Sebastian Saavedra Team 1 Annotated Bibliography

Sebastian –

Needed to at least see your topic to judge relevance. Please get your thesis approved asap. I’ll assume the topic is immigration. Watch your spelling.



Source #1 E-Book

Found in FIU Library Database

  • Newton, Lina. Illegal, Alien, or Immigrant: The Politics of Immigration Reform. New York University Press, 2008

Immigration is a topic that has always been part of the political debates. The country  has faced many outbursts of anti-immigrant and Lina Newton dives into the debates and arguments people have made over the years on what could be a way to fix the immigration problem.

Source #2 Article

Found in ERIC Database

  • Buenavista, Tracy Lachica. “Model (Undocumented) Minorities and ‘Illegal’ Immigrants: Centering Asian Americans and US Carcerality in Undocumented Student Discourse.” Model (Undocumented) Minorities and “Illegal” Immigrants: Centering Asian Americans and US Carcerality in Undocumented Student Discourse, Apr. 2018, pp. 1–14. ERIC, illegal immigrants.

In this article the writer focuses on the immigrant point of view when it comes to the whole political view in immigration and the experiences the kids of this undocumented families go every day in their life as the families are undocumented Asian Americans.

Source #3 Article No journal listed. Title given twice. This is from the Indiana Law Journal, and should be #2, your scholarly article. However, it is an interesting source.

Found in Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text (H.W. Wilson

  • Of Clinics, Northern Illinois University College of Law, Assistant Ssistant Professor of Law & Director. “The Immigrant ‘Other’: Racialized Identity and the Devaluation of Immigrant Family Relations.” The Immigrant “Other”: Racialized Identity and the Devaluation of Immigrant Family Relations., 2014. Index to Legal Periodicals & Books Full Text (H.W. Wilson, undocumented immigrants separated

The article in which they go into the legal side of undocumented immigrants as the families that cross the border get separated once they get caught. This article helps us understand the law on the separation and what it can be done by law to get the family back together.

Source #4 Website

Found Online 

 We learn the struggle of the human smuggling to the united states and how the separation of families are based on the cartel and the Trump zero – tolerant policy on  the undocumented immigrants

Source #5 Website

Found Online

 ICE Deportation rises as more members join the organization and deportation rises by 11 percent as more illegal immigrants get caught and deported. The article goes into detail on how the detain process goes that lead to the deportation.

Source #6 website

Found Online

Some illegal immigrants had gained a right to make a case before their deportation as this gives some immigrant the chance to get their voice heard in the reasoning why they cross the border.


team # 1 Sebastian Saavedra

Sebastian –

First, don’t submit a giant block of text. Use paragraphs to distinguish distinct parts of your essay. Second, avoid long, rambling sentences. A sentence should contain one point or thought. Shorter sentences frequently have more impact. When you edit, try reading aloud to see if it sounds right. Avoid needless words. Watch your tenses.

Your experience was interesting, but you failed to make explicit connections to Deresiewicz. The essay is more a narrative of events and reactions than analysis.


So, to feel alone or excluded from news and social media is something that at first is hard to imagined imagine now a days.  In this generation including all ages, we have a necessity of being connected with family and friends whether is in the city, state, or abroad. I got started on this project on Saturday trying to get away from news and social media which is my phone and at the beginning it was easy cause because I was working from morning to afternoon, but as soon as the low time (what is low time?) came, I was urging felt the urge to check my phone and see news and check social media. Is no surprise that I wanted to be entertained when I was bored, and I would constantly grab my phone almost like a routine naturally every time I got bored, but I put my mind to it and did not check my phone.

In this essay, “I” is OK if used sparingly. Consider using fewer pronouns:

When bored, I want to be entertained. Constantly grabbing my phone is routine. But mindful of the habit, I suppressed the urge the check out the latest news. 


