I’ve got a secret

[Introduction not needed. Relate these points to the story.] There comes a time in everyones [punctuation: everyone’s] life that at least once, they are asked to keep a secret in order to protect someone or just because you were confided in. Let me start by saying that this is no easy task, especially for me. Some may say it’s because I’m Cuban and it’s in my nature to want to gossip, but sometimes I can’t help but have to agree with them. I love to share information [comma] and I say share because I don’t gossip as to spread things about others, I just share what I know.

[Introduction not needed. Relate these points to the story.] If it comes down to keeping secrets, I can do that as well, [period mark] I’m known to be trustworthy, but there are just some secrets that are too difficult to keep especially when you’re caught in the middle and can’t say anything. I guess my situation was more of a high school cheating scandal. [Organize your writing: new idea, new paragraph.] By my senior year in 2013, I had been in a relationship for 3 years already and it was going strong. My boyfriend and I were doing well and we didn’t have many issues back then. Now I start off by saying this because we were a prime example and were known as an ideal couple at school on the contrary to the couple we used to hang out with. [Relate the insights to the readings and lectures.]

The other couple was a nice couple, but one of them being the guy could just never stay faithful. Don’t get me wrong, to this day I feel awful about not having been able to say something to the poor girl about what her boyfriend was doing, but I just couldn’t. The problem here was that the guy was my boyfriends [punctuation] best friend, so we met his girlfriend through him. She was an all around very nice girl, but he didn’t respect the relationship. I was told countless times that I couldn’t get between their relationship because then maybe it would ruin the friendship. There’s no worse feeling than knowing someone is hurting another person emotionally and not being able to do or say anything about it. [Relate the insights to the readings and lectures.]

The girl became a good friend of mine and she even only [slang. Write in essay form.] lived a block away from my house, but I had to also try and keep my distance at times too [run-on sentence]. I couldn’t even [slang. Write in essay form.] make a good friendship because of the circumstances. However, as much as the secret being kept hurt me, I don’t think I also would have had the heart to tell her the news. In a way [comma] that experience made me very “two-faced” for the months they went out even though I was trying to create a genuine friendship [run-on sentence]. [Relate the insights to the readings and lectures.]

[Conclusion not needed. Relate these points to the story.]Sometimes though we have to make some choices to protect some that possibly hurt others in the aftermath of your actions as well. This is only one instance of secrecy that I’ve had to keep. Along the years [comma] you gain experiences and learn things [redundant] that ultimately force you to make a decision of what to do with the information you are given and whether or not you choose to protect those involved [run-on sentence with multiple points, none of which are related to the story, the readings or the assignment].


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