Team 20 Fake News Assignment: President Donald Trump Diagnosed with Cancer


Team Assignment 3: Fake News Story

Photo: Ashley Fernandez

Tweets: Deyanira Morgado

Quotes/Sources: Shelby Touze

Article Writer/Editor: Daniel Blanco


President Donald Trump Diagnosed with Cancer


President Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday morning to reveal that he could be diagnosed with cancer.

White House staff member John Smith reveals that he has been looking at the president closely for the past few days after noticing him coughing loudly during a meeting.

“I noticed throughout the past 2 days that the president would complain about a pain in his chest and a migraine,” Smith explained exclusively to Team 20 Magazine.

“However, I knew something was going on when I noticed that President Trump didn’t want to use Twitter. I had to do something.”

Smith, feeling worried about his boss, took it upon himself to go online and look up his symptoms.

The website, which Smith claims is “absolutely reliable, credible, and trustworthy,” lets a user type up the symptoms in question and after a few seconds tells the user what they have.

When Smith entered the symptoms into the site he was shocked to see the website page say “CANCER” in the center.

This site is a well-known public medical information hub called WebMD. In Smith’s words, “I was taken aback completely. Considering the condition I’ve seen the President in, it was a morbid affirmation. If the internet says its cancer, then it must be!”

“I noticed how he had more complaints of a weakness in his limbs at times and difficulty keeping food down. And that was before the cough. Initially I levied the blame to Father Time, but he continued to deteriorate.”

Smith planned on contacting the surgeon general directly, but felt there would be an effort made to conceal Trump’s condition.

Smith believes the public has every right to be made aware of the health status of their President. This will prove to be a devastating circumstance under which Trump and the GOP will have to campaign in 2020. There already exists a strong sentiment that he is the epitome of incompetent, and a serious disease like cancer doesn’t help keep an image of an able bodied leader.

President Trump was also secretly taken to the hospital late Monday morning. A doctor at the hospital spoke exclusively with Team 20.

“I didn’t actually see the president, but my friend and dear coworker was the one who looked over him, and she said that it might be bad.”

When asked further details, specifically what kind of cancer the president has, the doctor did not have much to say.

“My friend hasn’t told me what kind of cancer he has, but she says it might be really bad.”

One question everyone has been asking since Trump sent the tweet is: Where’s Melania? The First Lady was seen in New York on Sunday, but no word has come out on what she was doing there. She was also not seen at the hospital when President Trump was first admitted.

Many other media sources have been trying to figure out where Melania is and why she wasn’t at the hospital immediately after he was admitted. Monday afternoon, however, Melania gave an update on her whereabouts on Twitter.

Team 20 called Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for comment, and this is what she had to say.

“We are very saddened to hear about the president. We are trying our best to get our own accurate and credible information as quickly as we can and we will hold a press conference to inform the fake media on the president’s condition.”


Reflective Paragraph

We wrote this story because we wanted to try and take a story that may seem outlandish and make it sound as real as possible. In order to achieve this, we decided to use ethos as our rhetorical appeal for the story. Our intended audience was the general public, because the situation we presented could greatly affect the entire nation. We used the picture of Trump in the hospital bed as the hook to lure readers to the story and made tweets to keep the reader’s attention throughout the article. News stories also use this tactic in order to give credibility to what they are saying as well as prove readers that what they’re reading is true without them having to look for the proof themselves.


Very well-done Team #21. Excellent reflective paragraph, good images (sent via email) Overall, good writing, good work!!!



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