Annotated Bibliography Team #1 Joey Hernandez

Joey: Good sources. It might be wise to focus on one specific speech of Maduro. Also, it seems unlikely that his speeches lack pathos, ethos, and logos. Surely he uses one of the rhetorical modes in his efforts to persuade. Remember, rhetoric isn’t about what’s true or false, but how a speaker is attempting to sway an audience.


Thesis Statement:

 The barricade of Venezuela that prevents food or medical aid from neighbor countries has been heard all around the world. We can see how president Maduro’s speeches about this topic lack pathos, ethos, and logos.

  1. Book:


Maduro, Nicolás. Diálogos Con El Presidente Nicolás Maduro : Ocho Entrevistas. Caracas, Venezuela : CO, Ediciones Correo del Orinoco, marzo de 2014., 2014. EBSCOhost,

Database: FIU Library Catalog

Nicolas Maduros is interviewed several times in this book to understand better what he is trying to do. On these interviews he talks about how Venezuela will get back up, how he is helping Venezuela to get out of poverty, and a lot of “positive things” that he is doing. We can see how he lacks pathos, ethos, and logos on these interviews.

2. Academic Journal:

VON BERGEN GRANELL, FRANZ. “Los Discursos De Nicolás Maduro: Marcos, Relato Y Juegos De Lenguaje.” MARCO (Márketing y Comunicación Política), vol. 3, Jan. 2017, pp. 33–56. EBSCOhost, doi:10.15304/marco.3.4209.

Database: Business Source Complete

This journal talks about the different ways in which Maduro talks during speeches. He uses different strategies and plays a lot with his words to persuade his audience. He uses these clever techniques to create credibility.

3. Magazine:

Gonzalez Solano, Bernardo. “LA ANTI DEMOCRACIA DE NICOLAS MADURO MOROS: Venezuela.” Siempre!, no. 3389, 2018, p. 54. EBSCOhost,

Database: InfoTrac Informe!

This magazine talks about the reelection of Maduro for presidency. There is a high chance that he will be reelected because of corruption. The people know that if he gets reelected, hunger and lack of first aid will increase exponentially and Venezuela will perish.  

4. News article:

Tn. “La Crisis En La Venezuela De Nicolás Maduro: Hiperinflación, La ‘Dieta Del Hambre’, Falta De Medicinas y Éxodo.” Todo Noticias, TN, 9 Jan. 2019,

Website: TN News

Venezuela is suffering from a huge problem with inflation because of its president. Venezuela’s economy has shrunk more than 50% since Nicolas Maduro came into power. More than one-third of Venezuela’s population eat only one meal a day

5. Website:

 Ángel Bermúdez. “Crisis En Venezuela: Por Qué La Oposición Espera Que Este 23 De Febrero Sea Su ‘Día D’ y Cuál Puede Ser La Respuesta Del Gobierno De Nicolás Maduro – BBC News Mundo.” BBC News, BBC, 23 Feb. 2019,

Website: BBC

This website talks about a news that occurred several weeks ago where Nicolas Maduro rejected food supply from the United States. He stated that “United States’ help was a rotten gift” and that their intention was to take over their resources.

6. Other:

“Venezuela Refuerza Barrera En Puente Para Impedir Ingreso De Ayuda Humanitaria.” TalCual, 14 Feb. 2019,

Website: Talcualdigital

This website talks about how Maduro barricaded the bridge where aid was supposed to arrive. He put several cargo containers to fully block any aids from other nearby countries. This shows that his positive speeches do not match with his evil actions.


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