Excellent thesis and bibliography. Good job!

Annotated Bibliography

During the GreenBiz 2019 event, SC Johnson used rhetoric to focus on their aspirations for compostable, and recyclable materials but fail failed to mention their contribution towards plastic pollution. The medium sends a message that the company will shift towards an ideology primarily accepted by society. The incorporation of social media plays a role in the perception of trust and transparency between the company and consumers. SC Johnson has had a history of secrecy, and this platform is a means of avoidance on previous events of withholding information from the public about the chemicals being used in their products and the adverse effects. Good thesis.

1. Found Via: Academic One file
“Pollution control.” The Gale Encyclopedia of Science, edited by K. Lee Lerner and Brenda Wilmoth Lerner, 5th ed., Gale, 2014. Academic OneFile,
This book includes explanations of the way that the environment becomes governed by local laws and restrictions. The information is given through logos and uses diction that is common. It also brings about possible information that is influenced by the restricted information provided by the government.

2. Found via: Communications & Mass Media Complete
Erskine, Hazel. “The Polls: Pollution and Industry.” Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. 36, no. 2, Summer 1972, pp. 263–280. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1086/268000.
This journal article analyzes the relationship between different aspects of industries and public relations to bring awareness to the public on corporate decisions. This source incorporates the perspectives of multinational corporations and state department experience with major nonprofit organizations. The lens used for analyzing this convergence of platforms is that of a multifaceted investigation.

3.Found via: ProQuest News & Newspapers
Anthony, William. “Waste in, Energy Out.” Scandinavian Review, vol. 104, no. 3, Autumn, 2017, pp. 52-61. ProQuest,
This magazine entry provides a dense analysis of different types of company’s contribution to pollution. It presents statistics to analyze how these companies were pushed by the Danish government to become environmentally friendly. The choice of prose creates a natural transition of events that the reader can apply to possible outcomes for other countries following this direction in law specific to an industry and their waste.

4. Found via: ProQuest News & Newspapers
McGreevy, Patrick. “CITY & STATE; Lawmakers Push to Phase Out Plastics that can’t be Recycled; Bill would Bar the Sale of such Items by 2030 and Reduce Amount Sent to Landfills.” Los Angeles Times, Mar 04, 2019. ProQuest,
The article uses logos to emphasize the reason for the bills passing in California that will assist in environmental clean-up. It focuses on the environmentally friendly measures that voted for in California and a future decrease in waste. It also provides analysis of the contribution to waste the United States makes, giving unbiased statistics of plastic pollution. The diction used puts emphasis on the facts rather than emitting emotions from the reader.

5.Found Via: web
This database provides sources that have analytical scientific interpretation with common words that are put in the search engine. The different forms of sources provide results from all over the world and focus on similarity to the words being searched rather than easily accessible websites.

6. Found via: Communications & Mass Media Complete
Kronrod, Ann, et al. “Go Green!! Should Environmental Messages Be So Assertive??” Journal of Marketing, vol. 76, no. 1, Jan. 2012, pp. 95–102. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1509/jm.10.0416.
This focuses on the medium, and what ways industry uses marketing schemes to aggressively impose their messages. This sheds light on the tactics used by companies to make sure consumers see specific environmental contributions. The ads themselves are also analyzed through the lens of ethos, pathos, and logos. The messaged is what is being focused on and ties it back to the effect of them on the consumer.


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