because I couldn’t keep the secret, but because the anxiety of knowing no one could know understand how serious this was, killed me.

I felt a sense of loyalty and guilt at the same time. The reason why , was because I felt I was betraying my morals for knowing this, but at the same time , I was faithful to keep this secret. He felt confident enough to trust me with his secret and told me it was something very private of his and needed prudence. In my mind, I didn’t have a choice; the secret was not mine to tell. Knowing that I couldn’t be the one to tell other people helped me balance out the absurd thoughts in my head.

This experience empowered our relationship immensely. I learned that when it comes to other people’s secrets, it is necessary to respect and not cross boundaries. When someone confides you with something as delicate as a secret, you have to must take into account consider that if you tell someone , it can ruin the relationship. The secret showed the amount of love and respect we have for each other and changed us in an unexpected way (unexpectedly change us?). He started to trust me more as a friend and openeded up to me more. (No balance? Between the need for help and the ‘secret’?)

Eventually, the secret lead to lies to try to cover it. This is when I started to feel insecure. His mother had started (begun?) to ask many questions about why he was acting the way he was lately and the change of personality. The secret was starting to be penetrated (passive voice) because of his moms desire to know and issues were arising. At this point, I felt like I was bound to confidentiality but felt guilt for his mom.

Secrecy comes with lies. When I told Daniel’s mom he was fine , ; I was lying.

Please, watch the language. Good description.

Integrity and Credibility

Loyalty and honesty dance along a fine line. (Good) The secret that an individual may harbor can enhance the life of those that surround the person. The person holding onto the confidential information may find the need to lie to protect the truth, but it does not necessarily mean the individual is not honest. (What a conflict)
Having knowledge about Knowing a specific situation can be beneficial. In a work environment being the face of an establishment can be a double-edged sword. The responsibility that comes along with being the eyes and ears of a place is attached to the dreadful feeling of guilt. Guilt attributed to keeping a secret is inevitable once the situation escalates. As a situation develops and a person that is not directly involved becomes aware of every detail, it shifts honesty to loyalty. (and that’s ethical? For loyalty we can lie and promote ‘fake news’?)
Being involved in a situation where a secret that did not belong to me suddenly became mine, is the worst feeling to experience. Working at an establishment with a set clientele makes it easy to become comfortable around people that you encounter frequently. After months of knowing a lovely “couple,” I had the pleasure of meeting the woman’s actual husband. The awkward situation called for a professional “so nice meeting you!” The secret that was not mine had to be kept (passive voice), and it ended up working in my favor because of the generous tip I received from that point forward. This encounter was not one that any individual wanted to be a part of, including myself, but it ended up benefiting an aspect of my life.
Life provides both good and bad experiences , and the way an individual handles the situation provides an insight on into the person’s character. Julian Paul Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, possesses the quality of an honest man that is loyal to the citizens of the global community. (don’t agree with the personal view of honesty of him but is refreshing that you remember to use one of the sources for class) Assange uses his hacking skills and brings forth dirty secrets kept by world renowned entities. The Pentagon, Swiss Banks , and other respectable agencies have experienced the wrath of having information exposed. The information provided by the team at Wikileaks helps the citizens open their eyes to what is going on around them. This could not be deemed as something negative because people deserve to know the truth, even if the information may have been acquired (passive voice) illegally. (slippery slope?)
The complex nature of keeping a secret is justified (passive voice) by the measures an individual takes to protect it. Secrets have a way of weighing a person down, but if the secret is of importance , it can actually provide an individual with power. The power to make decisions others may question and even the power to dictate the outcome of a certain situation. In the digital world , it is easy for things to be leaked (passive voice) and secrets are hard to keep, but there is nothing that can penetrate the internal thoughts of an individual that holds something so personal.

Emily Hernandez – Team 1 – 4702153

Excellent narrative and line of thinking. Make me want to read more. Please, language, again.

I have a secret. Valeria Martinez. Team 1.

As a little kid, I was taught to be honest. The idea of sharing was one that was pushed down my throat in every conceivable way. Sharing my toys, my thoughts, my feelings, these were all things that were expected (passive voice) of me , and at any sign of a challenge, I was met (passive voice) with a consequence. I spent a lot of time in time-out , and this was not because I liked to lie. I just couldn’t differentiate a lie from a secret. To be honest, I still struggle with this sometimes. If the two often go hand-in-hand, (together? More concise language please) why is it that the concept of lying seems worse than that of keeping a secret? defines a lie as “a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional truth; a falsehood.” ( A secret, however, is defined as “something that is designed to escape notice, knowledge, or observation.” Both fall under the category of deception but simply (merely?) put , ; one is just concealment.

Usually, an individual that is trusted to keep a secret feels some sort of control. It’s empowering to know that out of everyone in a room , ; you are the only one that knows the concealed information. Secrecy, however, does nurture the growth of lies. (Nice) If somebody in the room asks for information regarding the secret, the natural response is to direct attention away from you. Something along the lines of, “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” is a pretty common (standard?) response. If said calmly, this could be enough to steer someone away from believing you have any knowledge of the matter. Although not always, lies are told to keep secrets hidden.

With nothing major to conceal, I had a tough time coming up with a secret for this assignment. I’d like to say that I have something juicier, but my most memorable secret thus far has been an innocent one. (Really?)

