48-hour News Blackout


After reading Deresiewicz’s “The End of Solitude” article, I came to realize just how much I can relate to the majority of ideas that the author writes about in this post. very clunky language used here Deresiewicz goes into detail about the transition that we’ve made over the years: from not knowing what boredom itself was to being fully aware of it today and acting upon it when we experience the emotion. The author brings up multiple great points regarding Solitude today; one sentence that really caught my eye colloquial language was “Solitude becomes, more than ever, the arena of heroic self-discovery, a voyage through interior realms made vast and terrifying by Nietzschean and Freudian insights”. The reason this really appeals to me is that during my 48-hour news blackout, I found my self anxious for new content; constantly searching for things to do in order to not feel ‘bored’. In the first 8-10 hours, I found my self struggling as all my intentions were going towards opening the Twitter or Instagram app on my iPhone. However, once I applied a restriction (also known as Screen Time) on the operating system of my device, it was easy to not launch any news related application. Anytime I wanted to open an app that could feed me information, a pop-up screen would appear indicating “this content is blocked for the next xx hours”. This is where self-discovery comes in; I started to appreciate the smaller things surrounding me, whether it was finally practicing the guitar for more than ten minutes or just participating in social interactions with my family for longer than five minutes without looking at my phone. I also began to think about how our lives today compared to those who didn’t grow up with the Internet several decades back. Deresiewicz’s also brought up the point on how he was trained to be bored. To me, this translates over to growing up in a non-technological world where one is forced to interact with others at a personal level because there was nothing beyond that. In other words, when Deresiewicz’s states “I was trained to be bored”, it reflects on how solitude is different today than what it was far before. Boredom was the default as there was nothing more to look forward to because the human brain did not know anything greater than the concept of personally interacting with others.  Today, we have adapted our selves and minds to the presence of social media, phones, computers and more. It is why times are changing and why the emotion of “solitude” empowers and stimulates us to get up and seek new information rather than having no input at all. In my experience, we have accustomed and disciplined our minds to seek for relevant modern-day news in order to keep us up to date with recent and current events, so that we can later transmit or share with other acquaintances.  some good ideas and analysis here. the writing style is too colloquial and informal in some places. you also should have separated these ideas into paragraphs.


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