48-hour News Blackout

Thesis: Medium has created a blackout in our solidarity.

The article, “The End of Solitude”, suggests that the camera has enabled the celebrity culture. The idea of celebrity culture is the desire for the outside world to desperately be part of a celebrity’s world by being fixated on their every move.  The computer creates connectivity which when both are combined, we get what is notably known as social media.  This new conversion feeds into our desire to be connected, visible and relatable. Our validation now comes from the idea of being known. The idea of being alone has become something much fear, taking a negative connotation.  People try to avoid solitude by using fillers to take away the feeling of aloneness.
Deresiewicz argues that media is taking away our ability to be alone. It substitutes the loneliness by making us busy and consumed. Deresiewicz describes privacy and one’s ability to be alone as our riches. He supports his idea of the value of being alone by using examples of historical people who have had divine encounters during their period of aloneness. Contributing that while we are in a state of isolation our inner being/soul is trying to reach out from what is slowly becoming a ghost in a shell. He later states “For the still, small voice speaks only in the silence” when we are alone with ourselves, we allow our senses to be utilized. We allow time for our own ideas to be formulated and our thought process to function.
We detoxify ourselves from a virtual reality and get a visible glimpse of our own reality which is exactly what occurred to me during the 48-hour blackout. I was confronted with the fact that I depend on the medium more than I care to admit. I found myself trying to stay busy by doing other activities that will take my mind off the desire to read the news or go on social media. The first day I was a bit anxious, I would unconsciously search for news or social media and would have to stop myself from going to the site which got me thinking, have I been focused on connecting on the extensions of my human abilities instead?
I also realized, that many of the conversations I usually engage with my peers are connected to the news or things that are happening around the world. Countless times I would have to stop them from sharing some insight on a story. One the second day, however, the anxiousness was diminishing. There were times I would get the urge to read a news article but for the most part, the ease of not having the burden of keeping up with all this information was refreshing.
Avoiding news is very difficult, especially when its news about a tragedy that has hit home. Which leads me to the next argument, the news is vital because it gives us an awareness of what is going on around us and how it affecting us. This shows that news is indeed a necessary intrusion to our solitude. However, it is valid that news can create more solitude by making us think for ourselves. What we do with the information we receive through news can definitely provoke us to create our own opinion on the facts given. Making us reflect on what we just saw or read.