I have a nine-year-old sister named Jasmine who is utterly obsessed with animals. When she was turning eight, she begged my parents for a hamster. Being as this was the only thing she wanted, they gave in and bought her one from the local pet store. Every day after school, she would run home to play with it until one day, she couldn’t find it. I helped her look around the house , and I noticed the back door was open, but I didn’t say anything. I texted my mom and told her to call the house and say that she had taken the hamster to the vet for a regular check-up. She did just that and even said that she would bring the hamster back by dinnertime. Needless to say, (That’s a cliché. More concise language please) my mom came back with A hamster, but not THE hamster. Jasmine never noticed the difference.

That night I was quick to figure out a solution because I couldn’t stand to see Jasmine upset at the loss of her favorite pet. At the time, my parents and I did our best to make sure that she never found out about the situation because she had an attachment to the hamster like no other. We kept it a secret to protect her and, in the process, told a few white lies. I don’t regret it , and I would do it again. (Liar)

Check the language next time, please. Excellent story management.

I’ve got a secret

A friend, Ann got pregnant with a boyfriend she had been dating for months. Before meeting the new boyfriend, Ann was in a four-year relationship with her high school sweetheart, Joe. Ann is my best friend , and we have known each other practically all our lives. We are the kind of friends that could take a bullet for each other.  When Ann got pregnant, she was not in talking terms with Joe for a few months. Ann and Joe got back together soon after. Ann had no idea that she was already expecting another man’s child that is not the love of her life.  It was a tricky situation, and she confided in the only person she knew she could trust, me.  We had to come up with a way of dealing and Joe never finding out. The other boyfriend was not to know either. The question was how to deal without hurting Joe and not losing him either. We agreed that Joe will would learn of the pregnancy as his and that was it.

I put myself in a position that was risky but at the same time safe for Ann. I had to maintain confidentiality to protect our friendship. I could not tell anyone of what happened and what was going to happen. The truth was known only to Ann and me. I had to lie to ensure that Ann had her relationship intact and she got the dream wedding that she wished for one day with Joe. Every time I smiled at Joe telling him how proud of him I was, it killed me to pieces. I had nothing else to do knowing I was lying, but I had no option. Our friendship and Ann’s happiness came first. The secret was to stay between (with?) Ann and me. I could not tell anyone even if my life depended on it. The excitement I saw on Joe’s face every time he looked at the baby bump was just from another world. I could not imagine how much it would break him to realize that he was about to raise another man’s child. We had to ensure that the secret was safe between us and pray that nature does not mess it all up in mysterious ways. The real father of the unborn child tried finding out if the child was his , but we blocked his advances in all manner possible. He even tried getting through to Joe, but Joe had full trust in Ann to believe anything else. I felt terrible about all this, but I chose to stand with our friendship. (What a conundrum!)

The experience strengthened the bond between Ann and me. The fact that we could keep such a critical situation between us and flow with it was just out of this world. We knew that the truth would hurt the involved parties and break relationships. Therefore, it was safer just to protect everything within our power. To this day, Joe has no idea.

Good language but watch the details. nice narrative. You have a future writing scripts for Televisa.

Consumed with Technology – Emily Hernández

Consumed with Technology

Solitude is not something I fear. The act of being alone, to me, does not equate to loneliness because solitude provides more than just the feeling of being alone. In some instances , it provides (an?) intimacy with your personal thoughts and feelings , and a connection to the atmosphere that surrounds you. (nice)

The article “The End of Solitude” by William Deresiewicz perfectly describes by interpretation of modernism. The modern city is more menacing than ever, “it has become inescapable, a labyrinth” of some sort; a place where I am constantly bombarded (passive voice) with information. (That could be the global village) At times, the information overload is what frustrates me and clutters my mind. Which makes it hard to enjoy the simple things in life. (you got it)

During the past 48-hours , I experienced moments of solitude outdoors that reminded me of what I had experienced during Hurricane Irma when I lost power for nine days (nice of you to use that example). I spent over an hour on Monday afternoon watching a hawk glide over my neighborhood , and I enjoyed the freedom and power this hawk had. (nothing bad about day dreaming) It helped me realize the power of technology and how much control it had over me (dependency?). As Deresiewicz says in the article, “technology is taking away our privacy and concentration.”

On any given day I can spend on average of three hours scrolling through my news feed. I usually come across personal stories and news stories, the majority of which have no direct correlation to my life, and I never question why I spend so much time on them. Technology provides the ease to interact with people globally, and it is not difficult to get lost in the digital world.

Through solitude , I was able to appreciate my personal thoughts because I gave myself the chance to focus on what matters to me and enhances my life. I didn’t have all of this noise around me to distract me from being bored. Being “bored” actually provided a sense of creativity and inspiration, helping me concentrate on what I’m interested in doing next.

The constant back and forth of opinions heard on the news tends to confuse me. I have realized that by being surrounded with technology , I am entertained and don’t pay as much attention to my surroundings. Through this experiment (assignment?) , I was faced (passive voice) with temptation. I managed to shrug it off by taking the time to refrain from any news deliberately, and ultimately , I found myself coming up with original thoughts and ideas that were not influenced by something I might have heard.

Having information at my fingertips is a blessing and a curse. I will not be able to fully escape the technology that surrounds me , but I can recognize when it is time to step back and let things unfold naturally. The news is everywhere around me , and I appreciate all the good it provides, even though it can be overwhelming at times. Life is about balance, and I can gladly say I will enjoy turning the radio off and rolling with my windows down more often. (Good concept)

Team #1 – Emily Hernandez – 4702153