I’ve got a secret-Alondra Nieves

The idea is usually “Honesty is the best policy”, but the reality is that secrets cannot be kept with such honesty.There are not many times in my life where I have had put myself in a situation to lie–that is, thus far. This goes of course without saying the times where the secret I preferred to keep in secrecy was compromised to the the point where lying was the only option. One of them being during my first semester of college, which was my first of many other things; such as, living on my own, being four hours or more away from family or any source of supervision and of course my first college party/outing with friends. During this particular point in my newly established “adulthood”, I found myself hardly having to lie to my parents as I was more simply not saying the whole truth in itself. For example, “I am with my roommates in our room right now”,  although it was true, did not disclose the fact that were in our room getting ready to leave completely off campus. (CLASSIC)

However, the time were I was caught not sharing the entirety of my so called truth was when my mom had made an unexpected call that I felt I could answer and get away with–despite that I was already on the way to a party about forty minutes from campus. As all mothers do, she began to interrogate my intentions as to where I was going so late at night (10:30 PM),who was I with and why was I going there. I answered nervously because I realized that for once I had to lie to someone I had never felt the need to lie to before.  

The reality of the situation was that I was not on my way to friend’s off campus adult supervised house, I was not with people that I knew from highschool and I was not on the way to hang out and study. All of this was clearly understood by my mother even though she was 400 miles on the opposite of the peninsula. She began asking for names of who I was with (to which I gave of were old friends from back home that she had never met), my exact destined location( to which I described as fifteen to twenty minutes off campus) and if I had class the next day (to which I replied that it had been canceled).  After enough convincing, she had no choice but to submit to the lie I had created and once we ended the phone call the mixed feelings I had were that of relief, slight guilt and most of all a sense of  empowerment that fueled my mentality that my secret would be secure. STRONG ANALYSIS OF YOUR FEELINGS ENTWINED IN THE LIES. It was the feeling that was unfamiliar but at the time it was the only way to hide the truth that could not be revealed to a mother whose nest is almost empty as it is.


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