Also, when it came to concern on current new among my coworkers everyone was busy and I was on the register away from them so there was no problem avoiding them. As soon as I got home, I took a nap so there went two hours of the day without any news and during lunch my parents like to turn on the tv and try to either watch movies or see news while eating, of course me trying to avoid the news, I eat at my room listening to music in Spotify but I had to cover my ears during the commercials as some of the commercial were based on politics and news. Sentence is way too long. Break into 3 or 4 sentences.  It was amazing how much publicity does news and politics get got (keep past tense) as propaganda even on an app for music. The rest of the day I was just playing my piano and playing my ps3 without the internet connected which keep me entertained most of the day. The next day It was hard trying not to check my phone and check Instagram to be up to date, my family did help out that day to actually go out in family and forget the phone and social media by leaving my cellphone at home while we went to the beach. The beach was a great way to get away from technology and just relax, it felt great just being distracted by being outdoors without the worry of my phone.


Is weird to say but I was such it was a relief not having to check a phone for or not knowing the current updates, it felt almost like a vacation and my mood of the day was pretty good. (2 sentences) As the night approach  on Sunday my parent like to always watch the news and of course I had to avoid watching anything related to news. On Sunday, my parents watch the news, something I had to avoid. It’s hard to stay awake in your room without any type of social media and since my phone was my main way to stay update updated with anything happening current. The funny part is that there were many occasions my parents wanted to inform me of news knowing that I could know any updates. At the end I realized that this is something that we all need and we connect sometimes without even knowing.

Team #1 Ghost in the Shell Assignment

Team 1 –

The answers varied from poor to excellent. I would suggest increased communication to ensure greater uniformity. The editor is responsible for the numerous grammatical errors and obscure content in questions 1, 2 and 4. Questions 6-9 were excellent. Unfortunately, unable to determine authorship of individual questions, I have averaged the personal scores.  

Watch your tenses. Unless you are William Faulkner, avoid long, incoherent sentences. Omit needless words. Read the questions carefully. Don’t summarize. Analyze.

I was unable to access the media sent by your editor.


1. Public Security Section 9 is an anti-terrorism arm of the government, operating on the edge, or sometimes beyond, the boundaries of the law. Citizens are kept in the dark of the activities, and even the existence, of section 9.

Public Security Section 9 is an anti-terrorism arm of the government, operating on the edge, or sometimes beyond, the boundaries of the law. Citizens are kept in the dark of the activities, and even the existence, of section 9.

a. In its covert activities dealing with the Puppet Master, does section 9 go too far? Explain.

Section 9 at the beginning was not not? unaware of who and what the Puppet Master was until the minister impresser ?  got hacked and section 6 reclaiming the program of the robot from section 9 headquarters that was recovered after being hit by a bus, where they start learning more about what the Puppetmaster was is. I would say that section 9 does not go too far to cover ? their activities other than announcing to the public that the attack was caused by a terrorist by the end of the movie, even though section 6 were the ones that cause caused the activities of car perusing pursuing and shooting the robots. In my opinion, I (don’t use I in a formal academic paper) think section 6 was the one that when (went?) far on covering their activities on the Puppet Master, as they were the one that knew about the puppet master and they try tried to obtain the program off the robot and being back backed up by the minister.

b. Is a government ever justified in violating its own laws to ensure the safety of its citizens? If not, why not? If so, what examples can you provide, either from the film or real life?

In the movie the Government is aware of Section 9 actions as they work almost as a black operation unit but does not seem to be part of the Government as the course of the movie. There are actions that could be considered breaking their own laws like section 6 took when dealing with the puppet master aka project 2501, a great example is the scene when Ishikawa talks to the chief on about  his information, he found diving in  on the Minister of Foreign Affairs net. Ishikawa found that the visitor that came with the head of section 6 was Dr. Willis an American was working with the minister of foreign affairs on a project about artificial intelligence, which started 1 year before the puppet master surface surfaced and originally that was the idea of the project they were working on, but it turn turned out that the minister was behind the puppet master as project 2501 was the artificial intelligence project that the minister use used to get thing things  their way, but it became too conscious and not able to be controlled and since section 6 is under the minister of foreign affair it would be obvious their involvement in the puppet master as their problem was for their secret not be spilled by project 2501 about their fail project. This is a description of events in the movie. However, the question is whether a government is ever justified in violating it’s own laws.

c. Is a government ever justified in keeping secret its violations of the law? Explain and give an example.

