Thesis Statement – Nathaniel Cuevas

Thesis Statement: On a beautiful Monday, during the beginning of a new week, President Trump visited FIU to discuss and address the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. The country that was once South America’s richest country is currently in turmoil due to boycotts, voting fraud, and many other factors that have left more than half of the countries people in poverty. Venezuela has impacted the world by communicating, sharing, and influencing different countries, who side with the “acting president” or the current president. This great impact even has the United States involved, which a reason why President Trump visited South Florida to address the crisis.

Not approved: Are you analyzing the impact Venezuela has on the world through media? You should make that clear. You can eliminate the beautiful monday beginning of a new week…while poetic, it’s not necessary here. Good topic and idea though! just a bit a reworking


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