48-hour News Blackout: Veronica Martinez, Team #5

After throwing myself in a Twilight Zone of partial solitude, I realized how immersed I am in the culture of celebrity and connectivity.  good

Following a news blackout experience for 48-hours, my world was turned upside down. I underestimated how much I rely on technology and the need to know constant information around me, whether it’s from the local news to the latest celebrity gossip. I found myself desperate for any sort of digital freedom that could ease my mind after feeling a form of partial solitude during those incessant 48-hours. In the article, “The End of Solitude” by Deresiewicz, he mentions that, “Not long ago, it was easy to feel lonely. Now, it is impossible to be alone.” This quote stood out to me most throughout the article since it was relatable during those isolated 48-hours. As I disengaged from the digital universe, I was left mesmerized after methodically examining how people were able to function without social media or any form of technology in earlier times. 

Loneliness and boredom had never crossed my mind, but, after this 48-hour experiment of disconnecting myself, I learned that those two feelings make me nervous and unsettled. Deresiewicz states that, “Technology is taking away our privacy and concentration, but it is also taking away our ability to be alone.” I realized that technology acts as a substitute and distraction for things that should require more attention, such as building meaningful relationships and being more productive. The quality that validates us is the way we are seen by others. 

By blocking myself from my normal news induced lifestyle, I had ample time to reflect on my choices. I did not realize how immersed I was in the culture of celebrity and connectivity, defining every move I make throughout my daily routine. Like many millennials, I am constantly on social media and taking selfies. The thought of a day without Snapchat filters destroyed the way I operated, driving me to mere insanity. Only stepping away from my delusional bubble was I able to see my robot-like, technological consumed, life and it terrified me. Apprehensiveness, also, played a significant part throughout this 48-hour news concealment since I was unequivocally thinking of what might be happening in the outside world and how I was going to catch up with all of the information as soon as the end of the 48thhour strikes the clock. I filled in the gaps by spending time with my family and going outside more. By being absorbed by technology for so long, I never really paid attention to how breathtaking nature can be and it broke my heart. 

To conclude, the 48-hours spent in the digital Twilight Zone were brutal but, it helped me realize how dependent I am on technology and news. Having said that, it is also important to understand that news is a necessary intrusion of our solitude. News not only forms a connection with those close to us, but, keeps us connected with others around the world. 


very well done analysis, organization of thoughts and writing and references to assignment questions and readings.


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