The government is not justified in keeping secret of its violation of the law. Although there are many situations that may be alarming to the public, it is our right to know what is happening and how it is going to affect us as an individual and as a whole. There have been multiple movements throughout the years fighting for our many constitutional rights that are getting violated constantly. It is not secret that police brutality has become more noticed within the past few years however, it is never the government (or people working for the government) that are exposing these issues, it is always the minorities who are experiencing the issues. High level officials never want to expose their erring but if they were to come forward, recognize their wrong, and make a change, the world would be in much better standing.

The sophistication of many technologies in the film is futuristic; their existence is not. Bionics, the Internet, and artificial intelligence are today relatively commonplace. One of the most disturbing scenes in the film is the garbage man with false, implanted memories. This is not all that far-fetched. Studies show that even so simple a technological artifact as a photograph can be used to create false memories that people are certain are real.

a. How is information technology used in the world of Ghost in the Shell to influence and control behavior and perception?   

Within the movie Ghost in the Shell, technology advances are taking over and gaining control. The first part of the movie shows a lady who is the Foreign Minister’s interpreter and has wires connected to her brain so that she could be cyber-brain hacked and they could gain knowledge to their own (whose?) benefit. Another part of the movie where technological advances are used to control perception is through the garbage man. He had believed that he had a beautiful wife and daughter and that they were trying to separate from him. A man that he met at the bar gave him the software so that he could ghost hack his wife… As the movie continues it was found that the man at the bar ghost hacked the garbage man and made him falsely believe the story about his wife and daughter. He altered the garbage man’s perception of reality this to his own advantage so that the ghost hacking would be falsely tracked. That is part of the question, not new evidence.

In his essay, Deresiewicz argues “…that solitude enables us to secure the integrity of the self as well as to explore it.”

a. How does Major Kusanagi utilize solitude? What insight does it give her?

The movie describes us Major Kusanagi basically as a Synthetic full-body prosthesis; half human and half a machine. She is quite in a limbo between the two sides; she looks as a human being without the essence of one. During the scene in the boat where Major explains to Batou she goes diving, Major questions whether the efficiency of machines within everyday humanity has caused a rupture in the soul. Author Deresiewicz discussion on solitude has evolved during time as before solitude that was a concept related with religious and spiritual practice while for today is more about a social aspect and technology. Instead: Deresiewicz notes that solitude has evolved as a concept in religious and spiritual practice to a social aspect impacted by technology.  The Major use uses her solitude to feel more connected with her human side. In the movie, she goes diving to the water where she can feel fear and anxiety. However, in the surface life were humans live she feels like a robot since she cannot express herself easily due to being a cyborg. Good observations

b. Is Deresiewicz right when he says we are approaching a time when information technology makes solitude socially undesirable, or even impossible? Has that time already occurred in the world of the film? Explain your answer.

In the world of “Ghost in the Shell”, it seems to be completely impossible to have solitude. Everyone is connected to a massive network of information, not through devices, like we have now, but through internal interfaces and direct cable connections. They are in constant communication with each other, even through only mind communication. In the film, everyone is unsure of his or her own sense of “self”, or many times completely controlled by a separate entity. In the scene where the trash men are used as hackers, they are fed complete false memories. This is a direct example of this. Even though Major Kusanagi seemed to want solitude, she never was alone in her thoughts, everything was influenced by a outside source. At the end, both Kusanagi and the puppet master (AKA  Project 2501) merge together and will never have solitude. Very interesting analysis

The movie was based on a manga originally published in 1989.

a. Various forms of media (using McLuhan’s definition of a medium as “an extension of ourselves”) have had an impact on the way people use, create, store, access, and communicate information. Give 3 historical examples of such media and describe their impact.

