Nicole Crousillat IA 3: 48 Hour news blackout

Technology has made our society dependent upon its existence to make our lives easier. Every morning we depend on the different applications on our phones to receive news on the events that occur in our local area, nationally and globally. Experiencing forty-eight hours of a news blackout proved to be somewhat difficult for me. By not being able to connect to the main applications I use: New York Times, WSVN-7 News, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, I experienced a new found anxiety of not knowing what was happening this weekend. I usually rely on these applications to know what is going on around me and with my friends or followers.

Although, being disconnected from any type of news was difficult, at the same time it brought me some sense of peace. I was able to become occupied with other tasks such as: taking my dog out for a longer walk, going to the mall shopping, doing all my homework on Saturday and visiting my cousin’s family all day Sunday. I found myself not caring about anyone else that I usually follow online such as celebrities and my followers on my social media accounts. I found myself more aware of my physical surroundings and wanting to spend a lot more time outside or doing some kind of activity. excellent self-reflection

 Deresiewicz makes a good general point when he says “Celebrity and connectivity are both ways of becoming known. This is what the contemporary self wants”. Our society in general, especially among teenagers and young adults, are consumed by their social media accounts and the constant need to be connected. This need has proved that people crave to feel accepted and validated from others. If you really observe most social media posts are selfies, great places one has traveled to, the best looking pictures of us with the best angles and even pictures of different foods we eat. Most people have also become concerned with the amount of followers, likes or even if their posts create some type of esthetic  (spelled aesthetic) that may help them become more known or “famous”. absolutely valid points and take-away from reading

I agree with Deresiewicz in regards to “Technology is taking away our privacy and our concentration, but it’s also taking away our ability to be alone”. Once you take a step back and stop using the applications that connect us to the news of what is going on around us one then realizes how true this is. Not being connected to the news has also allowed me to communicate more with my family and the people around me physically rather than online which made me realize, I do not really like being alone. Most people are used to uploading the latest news on what is going on with their lives and not being able to use this in a way does make one feel isolated. Therefore, having access and being connected to information and news is important and I found myself anxiously wanting to know what is going on with others around me or globally. 

excellent job on the assignment providing a great analysis and relaying your experience through the reading


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