Krystal Montoya Team 17

Well-written Krystal. Clear and concise sentence structure and word choice. Your understanding of the material comes through in your post and you successfully analyzed the readings well.

Good job!


Thesis: Marshall McLuhan utilizes the critical perspective to detail his idea of the medium is the message.

Marshall McLuhan’s idea of the medium is the message was something that was unheard of during his time. No one had thought that the medium could be more important to understanding the message than the actual message itself. McLuhan believed the medium allowed the readers to understand the message more because it facilitates the audience’s own impression of the message. McLuhan specifically used the critical perspective because it changed the way communicators affect culture and create a social change. McLuhan believed that we constantly miss information from the message; however, interpreting the way it is received and stated allows to understand the majority of the message; more so, than simply listening to the message as is.   

McLuhan describes two different types of messages and how they facilitate audience interaction or lack thereof. Audiences are looking to find their identity within the message and the medium is the best way to look through it. He provided his followers, who had believed that the message was the most important way to communicate, a different perspective which could provide them a completely different interpretation to the message. With these new perspectives, they are able to question commonly held assumptions, especially on interpretation of the message. It allows them to have an opinion for themselves, something that was beginning to become popularized in the years prior to and leading up to McLuhan’s time. We are constantly seeing instances in the news of people revolting against ideals that are being spread and this is largely due to the fact that they look deeper into the medium than simply looking at the message.

McLuhan expanded the bounds of debate because it allowed his audience to think differently to the established ideals from that time. Technology has provided us with a different way to interpret information and a different perspective. This encourages people to look beyond the norm. An example of the medium is the message in action is social media and the numerous revolutions that have occurred because of it. Social media has provided people with a platform of comfort to present conflicting ideas with a sense of anonymity and a way to reach a global audience. People are more willing to debate and challenge already-established regime. Similarly, McLuhan states that understanding the medium can help with anticipating any revolutionary action that may occur; therefore, controlling and preventing it.

McLuhan’s ideas were aimed to allow people to think for themselves, allowing them to take action and make a change in society. Many people just sit back and take the message without looking deeper into it. The different mediums that we have elicit different reactions from people. As previously stated, there are two types of mediums: hot and cold. Hot mediums require low participation from the audience; whereas, cold mediums elicit high participation from the audience. More participation and further understanding from the audience allows them to make a change when they view things as unjust. McLuhan is promoting that to his audience in hopes of them making a change for themselves and those around.


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