The critical medium

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Marshall McLuhan was insistent on the his idea that “The medium is the message”. McLuhan believed that the way we receive information is more important than the information itself. By stating “The medium is the message” McLuhan questions the common assumptions most people possesS. Most people would believe the message being given is what is important, but McLuhan realized that the format that we receive our messages is what started to change modern culture. The “medium” such as telephones, the internet, the radio, have allowed the audience to be able to announce their own opinions and ideas on subjects at hand.

McLuhan realized that the medium had changed our behaviors and how significant that was. McLuhan expanded the bounds of debate due to the fact that not many people realized that the mediums had a greater impact on society than any message broadcasted through that medium. He understood how mediums were and are extending our capability of how we communicate. Linked below is a conference talk of McLuhans where many of the audience members ask him questions and you see his point of view opening up conversation and debate. I believe McLuhan is aiming for the betterment of society by attempting to get the individuals of society to see the bigger picture, and what is really going on. I believe McLuhan is trying to get people to acknowledge the importance of all the different forms of mediums, and how they have developed our culture as well as the the way we communicate in so many ways and that is what is substantial. I believe McLuhan is aiming for the awareness of individuals and how their  society is being affected with these technologies. In conclusion I do believe that Marshall McLuhan is using critical perspective when he states that the medium is the message.

The image below depicts Marshall McLuhan  surrounded by many television screens that state “The medium is the message”. Demonstrating his ideas by quoting him and displaying it on a medium such as the television screens.

Image result for marshall mcluhan images

Video- Marshall McLuhan – The Medium Is The Message [1977] (Conference)

Webpage about McLuhan:

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