I have a Secret

Humans practice the act of communication day in and day out and through that, we involve ourselves in conversations which sometimes can lead to the exposure of a secret. Secrets are meant to hide the truth, whether it is temporary due to a surprise or simply because something went wrong and the truth can’t be told. Sometimes telling a lie to keep a secret is essential to not cause more feud. In many cases, we find ourselves lying to sustain a relationship or simply to not hurt someone else’s feelings.

In my case, I felt the need to keep a secret in order to not hurt the feelings of the person who meant the world to me. I was in a very difficult situation in which I caught my mother’s husband out on a date with another woman. He knew I had seen him and begged me not to say anything and to keep it a secret. I felt so guilty on knowing that my mother was being lied to but I also had just agreed on a promise in which I had to keep confidential.

At one point, my mother felt suspicious and knew something was wrong with her relationship. Her husband was acting different, which gave her a sense of worry. My mother had eventually asked me if I knew anything or had seen something out of the ordinary with her husband.

I felt complete emptiness in my stomach as well as guilt. How could I ever keep a secret from my own mother, especially when she was being taken advantage of? After all, I did keep the secret and did not confirm to my mother that her husband was being unfaithful. The reason why I couldn’t tell her was because I was more scared of hurting her feelings rather than keeping the secret.  At this point, I was in desperation to tell the truth, after all she was my mother in which I felt obligated to protect.

As time passed by, my mother’s husbands secret was about to be revealed. After weeks of her feeling like something was wrong, she caught her husband being unfaithful. At that moment, the secret was no longer sustained. I felt a sign of relief and as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

This experience ultimately empowered me to be in control of the situation. If I never caught my mom’s husband in the act of infidelity then he would have kept the secret to himself. Since I found out of his secret, I felt complete and total power over him and at any point his secret could be revealed.  Overall, this experience brought a better understanding to the intersection of lies and secrets. Never depend on a secret or lie because eventually the truth will unfold.


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