Secrecy – Ashley DeGroot

Thesis: Secrets are used to protect individuals, however, sometimes keeping a secret can also negatively impact someone else and in these cases it is justified to not withhold a secret to reduce the overall harm to ones we love. GOOD THESIS

I am close friends with two sisters, one of which lives here in Miami and the other who lives back in Guyana. Sam, the sister from Guyana, called me one day and told me she was coming to Miami to surprise her sister, with whom she would be staying with for her time here. Soon after the call, Mery, the sister here in Miami had called me and told me how she had a feeling that Sam was coming to visit, she explained her disgust of surprises and the fact that although she wants to see her sister she hates the uncertainty of not knowing when she’d show up. Mery likes to plan her weeks, and I know if Sam showed up it would throw everything off for Mery.

This placed me in a situation of loyalty, while Sam trusted me to keep her secret, Mery was a closer friend of mine and I was finding it really hard to withhold information that could affect her. Especially when there was an instance previously where I had given Sam the attention over Mery and Mery was totally upset with me, because I crossed her loyalty and it affected our friendship. I felt like I owed it to Mery to help her prepare but I did not want to break Sam’s trust, if she was to find out, as she would be hurt too. GOOD

After a few days of contemplation, I decided to tell Mery when Sam was coming. Mery was happy to know and stated that this proved my loyalty to her and she continued on like she did not knew Sam was coming. When Sam arrived, and I had picked her up from the airport and we were on our way to Mery’s house, Sam stated that she felt Mery knew she was coming and I instantly got nervous as I thought my cover was blown. When we arrived at Mery’s house, she acted so surprised even I forgot she knew. My secret was never revealed.

My inability of keeping Sam’s secret was due to the fact that it kept information from my closer friend Mery and it was beginning to question my loyalty towards her. Due to this, my friendship with Mery grew even more because of my proven loyalty to her.




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