Jeannie Hurtado Marshal McLuhan “The medium is the message” Assignment 2.

Today, 51 years after Understanding Media was published “The Medium is the message” is still a challenging and intriguing idea. Marshal McLuhan presented his ideas on media with such certainty for the future. His questions hold assumptions about how media will be used in the future whether bystanders see it yet or live unbothered by it.


His theory expands the floor (bounds of?) to debates because of those who either don’t understand the meaning or do not believe the way in which we consume media has a lot to do with the existence and evolution of technology. For example, the invention of the cell phone completely reshaped how we communicate with one another in rapid speeds. Therefore, the medium is the phone which allows us to reach our family and friends instantly. But the message is the fact that the phone gave you the capability to send a message to your loved ones in the first place.


Cell phones are a major upgrade since McLuhan’s ideas but we can still test his theory on situations this day in age. Mediums that are present in our lives reshape us as communicators while they allow the process in which we are able to send and revive media. We accommodate our cell phones by having them so close just in case we need to send a text but the real magic is the fact that you are able to send your text so instantaneously because of the existence this technology.


“By placing all the stress on content and practically none on the medium, we lose all chance of perceiving and influencing the impact of new technologies on man, and thus we are always dumfounded by—and unprepared for—the revolutionary environmental transformations induced by new media.” In this quote McLuhan uses critical perspective to convince the reader in what way is “The medium is the message” and how it continues to change us with time.


Back during the industrial revolution news was spread by print technology. Today we stray away from print and turn toward electric media. By turning this this type of media McLuhan expresses that we have broken the boundaries between “oral-tribal man and visual-man”. Meaning that our culture as a species is evolving into a collective environment which allows us to always stay connected to one another.


Although McLuhan stresses the medium is the message, he does not ignore that the message has a role in how we communicate as well. “By stressing that the medium is the message rather than the content, I’m not suggesting that content plays no role—merely that it plays a distinctly subordinate role.” said McLuhan during his Interview from Playboy 1969.


The main reason why McLuhan stresses his famous quote “The medium is the message” is because if we concentrate all of our energy on the content and none on the medium in which we got the message from, then we lose ourselves. We become lost in the media and are completely flabbergasted when a revolutionary transformation in technology and humanity occurs.


You clearly understood some of McLuhan’s major theories. You could have used more analysis rather than mostly summary. You also should avoid using long quotes in short assignments in this class. Good job overall.





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