Secrecy and Lies

When I started FIU I came in with a tight nit [SP: knit] [tight-knit] friend support system that included my Boyfriend, my friends Sueann and Roshawn. These are people I’ve known practically my entire life all of whom I was very fond of and cared for a lot. [new action, new paragraph] Once I moved into my dorm and got settled in [comma] I didn’t see my friends as much and spoke to them a little less frequently. Being in a new environment and away from my friends forced me to meet new people. During a residential meeting, I had a chance to meet my neighbors Sabine and Shanett. We formed a bond gradually and from there seemly it was smooth sailing. [new time, new paragraph] When room selection rolled around for the following year [comma] we decided to make sure that we pulled one another in so that we could be roommates. When we moved in the following semester [comma] I roomed with Sabine and Shanett had a room to herself. At this point I’d introduced my old friends to my new friends in attempt to combine my college life with my home life. [new action, new paragraph] What seemed to be going great didn’t turn out quite the way I expected. I found myself stuck in the middle of a very sticky yet delicate situation. One of my college friends, who was also now my roommate, found herself catching feelings [slang] for my friend Roshawn who was at the time dating Sueann and had been for a few years. That was only the beginning of my worries. [new action, new paragraph] It began to escalate quickly from both parties. They became intimate and it persisted for a while before it was even brought to my attention. All of this was a shock to me, here were two friends I’d been knowing [I had known] nearly all my life who were dating and a new friend who I lived with, which put me in a even more awkward position. [new time, new paragraph] Over time [comma] questions began to arise about the nature of Sabine and Roshawn’s relationship from Sueann and that’s where the lies began to come in. Now I had to lie to keep a secret but it did not make me feel empowered but in fact the complete opposite. I felt enslaved, two people counting on me to keep their dirty secret [Were you keeping secrets to protect their reputations?] and then another person trusting my word, trusting me to be a true friend and tell her what was really going on behind doors. [new action, new paragraph] I told a friend about the situation only because she was around so much and began to question the relationship herself. This friend did try to penetrate the secret, not by going to them herself but by trying to explain to me why I should tell. She explained to me that a friend that I’d been knowing for years should come first but she failed to realize that I’d known Roshawn longer and that it was to [SP: too] big of a secret to tell and in the end I’d still be in the hot seat because I’d known about the situation and I didn’t say anything for so long and in addition to that, I’d be telling the secret I’d promise not to tell [run-on sentence of 77 words]. I understand how secrecy, lies and confidently go hand in hand. I told a lie to keep a secret and I wasn’t able to tell the secret not only because of confidentiality and because of the backlash and uproar it would cause.