Assignment #2 – Julia Thomas Team 17

Hi Julia,

I would suggest that your try writing more simply and clearly. Much of what you write I kind of vaguely understand but often it is a bit muddled. I would suggest going to the Writing Center for help and I can work with you as well. Read NYT carefully and see how sentences are constructed and word choice is specific.  You will improve!


“Medium is the message.” A simple, yet complex phrase Marshall McLuhan uses to expresses his idea of media using critical perspective.

Marshall McLuhan, a considerable communication theorist whose ideas were unorthodox to in his era, but now, is an referred?(I am not certain what you mean by this word, I’d remove it) icon to many media and communication studies scholars. McLuhan`s idea – the way we receive information is more important than the actual message, has transformed the way many generations perceive media. (many generations?) (not all media have been around for many generations)

Contrary to popular beliefs during McLuhan’s lifetime, his idea is that mediums have a significance importance to the culture of society. From being people who consumed information from newspapers and television, we are now people who produce content. In the article, “Marshall McLuhan: a Candid Conversation”, McLuhan states, “[e]lectric media constitute a total and near-instantaneous transformation of culture, values and attitudes.” The rise of newer technology like social media, has impacted the way ideas and thoughts are communicated and delivered. Global events like the 2016, United States Presidential Election is a prominent example of how social media revolutionized the way society received information about both candidates. Hashtags like, “makeamericagreatagain”, “trumpforpresident”, and “imwithher” could possibly conclude how American citizens perceived information about both candidates to then alter their votes on who they elected. This form of communication has now affected the overall culture of America we see today.  

McLuhan`s radical theory opens the bounds of debate by massive attraction in the form of culture.  In the interview with Playboy, McLuhan addresses the question of the ancient world and how their language was their form of medium. McLuhan depicts the fundamentals of how cultures like Babylonians communicated with sensory details to paint a picture, while the Pphonetic alphabet changed how sensory  was perceived through language.  This means, overtime people began to lose focus on the medium itself and focused rather on the message when the phonetic alphabet was introduced. This phenomenon has now affected the way people interact with each other because the way information is now received in a drastically changed format of technology.

McLuhan`s aim for betterment of society was understood when he mentioned the educational system. McLuhan makes the allusion to Thomas Jefferson on how “least education is the best education.” Not condescending the idea of education, but rather how children were taught. McLuhan reasoned that the old method of teaching was to too analytical and needed to be, “fresh with new techniques and values.” This may be the reason why today we see programs like STEM and educational reforms.

Before McLuhan was introduced to new technology like social media his theories of an intercommunication society where the medium has more of an importance that impacts society has a whole has now become a reality. (Social media is not a technology) (this sentence is awkward and I’m not sure what you are trying to say. I suggest you write shorter more succinct sentences with one thought at a time. McLuhan’s theories of communication where the medium has more importance than the message has impacted society.  Then explain how?


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