Christian D. Martinez: I’ve got a secret

Thesis:     When my friend George told me about him cheating on my other friend Angelica it taught me a life lesson on how secrets can only remain confidential if you lie or withhold the truth.

A time in my life that I felt compelled to lie about something a friend told me was when a good friend of mine confessed that he had cheated on his girlfriend who I was also really good friends with. This left me in a predicament where I had to choose between telling her the truth and making her feel bad or just keeping it to myself and let her keep dating someone who obviously did her wrong. I chose to not say anything and instead I would tell him so many times to go and tell her due to it not being right and that in the end she’d end up finding out anyways. This experience empowered me more than my friend since after I had received this information I used to make him feel sorry for his actions.  ANALYSIS HERE. Eventually she ended up finding out from a different friend of his and it was a worse scenario than if he just confided in her in the first place, she would’ve still broken up with him but at least she would have heard it from him rather than someone else.

Keeping this secret was very tough due to not being able to tell a close friend of mine that she was being cheated and lied to by someone who was just as close to me while others tried to see if I knew something was going on. People would ask me since I was close to the guy if I knew if they were having problems or anything just so they could go and tell her which led to my lying and saying that I had no idea what was going on or what was happening between them. I felt bad lying since looking back on it it wasn’t the right thing to do but in order to keep the secret of him cheating on her I couldn’t let anyone know that I knew. Even when the story came out that he had cheated on her I still kept my word and continued being both of their friends without having to lose either of them.

Throughout this experience I learned that in order to keep a secret from coming out you must lie or withhold the truth in order for it to truly stay a secret. Without lying, you wouldn’t be able to keep the secret since as soon as someone asks you anything you’d spill the beans and expose yourself and your friends. Overall, my situation pushed me to lie to keep a secret which empowered me to make things right and push my friend to tell his girlfriend that he cheated on her rather than pretending like everything is okay and while others did try to penetrate the secret I kept everything to myself and lied to keep the confidentiality alive and others from being hurt. GOOD REFLECTION


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