Secrecy – Jennifer

From the moment, a friend demanded that I keep a situation confidential and keep quiet, I knew that I would be stuck in a predicament and possibly hurt my reputation with those on the other side. Although this person was my friend, I felt compelled to do something. How could I protect this person and still be loyal to myself? It was a difficult situation, in no way, shape or form did I have any intentions of lying to my friend’s family and friends who were also my coworkers. I not only felt manipulated by the fact that I HAD to keep this secret, but I felt two-faced and most importantly I wasn’t being true to myself and my beliefs.

To make matters worse, the people I was being disloyal to were people I worked with. They gave me an opportunity and took me in as their family, yet here I was keeping a massive secret from them. I should note that this secret was not going to harm anyone in any way, it was only to protect my friend, but in the process hurt any connection I had with my coworkers if I had to lie. In this difficult time that lasted a couple months, I was approached by several people. They persistently asked what was going on, why this person had done this and that, and why he no longer was working at his job. As a mature and loyal person, I intended to keep my friend’s secret confidential. As stated in the concealment and secrecy lecture, secrecy did lower my resistance to the irrational and pathological. With no doubt, I had to put away the pathos and ethos and use a more rational appeal to surpass the situation. It wasn’t my place to lie and It wasn’t a good situation to reveal a secret. If I was going to lie, I’d need to justify why I didn’t say something earlier, why my friend was lying or keeping a secret, all of which I tried to avoid. I had a lot of power, I could easily break my promise with my friend and tell his secret or I could’ve lied to my coworkers. Instead, I simply decided to stay neutral in the situation, letting people know that I wasn’t sure and I wasn’t the best person to ask questions to.

To back up my facts on secrecy, AWKWARD. Edward Snowden who leaked confidential government information was in no way being rational. It was not his duty to leak any information. He displayed disloyalty and ruined his reputation among others in his line of work. This was a matter of privacy, and if the government was keeping a secret, it was not his position to act upon.

48-Hour News Blackout – Jennifer

Who knew that entering a phase of complete solitude could open your eyes to the actual wonders of reality. Disconnecting myself from all sorts of news for 48 hours was difficult but doable. Often I found myself reaching over for my phone, computer or TV to catch up on the latest news, gossip or weather forecasts. The hardest part of experiencing the blackout was avoiding my parents who consistently brought up the latest news that might have been relevant at the time. In this blackout period, FULL NAME Deresiewicz’s statements were always popping up in my head. He states that “technology has taken away our privacy and our concentration and our ability to be alone.” I could not agree more with this. In my time of solitude, I found myself reading books as I usually do at night, but during the day I became lonely. I wanted to go back to my technological news and catch up with the world. Sitting down at a red light or waiting patiently in the doctor’s room became dull and distressing. I realized that even in moments where I wasn’t sitting still such as going for a run, I still turned on my Spotify and listening to music or called my mother to keep me company. This modern society we live in has become dependent on technology. It was a shocking surprise to how aware I was of my surroundings when I put down all gadgets and spent time alone.

By the second day, I became present, I was in living in the moment as one should. I still struggled with getting off my computer as I was constantly checking fashion blogs, YouTube videos and occasionally switching back and forth between Gmail and FIU’s web page to entertain myself. This is where I think of Deresiewicz, in his article, he states that “the internet is a powerful machine for the production of loneliness as television is for the manufacture of boredom.” This goes back to my statement on switching between web pages just for the fact of being on the internet due to loneliness. It is a terrible feeling and unfortunately, as a digital society, it is the generation in which we live in. GOOD. To fill the gaps at night was easy, I indulged in a book for hours and wasn’t even concerned with looking at my phone. During the day was a bit more difficult, I tried to use my time wisely by catching up on homework, writing in my journal or working on my personal blog. I found this to be the easiest way to “pass the time.”

I would like to state that this period of solitude made me quite anxious in the sense that I was oblivious to world news and for some reason, I did not enjoy the feeling of not relating to the world and what was going on. The news is important but to a certain extent. Solitude on the other hand is vital to living a more peaceful and present life.

Rhetorical Analysis – Jennifer Lapeyre

Thesis Statement: An argument that is backed by logic and rational thought easily convinces the audience. THIS ISN’T A THESIS STATEMENT. NO ONE CAN REFUTE THIS. IT MAKES NO ARGUMENT.

FIRST NAMES? Chabris and Simons rely heavily on rational appeals or logos to make an argument against relying heavily on one’s memories when making an argument. The authors use the case of Dr. Tyson as the case study and exemplify on the inadequacies and shortcomings that the information had on the public. However, they are quick to note facts and a series of different statistical information when memory fails and research that has been conducted to give the same conclusion. An analysis of different case scenarios and aspects of the society are raised and the use of real world examples such as the politicians is one of the main aspects and events that has been identified.YOU USED PASSIVE VOICE A LOT. I CAN’T TELL WHO ACTS VERSUS WHO IS ACTED UPON. REMEMBER WHEN WE REVIEWED SUBJECT-VERB-OBJET? The author appeal to logic and imploreWRONG WORD the audience to understand the fact that no one is infallible but it is the reaction after one identifies that they made a mistake that matters. The use of the case of Hilary Clinton and Bush in separate events only serves to show that the problems can be cited across the board. The appeal to logic works as a good precursor in making the argument and drawing important conclusions and views on the subject.

The use of past experiments on court cases and the telephone game have also been used by the authors as they appeal to logic to assess the reasons for the lapse in memory by Dr. Tyson. The authors rely heavily on research, studies and facts in their argument as the aim to ensure that they make their argument. There is a strong analysis and appeal to the logical aspects and factors that have been drawn in the argument accordingly. The author’s tone is one of appealing to the audience to understand the different conclusions and information that can be drawn from the arguments that have been drawn.

The comments are reflective of the emotional aspects and engagement that one gets while reading through the argument. Although there is an opinion formed as one starts reading through the opinion, as one immerses themselves into the article there are different aspects that become clearer and a change of opinion is derived. The article engages the audience through highlighting different aspects and countering the views of many to ensure that it makes a proper argument and model in the end. The respondents are using emotions while commenting and giving their own views on the article. There is no support for their arguments from any statistical or case study and it gives an indication of the views of the people reading through the article.

The method of ranking comments is very important since it ensures that readers can get different views that have been articulated and assessed. This is important since it ensures that the readers can only relate to the top comments and gain an understanding that relates to their own assessment and interaction to the individual information and opinion that is given. It is effective since it allows monitoring and assessment of the comments listed in the paper.