McLuhan emphasizes that the medium extends our thoughts from within our mind out to others. In other words, a medium is anything from which a change emerges. One historical event that had a huge impact on the way people use, create, store, access, and communicate information was with the creation of the automobile. With the creation of the automobile everything revolutionized.  (A more active voice) The creation of the automobile revolutionized everything. Roads were made to interconnect cities and allowed more connections with people. Another historical example is the creation of the photograph. Photographs enabled people to start collecting data from the past and use pictures as evidence. One last example is the creation of the internet. The internet is the medium to almost all of the information out there and that is exactly why the medium is much more important than the actual information documented. Excellent According to McLuhan, the medium is “any extension of ourselves.”  The automobile represents an extension of our legs which enables us to travel far distances, the photograph represents an extension of our memory and how we can capture moments from our past, and the internet represents an extension of our mind and its capacity to spread our knowledge and ideas around the world. Superior analysis. Good work.

b. Select the one medium that has appeared after 1989 which has had the greatest impact on the information landscape. Explain.

On August 6th, 1991 the World Wide Web was formed. This medium has had the greatest impact on the information landscape. We are now able to gain access to any information and all information as well as communicate the information we find and spread it across platforms faster than ever before. There are no city or state restrictions, we are able to access information from across the globe in seconds on the largest or smallest devices. Communication and technology expanded like never before thanks to the World Wide Web and has constantly advanced to keep up with the influx of information that it receives. Today, the World Wide Web is still our main hub for global information and communication. It is used in schools, on social media platforms, for communicators, in the music industry, entertainment industry, and practically any industry you can think of. Everyone uses the internet. The internet changed the world in numerous ways and turned this globe into a virtual community.  Good

c. How might the technology in answer 4b, above, have affected the story?

Because the World Wide Web has become so large in society, it’s become accessible to virtually everyone. In the story, it is clear to see that the World Wide Web has advanced far enough to make threats like cyber hackers a much bigger threat than they previously were. They make analogies that compare the World Wide Web to the human mind and how just like things can be altered on the web, they can do the same to the human mind and it’s memories. As previously mentioned the internet has been designed in a way that integration is much more easily capable. A virtual community has been made and taking information has become easier with the advancement in prosthetics and cybernetic augmentation. In reference to Marshall McLuhans interview from Playboy he states “Because all media… are extensions of man that cause deep and lasting changes in him and transform his environment”. This statement shows consistency in an example of a trashman who’s memories are altered for a hackers benefit. The irony is that the hacker himself was merely another hacked individual meant to serve as distraction to mislead section 9 from following project 2501.


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Team 1 Sebastian Saavedra

Sebastian – Remember that the assignment is analyzing how McLuhan did (or did not) use the critical perspective. Much of your essay is only about McLuhan and his ideas. You need to specify where McLuhan questions assumptions and expands the bounds of debate.

Try to spend more time editing. Watch your tenses (debate/debated, deliver/delivered). A lot of the writing is unclear. Try using shorter sentences to convey just one point or idea.

 Marshall McLuhan McLuhan’s idea of the medium is the message is an accurate critical perspective on the way we take information, especially as how this idea on communication was ahead of its time as Marshall saw that technology would take a big part in communication.

Marshall McLuhan‘s take on communication was big as his idea in the medium is the massage message explore people communication. Not sure what you mean here. The assumptions for of his idea are on how people take information, we could say that depending on the value of the information is how the person would react upon receiving the information. Not sure how this connects to McLuhan. It might be true that we might not care on about the information and only focus on how we delivered and get presented with information, but if the information we’re getting is either personal, in our interested or entreating then we would take that information different from something that is not in our interests. This should be 2 or 3 sentences:

McLuhan argues that what matters is not the information, but how it is delivered through media. But if the information we receive is personal or in our interest, we would take that information differently.

From this, we could lead to the bounding of debates regarding on the type of person taking the information as the medium is the message explain on the information part but not so much in the type of person that is taking the information. Not sure what this means. We could debate on the age of the person and how this can affect the information and how the person can send information. Also, this can be explored and debate debated on how a young person and an old person would react to information whether both are obtaining it together or how they would take it from each other.

