Quincy Hicks Team 4 The 48 Hour Blackout

I started my assignment on Friday night/ Saturday morning with the realization that I would have to stay away from news for 48 hours. I don’t watch television news, but I am usually active on Twitter so I deleted it for the weekend. Twitter is my main news source so I was complely cut off from news. I am a huge sports fan so I usually watch ESPN the whole day, but I found myself watching other channels for a change such as MTV and VH1 which don’t show news.

After analyzing the article, The End of Solitude, I quickly realized how deep into this generation I really am. Deresiewicz made it seem as I would be isolated from everything and he was right. The first hours were the hardest. I was so anxious to re-download Twitter to see what’s going on in the world. A couple before this assignment was assigned, I tried to isolate myself and I actually went a whole day focusing on myself with no news. It was peaceful after a couple hours and same for this assignment once I got settled into it. But it felt like I was missing out on something every time I thought about Twitter. During this assignment, I found myself going to the gym and playing basketball with a couple of friends for multiple hours. Also reading a couple of books I got a few weeks ago and mixing that with TV watching and homework. I felt more focused than I have in along time.

I see myself in Deresiewicz argument when he talks about it being it being very visible to see how people can imitate the idea of the celebrity in their use of social media. We care about the followers, likes and tags to give us a “sense of closeness.” In my house, when somebody messes with the router for the Wi-Fi and we lose connection to internet everybody panics it is like we lose touch with the outside world when it happens. We don’t know life without the internet and it’s sad.  When we wake up the first thing we look at is our phones and the last thing we look at before we go to sleep.

In my opinion, news is definitely a necessary an intrusion of our solitude. Knowing what’s going on in the world around you is important, but the way we take news can change. Most people including me, find articles/stories on social media and take them as fact. News is taking away the feeling of thinking for ourselves. The media has interfered with our solitude in the sense that we have intertwined ourselves through devices while being disconnected through real life. We are afraid to be alone because society fiends for recognition. The point is we need news and media, but we need to give some time to ourselves to think and focus in solitude.

I’m very glad that someone mentioned reading books and exercise for this assignment (two of my main hobbies). I was beginning to get worried about everyone. But seriously: nicely presented details of your experience. Some of your writing is still a bit informal (even for an assignment of this nature). You made a lot of great points and insights based on the reading and answered the questions stated in the guidelines (which somehow people miss). I liked that you wrapped it up with a conclusion.


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