Nathaniel Cuevas Team 5 – 48 Hour News Blackout

Within the world and society, we live in today comma should be here technology has expanded so much. Creating this social world for us where we are able to stay connected, laugh, and share our lives with others. From the article titled “The End of Solitude” written by William Deresiewicz, to giving up my phone and social life 48 hours, subject needed here for sentence to work all ties into the lesson of how we try to stay connected with everyone and how we need to disconnect. Williams article pointed out very great points about our fear of living alone end sentence and start new one here and pushing myself to stay away from the social world for 48 hours was quiet challenging.

            William Deresiewicz article titled “The End of Solitude” was very intriguing and brought up a few points I did not think about. you don’t need to state the author and title. it is assumed. did not think about when and in what context? William began his article by discussing the connection between the camera and celebrities. In todays world we all want to be scene just like celebrities do themselves. We post to share our lives and to be scene by others creating this sense of connection. This type of “terror” William calls is anonymity. To avoid anonymity or in other words “anonymous” we share out lives to everyone through a camera and the social world provided by technology. I see myself in Williams argument as he mentions how at a very young age we grow very dependent on social patterns. I remember for myself at a young age when social media, tv, and texting began to become more popular. Ever since then I continue to rely using my phone to communicate with others on a daily basis. there is too much summary in this paragraph.

            As of February 15th I began my 48 hour process of disconnecting from the world. Shutting my phone off, no news outlets, social media, and or TV. I knew before beginning the process, it was going to be difficult for me. My phone, which allows me to stay connected with others, is part of my life on the daily. William through his article mentioned feeling solitude and the point of disconnecting was to feel solitude for 48 hours. From the beginning of the process, I did not feel any solitude. I had moments where I did not want to feel alone. I wanted to stay connected through texting my friends and family. Not being able to roam through social media bothered me. Although there were a few moments I did feel solitude, such as taking a moment to go outside for a walk or at the gym. Things such as the weather or other new sources is stuff we take for granted. Many other countries sadly don’t have access to weather reports to the cant prepare for natural disasters, or the media and news sources are not being controlled. which countries are these? For our solitude it is necessary for news to intrude because even though, why is there a comma here? we are alone its still important to know what’s going on in the world to survive such as the weather. “to survive such as” does not make sense as a sentence. it is important to know what is going on in the world to survive. for instance, the weather forecast alerts us to impending catastrophic conditions, such as severe thunderstorms and hurricanes.

            The experience trying to survive with no form of communicating was the most challenging. I realize how I’m so dependent to feeling connected. Williams article brought up great points and we should take time to disconnect and feel solitude for once.

Hi Nathaniel, I hope you do not take my corrections personally. You need to make sure your sentences and grammar are correct. There was also a lot of summary and you used very informal tone. please see the writing center or make an effort to do the assignment ahead of time next time.


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