Assignment 3 -48 hour news blackout :Dane W. -team 05

In my 48 hours of news disconnect, it became a struggle to avoid news from both my personal devices and others unaware of my challenge without headphones for most of the day. Sometimes, I found myself anxious to be informed about other people’s lives but relieved myself by playing more basketball and reading edifying material. I found that since I was not paying attention to the idling of others that I needed to reflect on myself and took the time to write down why and how should take the steps to improve my physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Deresiewicz noted, “ The last thing to say about solitude is that it isn’t very polite.” I indeed found this to be true because even though they were forewarned, a few of my family and friends still were upset that they could not contact me as my phone was either turned off, on Do Not Disturb, or logged out of all social media. My attempt to achieve temporary solitude was seen as inconsiderate by others requiring my attention, but being alone allowed me to evaluate myself, focusing on personal aspects which I can improve on to better daily interactions and interpersonal relationships .
I did experience instances where I became anxious to partake in news media before going to sleep, as I laid (past tense is lay) in bed desiring to receive the rap, sports, and fashion culture related news I usually receive from Instagram. I also encountered the obstacle of obtaining assignment related notifications because I needed to log out of my email accounts to prevent various news sources from informing me.
Missing out on actionable information, such as weather, caused me to be annoyed and upset because I had to endure wearing shorts in approximately 60 degree weather. In another instance, I lost out on a few business opportunities to resell sneakers because I was unaware of their predictions which I would get from Instagram.
Deresiewicz asserts, “Not long ago, it was easy to feel lonely. Now, it is impossible to be alone.” The widespread impact of news and the media has made Americans relatively unappreciative of access to differential news perspectives and relevant information that would never be dispersed in other areas of the world.News dispersement has so much importance because it provides us with the information necessary to preserve ,inspire , and diminish the motives of both current and future movements that will ultimately benefit our society.
News can create more solitude by granting individuals opportunities to internally focus on how given information impacts us and how we can use the information we are given to aid or suppress others and internalize behaviors and actions we should or should not repeat as a person, institution, or entity.
News can also intrude our solitude because it is being constantly presented to us even when we do not solicit. It is because of constant news dispersement that new opinions are formed and presented when we can be self reflecting or focusing on other tasks.

great writing, and I am glad you took such a rigorous approach to the assignment although it seemed to have a somewhat negative impact on your life temporarily. Your analysis of your experience with the reading and your conclusions about news media were very well done.


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