48-hour news blackout by: Josue San Martin

In this 48 hours that I disconnected from the world I was able to see the argument of Deresiewicz and how society is walking away from solitude, including myself. As Deresiewicz said, “the computer is creating a culture of connectivity” when I was disconnected from the world I did not see a connectivity with anyone but with myself. Made me analyze the time when I use the computer to check social media and connect with the people I was looking at but in this time where I did not check anything or anyone, I was disconnected from the world and the only connection I had was with myself. Deresiewicz also said that we are turning into miniature celebrities. With the rise of social media people use cameras to create a culture of celebrity and with every profile, there is a miniature celebrity where everyone can see it and where no one is alone.

After the first 18 hours I started to realize and analyze the importance of the technology in my life. Going outside without knowing if it was going to rain, not knowing what was going on in the world, not knowing how my father and my sisters are doing in another country. I did not have any type of connection with the world. I tried to fill out the gap with different activities but in the end even though I could barely fulfill the gap there was one thing missing and it was the interaction with another individual. In this time of complete solitude, I was able to analyze that the human is a creature that more than a desire, is a need to socialize with other species, not only other humans but with animals and the nature as well. For survival, the human needs to interact with a cow in order to get milk and survive. Cavemen needed interaction in order to survive. When one of them was sleeping the other one would look up for predators and vice versa in order to survive.

When I was getting closer to the 48 hours, I analyzed the importance of news and why is a good intruder in solitude. Without news I would have no idea what is happening in the community and around the world. In this solitude time, I compare the world with the movie “Ghost in the shell” and how news and technology are taking us apart from solitude. Solitude made me analyze myself in a way Major Kusanagi did when she was diving into the ocean. Technology might take us apart from solitude but we can also find time to be in solitude as Major Kusanagi did. Solitude and technology can interact with each other. I came with an analysis where I agree with Deresiewicz that the human needs solitude to secure integrity as well as to explore it. But the human also needs connectivity, beacuse I came with the conclusion where connectivity brings happiness and when I was alone 48 hours, I was unhappy.  nice references to Ghost and the reading throughout your work. a very different take on this assignment. I cannot say I completely agree that the connection between interaction with animals and nature is comparable to the the arguments made in the article, but it is an interesting diversion from the usual take aways.


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