Montoya, Krystal Team 17

Excellent work Krystal, just add images or video and insert them in the places that best support the text. 

Third-wave Feminism is on the rise; however, many third world countries have taken to it differently than other countries. Ethiopia was a country that for many years had taken Feminism into their own hands, adapting it based on their own culture. Only recently has Ethiopia started looking towards equal rights of the genders; due to having a primarily conservative culture, it has taken them longer to get there. It’s small steps like these that can make a change in the country. The election of Meaza Ashenafi as the new president of the Ethiopian Supreme Court was caused by the uprising of feminist movements across the world and launched Ethiopia into its own Feminist revolution.

            The media coverage of this event has been very minimal in the United States, primarily due to the fact that it does not directly relate to us or any of our allies. The only people that fully comprehend the magnitude of this event are the people that are globally aware. This means that many of our news broadcasts can manipulate the information in any way they want to fit their own political views. For example, a primarily conservative news channel such as FOX News could manipulate the event in a way to make their audience support the conservative side more. The audience would not be able to receive the information in a fully unbiased manner. One of the sources that I used to get more information on this specific event was The Washington Post. This primarily left-leaning news channel controls the way that the news is presented to their audience to fit left-leaning viewpoints. However, despite any bias The Washington Post may have, this was one of the few, if not the only, American website to report on this story.

Globally, many other news sites can be doing the same, implementing their bias into their stories and affecting the way their readers view the event itself. Most news sites nowadays are all biased, leaning towards a specific side of the political spectrum. They all either lean towards the conservative side or they lean towards the more liberal side. It is rare to find a site that is a mix of both because society has split itself into two different points of view. So, the public look towards the websites that they relate to the most because it confirms their beliefs. Conservatives look at conservative websites because it confirms their beliefs and makes them feel that it is correct. This is a form of the Echo Chamber Effect. The only information we absorb are seen our own perspective, further validating our beliefs instead of challenging them.

However, locally in Ethiopia, they have been slowly getting used to a Feminist reformation that was catapulted by the election of Meaza Ashenafi. The local news has made Ashenafi a household name, so she was able to gather a following. One local newspaper even detailed why Ashenafi was the best fit for the position, showing the growth that the country has made towards gender equality. Many other sectors of politics in Ethiopia have also been taken over by women, including the presidency. News sites are the primary source of information in any country, so the fact that a local newspaper detailed why Ashenafi deserved her position can help sway anyone that was skeptical of her background. It can affect people differently hearing it from someone in their own country, especially since the reporters and the news sites take the culture into consideration when it comes to reporting.

            On a global level, this event and the coverage that it has received forces the event to only be a local event. This event is something that should make international news because it shows the growth that a country is making; however, the coverage is very minimal due to the fact that Ethiopia is a smaller country. It doesn’t have a high standing globally in any sense either politically or economically, causing news like this to get brushed under the rug compared to the news in bigger countries such as the United States or France. However, the news sites that did report on this event focused on the fact that this is a major step for the country towards gender equality. They utilized ethos to show that she was more deserving of her position than her male counterparts. In many African countries, roles of power are often saved just for the men; so, the fact that Ashenafi was elected by a male to fill this position swayed many people to being more accepting of what women can do outside of homemaking.

            Along with that, many other countries in the same political and economic situation as Ethiopia have begun their own Feminist revolutions as well. This can create pressure for Ethiopia to catch up with everyone else and become more accepting of women in power. This proves itself to be incredibly important because some countries may not be as willing to do any sort of business with them if they do not share similar beliefs. It has been proven time-and-time again that countries with differing beliefs tend to have some sort of conflict. At some point, Ethiopia had to conform to what was becoming the new norm for that region.

            The election of Meaza Ashenafi as the new president of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia was a result of Feminist revolutions in the neighboring countries that pressured Ethiopia to adapt. This pressure created a desirable change for the country, possibly inspiring other countries that are in similar situations. Sometimes it only takes one country to inspire a change for its allies. The coverage for this event in local news has made this decision seem more positive than negative and putting change in a positive light can draw more countries in to make the change. Ultimately, it all comes down to the news channels and the way that they report on events to create a chain reaction of change for other countries.


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