Annotated Bibliography

Josmery –

Sources were good, but you don’t have a scholarly article. Check with a librarian to amke sure you have one for the final essay.

Thesis should be how we know about the sentence. For example, was it covered differently in Mexican or US papers/TV, or social media? Maybe how secrecy was involved in government corruption? Did fear play a part in any media coverage?

Thesis: After decades evading justice, El Chapo’s sentence to life in prison led the principal news in Mexico and USA for the last months. His great contribution to corruption, how he managed to escape from jail and whether this will reduce drug trafficking, are the main topics next.


Beith, Malcolm. The Last Narco: Inside the Hunt for El Chapo, the World’s Most Wanted Drug Lord. New York: Grove Press, ProQuest, 2010.

This book is about the story of the Mexican kingpin El Chapo Guzman.The book presents the struggle of those who dare to stand up to the cartels, and the ways those cartels have tragically corrupted every aspect of Mexican law enforcement. It also mentions how Guzman was considered among the wealthiest man in the world and his skill to escape from the law.


ContentEngine LLC. The Case of ‘El Chapo’ Does not End the Era of Big Bosses. Miami: CE Noticias Financieras English, Latin America, ProQuest, 2019.

This article mentions how even though El Chapo was captured, drug production and trafficking in Mexico have still increased in the past years. His cartel is allegedly now being controlled by his children. Plus, there exist many other powerful cartels there as well, which contributes to such increase.


Sonja, Sharp. Talk isn’t cheap in ‘El Chapo’ case; The stunning dollar amounts discussed in the drug kingpin’s trial are just the price of doing business. Los Angeles: Los Angeles Times Magazine, ProQuest, 2019.

This one is about how powerful, in terms of money, the drug industry is. It mentions the billions of dollars people involved in this business can have, along with properties around the world. It also mentions how they use tentative amounts of money to bribe individuals in power control of high levels of government. Proof of this is that El Chapo was considered one of the richest men in the world by Forbe magazine in 2015.


EFE EN NUEVA YORK. Según testimonio, el Chapo violaba a niñas y las llamaba “vitaminas”. Mexico:, 2019.

This article portraits portrays part of the many ways in which the drug lord contributed to corruption in Mexico. Here witnesses make public how El Chapo and his henchmen outraged more than one little girl. According to this article he had a woman who would get woman ranging from 13 years old and up for him. These little girls whom El Chapo called “vitamin” were drugged to then be abused.


Feuer Alan and Emily Palmer. El Chapo’s Early Days as a Budding Kingpin. New York: New York Times, 2018.

This article gives a brief resume of the early days of El Chapo’s carrier. It shows examples of the strategies that the kingpin adopted in order to become one of the best in his field. A witness that started to work with El Chapo since his beginnings explains all that and also that even though he was one of his best men, he ended up betraying him. Consequently, he was threatened to death in several occasions while in jail.


Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Mexico’s Drug War: The Battle Without Hope. Greenhaven Press, 2014.

  This last article explains more in depth how cartels function in Mexico, as well as the position of government before these cartels. It details a bit more of how they corrupt youth and how much damage they cause to society, focusing on “El Cartel de Sinaloa,” the biggest of all, which was managed by El Chapo for many years.


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