Thesis statement: Secrecy, confidentiality and lies are correlated. Lies exist to conceal secrets which by silent promises or not, must be kept confidential but it is in one’s hands to nurture or stop lies that grow secrecy.

When you first agree to keep a promise you know what you are getting yourself into. One must know that if they can’t keep secrets, then they should not commit to doing so. If one commits to doing so, then that secret must be protected as if it were yours even if it means that you have to lie. There is an interrelation between all of these terms; they all stand together.

When you promise confidentiality to someone, especially to your best friend, you have the obligation to secrecy. This year, my best friend whose name I’ll change to Vanessa to protect her identity, and I, started working at the same restaurant. This new restaurant had good vibes and many people our age worked there too. Vanessa had been in a relationship for two years with this guy that from my point of view, treated her in a bad way. She started to realize that herself and became a little distant from him. Sometime later, she started to go out more with her friends and have time for her. During that time, she met this guy from work called Sebastian whom she began to like. She felt confused because that had never happened to her before.

One night, my coworkers and I went to a party. In short, Vanessa ended up kissing Sebastian. From that moment on, without her telling me or anyone else, we all knew that this occurrence had to be kept as a secret.

Time passed by and rumors started to rise until they reached Vanessa’s boyfriend’s ears. He, who knew I am her best friend, asked me if the rumor was true. I had to put my best face and deny it to protect my friend’s secret with lies. I felt I was between the sword and the wall since I’m not used to lying, but I had one job and it was to make him think something totally opposite. I felt compelled to lie and told him, in a very serious way, that those were just rumors and that I was the one who kissed Sebastian. This is how I started to nurture the lie, but I knew I had to guard the information that my friend didn’t want him to know. The more one tries to guard secrets, the more the lie grows. GOOD RETELLING. OUCH HOPE SHE AND HER BOYFRIEND HAVE BOTH MOVED ON.

Mariana Murillo.


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