As a betterment of society, we could say that Marshall McLuhan medium is the message can help people understand communication not only form from the past but also in the modern take as McLuhan was ahead of his time as he knew that in the future technology would be a higher (?) part of communication and the way we would send and take information. So, this can help us understand how to send information and delivered information. McLuhan the medium is the message is using critical perspective in the idea of the communication and information as it is true that we do not care so much what the information is, but rather how we obtain the message. Also his work on the medium is the message will always be used in the future do due to technology being part of communication but as well as culture being change on information on how people might take it.

As a betterment of society, we could say that Marshall McLuhan medium is the message can help people understand communication not only form from the past but also in the modern take as McLuhan was ahead of his time as he knew that in the future technology would be a higher (?) part of communication and the way we would send and take information. So, this can help us understand how to send information and delivered information. McLuhan the medium is the message is using critical perspective in the idea of the communication and information as it is true that we do not care so much what the information is, but rather how we obtain the message. Also his work on the medium is the message will always be used in the future do due to technology being part of communication but as well as culture being change on information on how people might take it.

Sebastian Saavedra # 1

Sebastian – Not bad for a first effort. Most importantly, the assignment is a rhetorical analysis of the Chabris and Simons article, not Heffernan. Make sure to read all assignments carefully. Don’t summarize the content of class readings. Your coach already knows them well. With only 500 words, focus on the analysis. Watch singular and plural form. Short sentences often have more impact and clarity. Avoid “I” in formal academic papers. Much of your analysis is good, but you need to edit more carefully.

Thesis: In both of the articles “Comment is King” by Virginia Heffernan and “Why Our Memory Fail Us” by Christopher F. and Daniel J. Simons, mainly seem to focus on Logos with having Pathos examples that support the Logos in both articles, which could lead the articles to have Ethos material for public to determined.

Logos was the main focus in both of the articles “Comment is King” and “Why Our Memory Fail Us” as the authors try to show the facts and statistics on why comments can affect in the journalism world and how it can affect why our memories cannot be the most accurate way to prove a something true.

Heffernan descries the logos of the articles by describing how the negative comment towards Anne Applebaum after people were criticism her for contradicting ideas that she supported in the past that now she goes against. Christopher F. and Daniel J. Simons logos are focus on the reasoning why our minds were not meant to be use as truthful. We tend to fit the memory with a signal of accuracy that might sound like it fit in our heads. Both articles tend to show both of these as the main ideas in the articles as you read the whole articles even with the support of pathos and ethos they always tend to go back to these topics. This is a rhetorical analysis. Don’t restate the content of C&S. Your coaches know the material already.

Pathos are is used in both of the articles to give the reason why these topics can affect the life of someone. In the case of Heffernan article, they start by introducing Anne Applebaum as a important journalist even describing some of her awards and acknowledgment, that the websites like the Washington post would write about her, but then they turn it by saying how the user feel about the post and how she is contradicting her ideas and how there many comments taking bad about her. As for Christopher F. and Daniel J. Simons (Don’t need the full names) article it mentions that relaying on your memories to tell the truth has made people go to jail and has got people in trouble, for not being reliable facts, this definitely shows the emotions that help the topics really be understand. What is the form of rhetoric here?

As for Ethos well in my opinion I would say (don’t use “I” in a formal academic paper. Everything you write is what you say) that the article by Christopher F. and Daniel J. Simons do show shows aspects of ethos then the other article, as I think Heffernan describes the effect of comment in journalism but this only focus focuses on the negative comments only, which I doubt that there would be only negative comments on a journalism that has got recognition and has been writing about in websites like the Washington post. People would probably think that this is not reliable as there not showing the whole picture on comments. Although not part of the assignment, Heffernan’s argument is that good comments are lost among the bad ones, not that all comments are bad.

When it comes to the top I found it appeal more to Ethos as the three top comment being Neil, Keith Dow, and Jacob Summer are talking not with facts but almost like an assumption as they trusted the site enough for them to star speculating on what it could be. All three of them are suggesting different things about how bush (Bush) was smart to remember, or that perhaps is in our brain, but always finishing with an unsure statement.