Valeria Ferreiro

Valeria Ferreiro

I’ve got a secret

[Eliminate introduction and apply insights to the story.] When I think back to when I have lied or have been lied to [comma] I can’t help but wonder if it was the right thing to do at the time. Sometimes, one lies and doesn’t realize the consequences that come with it. Other times you must lie to protect someone or yourself, depending on the situation. Does that justify the lie or the secrets kept?

Not too long ago I was put in a difficult situation by one of my closest friends. I don’t think they [more than one?] realized how asking me to keep this secret could affect me in a negative way [Relate to class: Keeping a confidentiality puts tremendous burden on the agent.] . I think they just needed my help and didn’t know any other way to ask for it. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] I had to lie to people I was very close to and that is not something I am comfortable doing, because I know how easy it is to lose someone’s trust and how hard it is to gain it back. It meant that I had to go against what I believed in [Relate to readings. Were you angry at having to lie or otherwise act contrary to your morals to protect the secret?] and set aside pathos and ethos and be more rational since my credibility could be ruined from the secrets and lies.

Once people started to notice something had changed [comma] they started to question me, [no comma] because they knew I was the closest person to my friend and he always told me everything. It wasn’t up to me to disclose the information that was shared with me. The lies had already gone too far and if they stopped at that point I would have been the one to blame. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] Secrets lower resistance to the irrational and pathological and ultimately alter judgment.  This secret would not have put anyone in any danger but could have affected a group of people, it was in their best interest to not know about it [run-on sentence] [Relate the insights to the readings and lectures.].

Lies need justification and I had no idea how to justify the lies that had been told. I had more power than I knew what to do with. If I would’ve given in to all the questions and intrusions [Relate to class: Do you think the people trying to penetrate the secret had a desire to know, gain control, feel superior, or be intimate?] [comma]I would have embarrassed my closest friend and offended many others, but if I kept lying I would have buried myself more. I felt like I was in an awkward position because I didn’t want to favor one person before another and people were basically asking me to choose sides. I decided to avoid my friends and stick with the same lies I had been giving. After a couple of weeks [comma] everyone moved on with their own lives and didn’t ask any more questions.

This isn’t so simple when it comes to government lies and secrets, its [SP: it’s] more complex. The media wants to know more so they can tell their audience, and everyone has a desire to know and feel like they have the power. Everyone wants answers either from the source or other media, and when news stories don’t add up it makes people look bad, no one likes being embarrassed [run-on sentence].


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