I’ve got a secret Assignment


The last time I withheld a pretty big secret was probably my senior year in high school. My best friend was going to ask this very lovely lady to our high school prom. She was a very close friend of mine and her perception was that she would be going to this big dance alone. But throughout the prior weeks I kept dropping subtle hints and giving her some indications that she was not going alone. Even through a barrage of questions I was able to hide this secret for weeks. Many of her friends came to me asking who this secret prom date was and some even thought it was going to be me. But throughout it all I kept it to myself. I protected my best friend this whole time from people spoiling the surprise he planned out. An example of a subtle hint I would drop was when she started looking at other guys and asking me opinions about them and I would say something along the lines of “you don’t need to look at these other guys, someone perfect will ask you.” Her reaction would always be a very confused one and the look on her face screamed that I knew something that she didn’t.

Due to my credibility of being my friends closest and best friend he trusted me with this information to keep just between me and him. This triggered Ethos. I used my credibility and our long standing friendship from grade school for him to have enough trust in me. With the girl I used a little bit of logos but mostly pathos. I triggered an emotional appeal by telling her that the right guy will ask her and everything will work out for her. I used a little logos to make her a little more anxious and make the surprise even better by just counting down the days till the week of when she would be asked to prom.

When the day finally came I helped set up the whole setting for my best friend and I too was very anxious to break the news to her and the whole class. When she walked in and saw my friend with a bouquet of flowers and a plethora of balloons and a sign asking her to prom and I saw the huge smile on her face which went ear to ear, the satisfaction I felt was amazing. Just seeing the happiness both of my friends exuberated NOT A WORD.  gave me a feeling of inner peace that I was able to keep a secret for my friend for weeks to lead up to probably a great and memorable day for both of there adolescent lives. Seeing the great time we all had at prom made keeping this secret and lying to our peers worth it. Lying is not always bad especially in this case where you are able to make people happy. Even though to this day I feel a little bad for putting this poor girl through a grueling few weeks of intense anxiety.


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