Erin Keenan: Annotated Bibliography (Team #18)

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Erin Keenan

HWKWWK: Thesis and Annotated Bibliography

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As immigration becomes an intense topic in our country, the crisis of the Mexican Border is more concerning than ever before. The mental and physical conditions of the immigrants who do not make it passed border control and are put into detention centers are horrific. Specifically, the El Paso, Texas detention center is overflowing with internal health issues, secrecy, and obvious neglection which is causing deaths to many of these migrant travelers.


Annotated Bibliography:


Urrea, Luis Alberto. Adult Book Club Kit for Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Devil’s Highway. Fayetteville Public Library, 2011.

  • This book is a true story based off a 26 year old man’s journey across the Mexican Border through the Arizona desert known to migrant travelers as The Devil’s HIghway. He travels with a group of people. Twelve succeed reaching the other side and the other fourteen become victims to the U.S. Border Patrol, Mexican Federales, and American Citizens who take the law of immigration into their own hands. The book sets the scene of what it is like to be a migrant traveler and the extreme hardships they take on to reach freedom.

2. Journal Article in a Scholarly Journal

Infante, César, et al. “Violence Committed Against Migrants in Transit: Experiences on the Northern Mexican Border.” Journal of Immigrant & Minority Health, vol. 14, no. 3, June 2012, pp. 449–459. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1007/s10903-011-9489-y.

  • Migrants who are in transit to the United States are known to be vulnerable due to their lack of access to health care and legal assistance. In this scholarly article, a study backed up by charts, shows evidence on the violent related consequences that migrants experience during their journey. It talks about arbitrary detention centers, verbal abuse, death threats, and other types of violent experiences.

3. Article In A Popular Or Trade Magazine

Anderson, George M. “At the Mexican Border.” America, vol. 176, no. 15, May 1997, pp. 3–4. EBSCOhost,

  • This article specifically talks about the El Paso Service Processing Center. This is one of the nine detention centers that are in the United States. Touches upon the matters of who is in the detention center, where the detainees are from, and what they do while there.


4.  Newspaper Article Published In The Country Of The Topic (Online Newspaper)

Borunda, Daniel. “U.S. Immigration Policy That Separates Immigrant Children Angers Border, El Paso.” El Paso Times, El Paso Times, 6 June 2018,

  • Currently, immigration laws are under the global microscope. President Donald Trump hard stance on immigration is a difficult escalation that is affecting many people. Therefore, immigrants are advocating due to the separation of children and families.

5. A Good Website

By: The Associated Press. “ICE Halts Force-Feeding of Immigrant Detainees in Texas.” 7NEWS, 16 Feb. 2019,

  • I chose this website and article to touch upon the secrecy that surround the immigration detention center. In this article, it states the matter of the center stopping to force feed detainees that went on a hunger strike. Statements are made by the ICE and the detainees themselves.


6. One Good Source Of My Choice

“El Paso Pediatrician Discusses Medical Needs Of Migrant Children In Detention Centers.” NPR, NPR, 11 Jan. 2019,

  • Interview with an El Paso pediatrician discussing the medical needs of migrant children in detention centers. Concerns remain that migrants, especially children remain at risk in this U.S. detention center based off of obvious health related red flags.

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