Team 22 Paula Rivera

Hi Paula,

Interesting topic, but I don’t see much in the way of integration of class concepts.  You briefly mention it but do not elaborate. Furthermore, your word count is short and considering you included a rather lengthy bibliography I don’t see much in the way of analysis either.  The Final Essay Rubric is clear and gives specific number of points for each of the 7 measures.

Your essay is acceptable.  I”ve given you a ‘fair’ on all the points in the rubric.

Paula S Rivera

Team 22


Prof. Pearson

How We Know What We Know About Coachella

Each year, when Coachella comes around, the Frenzy in social media starts.(I’m not sure why you capitalized Frenzy?)  Every celebrity performing or going, and every fan attending become completely focused in the festival’s prestige, even those not going make sure to keep up-to-date with what goes on in Coachella through the social media and YouTube live streams. How is Coachella able to make such an impact on the community during the two weeks that it is available, every year?

The Coachella Valley music and arts Festival is a music festival held at the Empire Polo club in Indio, California, in the inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert of California. Since starting the festival in 1999 the franchise has grown exponentially. Last year alone they were able to get 99,000 people to attend the festival per day, during a six-day event. 

A group of people standing in front of a crowd

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Coachella’s crowd in 2006 (pictured above) compared with Coachella’s crowd in 2019 (pictured below.)

A group of people standing in front of a crowd

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We attain information about Coachella from social media influencers, celebrities, clothing brands and in Multiple (I’m not sure why you capitalized Multiple?) online websites and magazines that write and publish things about the festival. After years of this festival just being about the music his reputation has grown and shifted its ways of marketing. Designer brands have created invite only events throughout the week of Coachella to be able to market themselves to their consumers through celebrities and Instagram influencers. Sheena Parks, creative director for Matisse footwear, hosted one of these invite only events and said “it doesn’t necessarily bring in new customers. It’s the chatter – it looks cool from the brand standpoint […] it’s such an affordable way to market.” 

An example of how Victoria’s Secret brings up Coachella to their advantage.

Besides designer brands and people with a known status on social media, a bigger percentage of the marketing that we see on social media is from the fans. Last year alone there were 460,000 social media posts in the first weekend of Coachella, not including celebrities and famous faces (FN). The immediate things we see are done by the people and published by people. 

Multiple newspapers and stations came out to Coachella to cover the activities throughout the two weekends. Known names like the Los Angeles times came out and wrote an article about Kanye West’s Sunday service to celebrate Easter at the festival. Another reason why this festival gets so much recognition, they do things that no one else has done before or things that may shock their audience. Last year they had Beyoncé headline their festival which people crazed over, this year they had a gospel service the morning of Easter, which had never been done before, and was ran by Kanye West. Adding diversity in music and events causes people to become attracted and change their way of thinking when they think about Coachella. This is a way that they’re marketing appeals to pathos. For example, some people of the Christian faith would now want to attend Coachella because they did have a gospel service, it evoked an emotion of happiness. 

A group of people standing in front of a crowd

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Kanye West’s Easter Sunday Service during Weekend 2 of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio. (Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times)

Before the actual festival begins, marketing begins. Besides having the official social media accounts religiously post things about the event, there are also each artist account been focused on Coachella if they’re performing. Sheila Marikar writes about classes being given in Los Angeles to prepare people to take better Instagram photos for when they go to Coachella. With coaches like Elisa Benson and CJ Hernandez, their classes learn how to properly use the well-known social media application called Instagram, specifically for going to Coachella. They give out their top 10 tips for festival coverage, for example “1. Give followers an all access pass” they remind their students they are the link the rest of the world has to see what is going on in the inside view of Coachella. Hernandez said “with 1 billion people on the platform, you’re a tiny little raindrop in a thunderstorm. So, don’t worry about over posting.” This is also encouraging the appeal to pathos by making people confident in their ability to make themselves look cooler at a music festival causing them to want to go.

The government has even aided in this music festival by expanding the capacity maximum by 90,000 people more than a couple years before. Since Coachella brings in so many people and revenue to the City, the government would rather help them make more money than cap the amount of people that are able to go. Since the organization that runs the festival is independent, they don’t need to refer back to the government unless it has to do with safety precautions such as traffic problems and fire hazards. They hire the local police to help out with their safety measure to ensure that their festival goers have the basic sense of safety that everyone needs in order to do something out of their comfort zone. 

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Coachella Crowd 2006 

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