My sister and I have always been very close and even though we have a six year [hyphenate] age gap we love each other and consider each other one another’s best friends. When we were young [comma] I would tell her things and expect her to keep my secrets, which she always did. As she began to get older and turned 18 years old, things began to change and I found myself having to cover and lie for her more and more.

My sister turned 18 in September and [comma] it was around that time I started to notice a change in her behavior. She was rebelling, acting out and acting older than her age in some ways. Her Snapchat and her social media sites consisted of mostly her out with her friends staying out past her curfew and sometimes with a beer or other kind of drink in her hand. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] Of course [comma] seeing this troubled me as an older sister. I was afraid something bad would happen to her such as an accident or god forbid something even worse. I was compelled to tell my parents in attempt to try and calm her down because talking to her about it was doing no good. She would tell me whatever I wanted to hear and then do what she wanted, typical teenager.

There were a few nights that my sister had asked to sleep at a friend’s house and I saw on social media she was at a party instead. My mom had her suspicions that my sister was not actually at her friend’s house and came to me and asked me if I could call my sister and find out secretly.  [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] I was caught off guard and did not know if [whether] I should tell my sister or if I should just tell my mom the truth. I did not want to betray her [whose, sister or mother?] trust but at the same time I was upset that she was lying about where she was. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] I told my mom I would call her and find out but I already knew she was not at her friend’s house. I spoke to my sister the next day about this and she was happy I did not tell my mom. These situations continued to occur and I was caught in the middle of a sticky situations. I was unsure if I should be honest with my mom about what my sister had been doing or if I should just continue covering up for her. [Did you feel a sense of loyalty, guilt or anxiety? Were you angry at having to lie or otherwise act contrary to your morals to protect the secret?] 

My sister and my relationship were growing stronger in a sense [How did the experience empower you, the other person, or both of you?] because we knew we had to protect one another but at the same time this burden was weighing heavy on my shoulders. [Relate to class: Keeping a confidentiality puts tremendous burden on the agent.] I wanted to do the right thing but knew I had to have my sisters [punctuation: sister’s] back. I spoke to her about not doing those things so young and she seemed to understand and take into consideration that I should not have to continue to lie to my parents about where she was and what she is doing.


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