Joey Hernandez Group #1

Joey – Good analysis of the importance of actionable information in your life, and especially in your work. You needed to make the connection to Deresiewicz to fulfill the assignment.

Overall, writing is good and you communicate your thoughts clearly. When editing, omit needless words, watch tenses and singular/plural form. News is singular, not plural.


News are is a very important source of information that humans need. Everything is moving very fast nowadays and people should not get caught up in the past. While doing this 48-hour news blackout, I felt very anxious and to be honest very lost. Typically when we hear the word “news” the first two things that come to our mind are newspapers and Fox, CNN, CBS, and NBC news channels. With this experiment I actually discovered that news is are not only those news channels and newspapers, but also social media, the radio, billboards, and even our friends. Good observation. News are literally everywhere we go, it is almost inevitable not to hear something new every day. Social media sends us notifications of something recent that happened, friends usually talk about sports or things currently happening, when we get in the car the first thing that we do is put the radio and hear what they have to say, etc.

Those 48 hours of not knowing what was happening in the world made me anxious because it made me feel like if I was living outside of the United States in a place where there is no internet or any source of news. Uncertainty is the root of anxiousness so this is exactly why I felt this way, because I did not know what was going on.

My job was affected because of this 48-hour blackout challenge. What I do is I earn money trading in the Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrency market. Trading comes with a lot of risk if you do not know what you’re doing so you have to obtain many confirmations before putting in an order or trade.  That comes with confirmations of technical analysis and confirmations with the news. A possible revision:

Trading comes with a lot of risk. Knowing what you are doing and confirmation of technical analysis and news is required before doing a trade or order.


The Foreign Exchange market is the market of currencies all around the world. The physical currency exchange that people do when they go from one country to another, I do it through my phone or laptop. The value of every currency is constantly changing so the price of, lets say, euro can be different today than tomorrow. One of the things that greatly affect affects the price of currencies are is news. So if I see a good trade setup with my technical analysis, but I don’t check if there are upcoming news for that currency, I am going to be risking a lot because I do not know how the market will react. “I” is acceptable in this assignment, but don’t overuse the pronoun:

If technical analysis indicates a good trade, but I don’t check the news of that currency, there is risk for how the market will react. 

For this reason, news are very important for me to know because I depend on them it to basically make money.

In conclusion, news are very important to people because it provides us with the information that is happening in the world and tells us how those news can affect our every day life. This experiment made me feel like an outsider. Everyone was well informed and I was the only person lost in my group of friends. I personally don’t really mind being alone. Actually, I enjoy being alone because I can talk to myself, analyze my mistakes, and reflect about  on my future. What I don’t really like is not knowing what is happening around me. The feeling of uncertainty and lack of understanding is what really makes me feel uncomfortable. This is why news are very important in our every day life. 


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