Week 2

Lilly –


Your summation, though brief, accurately states McLuhan’s idea of the medium is the message. However, the purpose of the assignment was to show how McLuhan did, or did not, use the critical perspective. Specifically, with the idea of the medium is the message, did he challenge assumptions, expand the bounds of debate, and aim for the betterment of society? This is all but ignored in your short essay. Your writing is excellent, but you have neglected to engage with class concepts and as a result have failed to complete the assignment.


The Canadian professor and philosopher, Marshall McLuhan, changed the way that we interpret information through his message, “the medium is the message”.

McLuhan liked to challenge the views of his audiences and their arguments. He changed the way we looked at media. Before him, people would take information that was given to them at face value. They would think in a more linear path. Marshall McLuhan paved the way for us to have a more radical view. Throughout his work, Marshall McLuhan showed in many cases that the way the message is presented is more important than the message itself, “the median medium is the message”. Mr. McLuhan used critical thinking and critical perspective to teach the public audience about media and its capability to influence them. How?

While researching McLuhan, he could not stress enough that what is being said was only a fraction of the entire meaning of the message. A possible revision: 

For McLuhan, what is being said is only a fraction of the meaning of the message.

He was a trailblazer for a lot of the advancement in how media was portrayed. In his Playboy interview he mentioned that the way we understand and react to the media and the information it presents is determined by how we are exposed to it. In understanding our environment, what is happening around it, and how it influences us then we can eventually gain control of it.


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